Galaxy s3 update

How to update the Samsung Galaxy s3 to the latest firmware version.

For as long as smart phones has been around there has always been updates to their software. Phone manufacturers has always been in a hurry to get new products out to a hungry audience waiting for the next big thing to hit the cell phone market. As a consequence the phones will almost always be put out for sale before the quirks and errors has been taken out of the system. As a way of correcting these errors the makers of phones will from time to time need to update the firmware to phones. In most cases these updates will show up on your phone when the time is right, but for those of who are not willing to wait a second longer than necessary there is a way to check for these upgrades manually. This will also work for the American versions : ,SGH-I747,SGH-I535,SGH-T999,s III,I9305.

If you are looking for an update for the Galaxy s4 check out our Galaxy s4 update tutorial. Or if you are looking for a way to update your Galaxy S5 check out our Galaxy S5 update tutorial.

How to update Samsung Galaxy s3

Connecting to Samsung Servers

If you have bought the SG3 you already have the best cell phone there is. If you want to make it even better follow the instructions below.

First a small warning! Although updating your phone to the latest firmware should not entail any risk there is a small chance that some of your data could get lost. This is why there is always a good idea to backup data that is irreplaceable.

Backup your files before updating

To backup your contact list check out : Backup android contact list tutorial.

To backup your photos and images : Backup Android photos.

Now to the good part:


  1. Make sure your phone is connected to wi-fi. Simply pull down the notification area and press the leftmost button named Wi-Fi. Alternately you could do this using mobile data but this could get expensive if you are not on a data plan with your operator.
  2. Press the apps icon to take you to your apps.
  3. Find and press the settings icon to take you to the settings menu.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press the About Device.
  5. At the top there is a tab named Software update, press it.
  6. On the next screen there is a tab named Update, press that one.
  7. Your phone will now connect to the Samsung servers and if there is a update available the upgrade should start imminently.
  8. useful, why not

If you for some reason are having problems updating your phone OTA as I did you could always update it through Kies from Samsung. I made a tutorial if you don’t know how : Update Galaxy s3 with Kies.

Why update the firmware
To make your phone into the best cell phone it can be it always pays to have it running on the latest version since the manufacturers fix and tweak the software to have it work as smooth and as secure as possible. Another good reason to apply this particular update is that there is rumors that this one is the one that makes your Galaxy s3 ready for the big update to Jelly bean android 4.1
A few other interesting articles on this subject are Galaxy s3 ram upgrade   Galaxy s3 Jelly bean set for Q4 2012


This just in : Galaxy s3 jelly bean update set for August 29.

Galaxy s3 Jelly bean update now seeding!

If you want a more visual representation of the whole thing check this out:

I also recommend reading my how to change the galaxy s3 wallpaper tutorial.

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  1. My current phone is samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300 and it has android version 4.3 so when try to update its version it show that its connecting to server and shows my versions are up to date. Why is this happening?? Is it because there is no new version of S3??

    • What I read is that SAMSUNG won´t update Samsung Galaxy 3 anymore.
      Today I say a Samsung Galaxy 1 with android version 4.4.2
      So I think they have hardware issues on S3 and stopped on 4.3!

  2. Too bad this article is completely useless as the steps makes assumptions that are (no longer/not) true.

    Delete the damn post and quit wasting people’s time. Or do you just want the clips and don’t care whether you help anyone?

    • To the best of my knowledge the content in this article is still true. If you would elaborate on which parts are not correct I will happily update the article to reflect this. :-)

      • I don’t know about the tutorial itself, but “If you have bought the SG3 you already have the best cell phone there is.” sounds little outdated :D

        • He he. The article is indeed a little dated. It was written back when the phone was new. Hopefully you found it helpful though.

    • George, i think you are in the wrong mate, because A: i just did my update to kitkat today (Telstra) on my s3 and B: you can also up the ram to 4GB through micro sd and an android program which ive done as well myself.
      I am on a Samsung Galaxy S3 GT19305T and sitting on 4.4.4 KitKat op system with 4GB ram :)

  3. Hi everyone
    i got S3
    my android is 4.3
    i wanna update it
    but when i search for Android updates, it says that i have the latest android :||| BUT IT IS NOT THE LATEST ONE ?
    please help

  4. how can i update my Samsung s3 android version to 5.1.1 please give me the suggestions. Thank You

  5. i updating my s3 it takes ,much time why

  6. hi
    i’ve been trying to update my s3 for ages..
    In the settings there is no update option. i tried with kies, it doesnt work. i tried with verizon wireless (came on the phone) but it says that my current firmware does not allow for firmware updates. The phone is still running android version 4.3. And this is causing ALOT of problems
    Is there any way i can update it…?

