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About Samsung’s Knox Counter

How to find out if your Samsung Knox has been tripped Some OEMs have decided to implement their own security software in their devices, most of the time this comes in the form of Bloatware, or software, in this case, Samsung’s Knox counter security feature is implemented deeper in the Device’s Memory/Operating system. This is an introduction to the Knox Counter. Continue reading →

This is Xposed framework

The ability to customize and personalize your device is something we know and love, most oftenly offered by the android operating system. Although the amount of mods and customizations we can apply to our android devices are countless, there are android users among us who are constantly searching for even more, and digging deeper. That […] Continue reading →

Android Silver

Hand drawn Silver andy android Rumors have been circulating recently about Google’s latest Android related project, Android Silver. This project was supposed to be the nexus killer, where Google would concentrate on the Silver devices instead, although quite clearly this is not the case as Nexus and Silver will run alongside each other. Continue reading →

This is Android Wear

how to reset android wear Google announced a new version of android at I/O this year specially build for wearable tech such a smart watches. Samsung and LG have already built a device using this platform with ASUS, HTC and fossil also rumored to be producing devices for this platform. These smart watches will not only tell the time, but […] Continue reading →

The history of Cyanogenmod

Factory installed cyanogenmod Cyanogenmod is a group of developers who have created custom firmware for many different android devices. There are official builds of cyanogenmod for popular flagship devices and due to the popularity of the software, there have been many attempts (mostly successful) to port the firmware to other devices. Continue reading →