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Kenny currently lives in Buffalo, NY. Where he studies computer networking & programming. He has owned a number of Android phones including the Galaxy s3, Galaxy 3 mini, Galaxy s4 mini, LG optimus 3D, and the Oneplus one which he is currently using. Kenny will likely get the Oneplus two once it is released.
Kenny Leung has written 56 articles so far, you can find them below.

2015 Rumor Roundup Part 1: The LG G4

As most of us are aware of this year’s big industry names like HTC, Samsung, and LG about to release their highly anticipated flagship devices, all we can do now is collect rumors and speculations of what we could be expecting in 2015’s most popular handsets. Welcome to the part 1 of Androidfact.com’s 2015 Rumor […] Continue reading →

Next Gen Hardware in 2015

Samsung Galaxy S EDGE All the hardware up to date has been fairly low end and average, with last gen hardware, such as limited RAM of up to 3GB and being DDR3, and mobile processors consisting of mostly Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Samsung’s Exynos Processor Line up, and Mediatek’s MTK processors. But when will our smartphone’s hardware reach the next stage […] Continue reading →

Introduction to Google’s Project Ara

Project Ara concept sketch Smartphone software has always been a goal of every company out there; who can make devices with the best software.  But what’s software if it can’t take advantage of the hardware? Hardware is always being upgraded on phones, like new lines of processors, new generation of RAM, and better displays. One of the biggest drawbacks […] Continue reading →

Custom Roms and Cyanogenmod

CyanogenMod logo from the oneplus Android is a pretty dominant operating system in the smartphone market right now, with over 80% of all global smartphone shipments being android. A lot of new and old smartphone makers power their devices off the Android OS. Stock android is something android users have gotten pretty used to, or perhaps you’ve been used to Touchwiz, Samsung’s […] Continue reading →

This is Xposed framework

The ability to customize and personalize your device is something we know and love, most oftenly offered by the android operating system. Although the amount of mods and customizations we can apply to our android devices are countless, there are android users among us who are constantly searching for even more, and digging deeper. That […] Continue reading →