    • Flash a custom recovery and the flash a custom lollipop ROM… the latest update from Samsung is 4.3 so don’t get your hopes up on anything later

  7. Very helpful. My s3 stopped recognizing tiuch, stopped sending texts, was just being totally recalcitrant. This has fixed everything. TYVM

  8. I have a galaxy 3 and no where in about device does it allow me to update

  9. my samsung galaxy s3 mini worked perfectly fine until a few days ago. whenever i install an app it says its installed but i can neither see or use the app. its frustrating me. does anybody know how i can fix it???

  10. I just purchase the Verizon galaxy s3 from Walmart I saw online says OS kit kat I went to the store to purchase no one there didn’t know what OS it had so I took it to customer service she looked it up online at their website and it said kit kat now I’m home trying to port number I went to about device it shows jelly bean. I know I can take back but what about the port I started porting my old number. Walmart couldn’t see about device just wouldn’t pull up without activating first.

  11. Hello,
    I was trying to install the android 4.4.2 by room manager on my samsung galaxy s3.
    I have a T999 galaxy,but by mistake I downloaded and tried to install the android 4.4.2 for i9300. Now my phone is not turning on anymore. I have tried everything,it doesn’t turn on.
    What should I do ?

    • Bxstunna Hnichustla says:

      U need to remove the battery livk yge battery connection point on ya phone and the metal connection on your battery putbthe battery back in and there u go

      • Can you please be more clear ? I dont understand at all what you have written.Thank you.I really appreciate your help

        • He said: Remove the back cover, remove the battery afterwards. Wait a second and reinsert the battery.

          This is called a hard reset. You should be able to turn on the phone with out a problem now. I might be to late to help but with that answer being hanged…. He said it right and with best intentions but man, gotta write better.

  12. My mobile is s3 i9300 it’s software is 4.0.4 it is too old when ever i update it says “connecting to server ” then it writes “no updates found ” how can i solve it ..??

  13. I just upgraded my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999. I’ve had NO problems at all so far. Still have all my pictures, contacts, music, etc. I love the update so far. Maybe you guys should try to upgrade it with Samsung Kies. And my screen stayed at the Samsung sign for a while, but it told me to Restart, Disconnect, and Connect. But I disconnected my cable to my laptop, then I saw on the phone it was updating everything. And it’s been great.

    • My Samsung Galaxy S3 has been automatically installing ‘Samsung Apps’ for the past 3 days and I don’t know if I should force it to stop or let it continue.

      It says it’s version 13112604.11.007.0 which means noting to me. I don’t even know what the App is for or if I need it. I just use the phone to talk, brown internet and send messages and it does this fine. Can someone say why this App is still installing and should I stop it.



    I will open setting…… then about device……. then software update then ….update and now update is not responsing whyyyy…….pleas reply

  15. I was installing the software on my Samsung s3 mini but then I wanted to stop so I took the battery out of my phone after that the phone wont open completely and It only shows the Samsung logo . Can anyone help ??

    • That is the stupidest thing you can do when you do update. Why are people so stupid, it even warns you not to do that. You can take it to repair shop and tell them what you did, maybe they can fix it.

      • Maybe you should ask yourself how someone can be so stupid. This was so rude and disrespectful. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying these things to this person. What if this person had some depression issues and went and killed them self because of what you said?!? You should apologize to them! So they made a bad choice with their phone, I bet that you made a bad choice in life somewhere! How would you feel if someone criticized you so rudely about that?! Shameful…just shameful…

    • Do a hard reboot. That is the only way to get past the att logo screen. Turn phone off. Hold the volume up button, the power button and the menu button all the same time until the Samsung logo come on. Let go of the power button. Keep holding the volume up and menu button until you see the little green cartoon looking thing on your screen (don’t know how else to explain it). Once you are there. Use the down and up volume keys to move thru the options. First option is reboot. Make sure it is highlighted and push the power button until it reboots.
      If that doesn’t work. Start again and next time chose the wipe/factory reset (unfortunately that is all your left with). Have your phone connected to a computer first. It will restart automatically. Good luck

