Galaxy Note 3 screenshot

How to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Doing screenshots of your cell phone’s screen can be very helpful when you want to share with someone else what’s happening. Once you have captured what you want you can easily share the image either through MMS, e-mail or your favorite social media.

If you want to capture what happens on your Galaxy Note 3 there are a total of three ways of doing it. In this tutorial I am going to show you all the ways you can do it.

How to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

First way.

  1. Put your hand on it’s on the right side of your phones screen so it cover the entire right end of the screen.
  2. Swipe your hand across the screen from right to left. Your Note III should flash to let you know that the image has been captured.
  3. If nothing happened you need to check our setting to see if this feature has been enabled. To do this go to APPS – SETTINGS – CONTROLS – PALM MOTION. Flick the switch to the right.
How to screenshot Galaxy Note 3

Swipe your hand across the screen

Second way.

  1. With the button on your S-pen pressed hold the pen on the screen until you hear a clicking sound.
  2. Helpful, why not

Third way.

  1. Hold the S-pen just above your Note 3 screen, and press the S-pen button to bring up the air commands.
  2. On the air command menu pick screen write to take a screenshot and start editing it immediately.
  3. If this was what you where looking for why not press the

If you have read through the whole tutorial you now know the three ways of doing screenshots on the Note 3. To find the captured images go to GALLERY – SCREENSHOTS folder on your phone. Alternately you can find a thumbnail of the latest screenshot if you just captured on in the notification area. Press the thumb to open the picture immediately.

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14 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 screenshot

  1. Your grammar is horrible, Bertil….

    • I know, and I’m truly sorry.
      Hopefully you found the tutorial helpful enough to look past my obvious flaws in the grammar department.

  2. all the features are working but when im taking a screen shot it opens up in edit mode n dosnt save to the gallery automatically i have to manually save each n every screen shot
    can u show me the setting to get my screen shots saved directly in my gallery ?

  3. It’s easy to screen shot holding the phone with your left hand posing the power button with left middle finger while pressing home with right thumb. .. I’ve never had it give me issues and I find it easier if you want to share cause you dint have to do it right then it saves it in your notification list and you can do what you like then including edit delete or share like to use the stylus for cutting out images or parts of an article. .. hold button down and draw complete outline around what you want then it gives options for what you want to do with it

  4. I found it really well guiding note.
    thanx a lot

  5. yes..It’s working I used S-pen..nice…thank you for the post u shared…keep fighting

  6. Works on mine, but you have to hold them both down at the exact same time for about 2 seconds.

  7. @billyanalog. I tried pressing the power and home button and it doesn’t work. Thank you for posting this!! I’ve been trying to figure it out!!

    • Thanks for the feedback. To bad the power and home button combo doesn’t work on the note 3. It’s in my opinion the easiest way of doing screenshots.

  8. Has anyone tried pressing and holding the power and home button to screenshot on the Note 3. I would love to hear if that one works to.

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