      • I have the same problem but a little more complicated.. My USB port hasn’t worked in a long time, therefore I have to use a couple batteries. When the update was finished last night (or almost finished) my phone died and I had to switch the batteries. Since then, the phone doesn’t go past the Samsung logo screen. Is there anything I can do or something I can download and restore or apply update through the sd card? I have tried restoring to factory and it doesn’t help. Please any suggestions or help would be appreciated!!

  16. Gloria Thompson says:

    I updated my phone and now I can not access anything on my disc. I keep getting an message that there is no disc in the phone or that the files are not compatible. I took the pictures on the phone, how can they not be compatible?

  17. Vernon Marshall says:

    Have a Samsung Galaxy S3 i535 and couldn’t get the OTA update to work. My phone is rooted. After trying several options decided to do the factory reset, so I saved my files using Kies 3.0 and a USB cable. Tried the firmware update using Kies 3.0 and the USB cable not expecting it to work. It worked flawlessly. The manual software update on the phone still indicated that I needed to do the update which immediately failed. The next attempt indicates the phone is current. Now my phone is on the current 4.4.2 and not getting the daily OTA messages that I need to update.
    Not sure why the OTA and the Kies 3.0 firmware update aren’t the same, but the Kies worked.

  18. I can’t stand the new update! I use my phone alarm to remember certain things like appointments but now when I create one it just says ALARM. There’s no way to rename it even if I hit the edit button. . .

  19. Ever since the newest update, my phone will no longer keep the apps I set for my default apps. My launcher will not stay set as my default, and every single time I press my home button, I am prompted to select a default launcher. I have gone into settings and set it many times, but it still is not working. . My messaging app is also doing the same. Since the update, my phone will not set defaults that I choose. Please fix this very annoying issue

  20. |I bought samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9300 25 days back. it wass already updated to verison 4.3. My battery drains like crazy, music player stutters, wake up lag issues. So should i upgrade my phone to kitkat or there is a better fix for these problems?

    • Hi, My s3 is also running on 4.3. The battery drains within half a day, and this is with two new batteries. Phone is pretty slow compared with how it used to be. I had some issues with it crashing after first upgrading to 4.3 but they seemed to magically disappear after a week. The phone is in good condition and would like to keep it going if possible , but as its two years old and approaching the end of its contract it appears to be dying. I would like to low if there is any ways of refreshening my s3 to improved the speed and and battery life so i can use it for another year.

      • you need to back up files & data and factory reset it worked for me good luck

      • EXACTLY the same prob with my S3 once I ‘accepted’ the same update. I have been kicking myself every since. You accept these updates trusting it will make things run better. NOT WORSE. Im really disappointed.

    • I have had the same issues with my phone once I did the same upgrade. also have alot of ‘lag’ in my text msg (both typing and sending). Until than I was really happy with my phone and had no major issues with it, but have to admit I don’t like my phone so much anymore. :(

  21. Sahiru Gamage says:

    Hi, I am using galaxy s3 i9305 4G LTE. my android version is 4.1.2. but when i try to update soft wear, it tells that “latest update have already been installed”. what is the issue. please help…

  22. i updated my sgs3 to android 4.4.3 and my phone died forever..R.I.P GTA san andreas..that version of android is made to crash old phones like sgs3 phones to get more buyers for a new samsung galaxy s5.

    • I honestly don’t think Samsung would make your s3 crash on purpose. It could be the case though that the latest update is just a tad too much to handle. Did Sammy do this on purpose? no way. In my opinion they have done all they can to let as many as possible update their S3 to the latest Android Os version. They even updated those S3’s with 2 GB RAM to kit kat. If you do decide to go for the S5 though I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve had mine since day one and it’s great.

      • I too had my phone update and it’s now basically dead. Won’t charge, won’t recognize the sd card and was told… Oh I know, upgrade to a new phone…. It couldn’t possibly be our update.. Funny how when I updated it, the phone worked fine…

    • Guys im using S3 I9300 and ive performed few attempts to upgrade my firmware. However I usually upgrade via Kies Air. It download the whole update but when its finished downloading it request a reboot then it on upgrade screen but stops at 34% then it reboots again then its on the home screen with a msg that upgrade failed…..

      Please help im on v4.0.4 currently need a new upgrade

      • In your case I think it would be beneficial to do a factory reset before trying to update your phone one more time. Just remember to backup your files photos and such before going ahead, since resetting will wipe your phone of all data! Best of luck.

    • Updated to 4.4.2 a few weeks ago and noticed huge showdowns so i have no choice but to run with power savings off all the time. Some of my apps from samsung or play store need constant updating because my phone does not keep the updates for some reason. Every week I have to format my sd card because all the sudden it cluncks out. Curses, was hoping to keep my s3 for one more year for s6 :/

    • Im really greatfull to the owner of this site,you really helped me alot.I wanted to upgrade my s3 but after reading all the comment i dont think i will venture into upgrading but the only problem i have is that it usually hangs and when i do takeout the batery and restart it i get free any help on that
      2ndly on my home when i press edit page my phone keeps saying a voice and i dont know how to cancel it please i really nees your help

    • How can I update my version to at least 5.0? I’ve been using the 4.3 for soo long. If there’s no update then i guess i have to drop it somewhere else

  23. ayman khedr says:

    hi i had the software upgrade to my s3 my phone was rebooted but never came back on. its been around 15 hours now and yet nothing. my phone still not coming on, why is that?it stuck at the logo

    • Hi – ive got the exact same problem after downloading an android update today. Did you ever get this fixed? at the moment I have no working phone!

      • hey david, same here. I updated on the 25th around 5 and my phone has been on the same screen since then. I’ve tried everything possible but even the at&t store wasn’t able to figure it out. I may have to do a factory reset overwrite but I don’t want to give that a try since I don’t want to lose my stuff. will update if i can figure it out.

        • Hi just checking if anyone has found out how to fix this issue?? I updated my phones yesterday and sick of seeing ‘Samsung’ on the screen now! Also, how do you do the factory reset? I am not too bothered about losing my pictures as long as I have a phone to call and text!!

  24. I did the update today, and now i can not get my wifi to work. slide it on and all it says is turning on……and then nothing. help!!!

  25. If you are the Galaxy S III users on Sprint then we have a good news for you that Sprint has confirmed the roll out of the KitKat update for your device.

    • I have the samsung galaxy s3 for virgin mobile with is a sister to Sprint. Which sprit owns and I still have no kit kat update

  26. My S3 is stuck at 4.0.2 and the update button has never appeared to let me update and I don’t know how to make it update

  27. done update but my phones not coming back on does anyone know why

  28. hi i had the software upgrade to my s3 my phone was rebooted but never came back on. its been around 15 hours now and yet nothing. my phone still not coming on, why is that?

    • hi ya im having the same problem did it come back on after or did you have to take it back to the shop

      • I also did the update and my phone is also off, stuck on the samsung sign? think its safe to reboot it manually?

        • If it is really stuck I can’t see any other options but to give it a reboot. Not much good to bee gotten from a stuck phone is there.

  29. I’ve done all of the steps, but after less than 10 seconds keeps saying “The latest updates have already been installed” it doesn’t update my android, it’s still 4.1.2. what should i do?

    • I am looking for some advice/help. I got the 4.3 update today and after that the phone turned off and now I cannot start it. I cannot do reset (VolUp+Home+Power) – the screen shows SAMSUNG, then Samsung GS3, and then it turns off. When I take the battery out and put it back in, the phone powers up right away without me pressing any buttons. Did anyone have the same issues? Any hints? What are my options as far as fixing the phone? The phone is out of warranty. It’s well taken care of, never dropped, and has worked beautifully until two nights ago.

      • Maybe your power button got stuck like mine did so here is what you goin to do..slowly remove the power button out of its place and wait for five minutes and put it back in its place again..then manually reboot your phone

      • peter ntchindi kumwenda says:

        am also experiencing the same issue

    • I have the same problem. If you find any solution please inform me .

    • I have the same problem : “The latest updates have already been installed” with my s4 active. I think maybe my phone doesn’t support FOTA… If you’ll find something, let me know.

  30. Imperatork@ says:

    I had my last update for Samsung Galaxy S3 but since then my settings stopped working. And every 30 seconds i get notification: Unfortunately settings has stopped. How can i fix this problem, since i can’t use my phone properly? tnx in advance :D

    • This same thing happened to my Galaxy s3. Sadly the only thing I could do to fix it was a hard reboot, luckily I did not lose too much. Phone was working fine until my son clicked on the new update and I could not delete it. Good luck with it. General consensus is this update sucks

  31. hi
    i had updated my phone to 4.3..
    i have to reset my phone every week so that i can run properly..
    harwdare and software both are nt working with 4.3
    waiting fr new updates

  32. hrhkiki1985 says:

    I have been unable to make and recieve calls and texts on my phone since March 18th and looking in here Im thinking this update had something to do with it…. I also have gone from 100% battery to 68% and Everything is off, data gps screen brightness sound notifications…..etc( I was at work so I turn all battery draining stuff off. I called my provider, Sprint, and all they can give me is a $10 credit and advice to go to sprint store because customer care had me do somekind of reset useing #and numbers….. twice amd still nothing but data and Wi-fi work great(most of the time) Is there a way tp uninstalle this las update? Or is it something else complety…… very very aggrivating, especially when I will still be rrquired to pay my whole phone bill for the past almost three weeks, when I cant even utilize what it was created for; Phone calls, amd later text messages. If anybody has any advice or anything Id sincearly appreciate the help! Thank You!!!!

    • I really wish there was something helpful I could tell you. However since you have already reset your phone there really isn’t much more to say. Usually all bugs that manifests themselves after updating your phone can indeed be rectified by resetting your phone.
      Where I live consumer electronics like cell phones have two years warranty. If at all possible where you live return it where you bought it to have it repaired.

  33. For battery draining issue : Do the factory reset twice after update. then install battery doctor from play store. disable whatever you dont want to use samsung app like samsung cloud relay, samsung app, games hub, play hub, news hub,chaton, dropbox,flipboard,google play books,google play games,Google play movies, play music, play newstand, samsung cloud quota, google +, google drive. use power saving mode. disable multiwindow.

    You have to do the above one and you have no choice to downgrade to earlier version of android.

    For repeated notification : Clear out all the cache
    For Slow Unlock : Go to settings > My Device > Uncheck “Ripple effect”

  34. Hello!
    I can’t seem to upgrade my S3 even using this method. My phone keeps on saying “your device has been modified. software updates are not available.” Can anybody help? Please and thank you!!

    • You are lucky, dont update to android 4.3 jelly bean which is having lot of software and hardware problems

    • I’m having a similar problem I got an I747 running on firmware android 4.1.1 & when I try to update, on the phone or using kies, it tells me that I am running on the latest version. Is there anyway I can do an official update manually & how? Someone help me please.

  35. I have a problem
    I followed all the steps but during installing the update it stops at 31% and a red sign appears then the phone opens up and it tells me “failed to update firmware please try again using PC software (kies) or visit a samsung service centre” what should I do yo update it properly using Wifi?? Please help

  36. oh please guys DO NOT upgrade your OS to 4.3…its the worse upgrade ever! i accidentally clicked the update now button that’s why i just let go of it.. now i have to charge my phone 3x a day. in 4 hours my battery drained to 5%. once the battery turns 40%, count 10mins then it will drain. awful agghh… and that’s just one of the major glitch of this upgrade…you will see more if you will now follow my advise!

    • You’re right! I also have this problem!

    • ditto wish I knew this before I updated

    • Can you download an older version? After that update I have to charge my phone like 5-6 times a day. Also it keeps telling me my contacts have been updated non stop. Want the old version back.

    • Same here! Wiped out all my photos too and all my apps etc. are now on a 3 second delay. All the bad things mentioned are true!!!

    • Gosh…i have that problem too and my signal would go ON/OFF every 10 minutes. This sucks!

    • I have the same problem. I have to charge the phone 3 times a day.
      A lot of things have stopped working. When I type text or email, it doesn’t remember my words; it does not offer the correct suggesstions like it used to before the update. Screen capture doesn’t work and the phone has gone DEAD SLOW!

      I called Samsung support unfortunately only after a week of my warranty expiring. They said there are no known problems with the recent update.

  37. hi, im having same problem, can u help me? everytime i will try to update my sg3 to latest software update message like this keep on going.. access to software is provided to users in the order they request it. try later. what should i do? thank u.

  38. Hi! I updated my samsung galaxy s3 from android 4.1.2 to 4.3. After the download and installation, it says ‘The device was updated successfully’. but when I checked the android version, it is still on 4.1.2. And then it will automatically start to download the ‘software update package’ again. I have done this three times but it always go back to the automatic ‘software update package’. It seems its not upgrading at all. What would be the possible reason for this? I downloaded the upgrade over the air by the way

  39. I got the update and was foolish enough to go ahead with it. I’ve been looky enough that I’ve not had any major problems; apart from not liking the new layout and lock screens and message display on lock screen.

    The one issue I am having is that I have no sound on my notifications. The volume is set high and a tone is selected, but all I get is vibrations…How do I get my sound back?

  40. I just updated my S3 last night and when I woke up today..I always see an error message on my screen either ” Process system isn’t responding” or “ has stopped”. Whenever I try restarting my phone, I always see a message saying “Android is updating… Starting app” then all of a sudden those two error messages pop out. It’s becoming annoying and I couldn’t even use my phone with all these errors coming out every single minute! Does any have a similar problem as mine?

  41. I tried to update my Samsung galaxy s3 mini using Kies, after it displayed update complete on the system it ask me to disconnect of which i did. Now my phone is not coming up, all i see is Samsung galaxy s3 mini GT18190 and the Samsung logo. Pls help me with this issue asap as it is already frustrating.

    Thanks for caring.

  42. Hi,
    i’m in trouble. Please help me. I was updating new software update on glaxy s3. There show optin Accept or Accept all. My brother clicked on only accept. then after complete installlation mobile was restart. but stop on samsung logo. after i restart mobile. but still mobile stop on samsung logo screen. My friend was try to reset with these buttons. Shutdown button+volume down+ home. After he try to reset. Now i’m confused. how i can solve this issue? please let me know solution. waiting for your positive reply. Please reply me asap.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Abdul Rehman

    • Ahem jeswani says:

      Same problem with me :(
      You have got any solution soo tell me plz

    • Hi, I was also faced this problem that stucked up in samsung logo. So I have downloaded the firmware from and flashed using Odin(Tool for flashing)

    • TheBarkeep says:

      It’s been a few months since your post, but someone just reading now, may find this useful. In many cases, getting into the recovery system and clearing the cache will help. Additionally, you could do a factory reset from the same recovery menu.
      Hold the UP arrow, the HOME button, and press the POWER button simultaneously, just until you see the logo appear, and release.
      Once in the recovery menu, clear the cache and reboot. If that doesn’t work, then return back to recovery and do a factory restore, and reboot. THis doesn’t cure everything, but can solve some boot-loop issues.

      • Mary Grace says:

        hi. i have the same issue and did what you said, but my s3 till won’t open. is there any option i can do? it’s stuck on the samsung logo for almost 24 hours. thank you.

        • Hi,

          Did you get any solution of this problem. i have also faced same problem. phone stucked at Samsung Logo. So please advice me how to open it. Thank you

  43. Hi! I’m having a problem. I can’t update my s3 eventough there is an update. All of my friends can update their phone to the latest ver which is like s4 version I think, but when I check my phone it said that I already have the latest version. So what should I do? Sorry for my bad english.

  44. Hello,
    I have an issue, yesterday i was update glaxy s3 software. But now my mobile is not on. when i try to on then there show samgsung logo and blinking logo. 24 hours have been gone. but still my mobile is not start. Can you help me ? how i can set that issue ?

  45. Bruce Fruechte says:

    PLLEEEEEASE HELP! I got this phone from an insurance company after my old one stopped charging. I cannot update software! “Processing Failed” I’ve tried everything!
    Model number: SGH-I747
    Android version: 4.0.4
    Baseband version: I747UCKBA
    Kernel version: 3.0.8-611599-user
    SMP PREEMPT Tue May 22 22:58:12 KST
    Build number: IMM76D.I747MVLALH1

  46. How do get emoji on the S3?? I have the new update and I was hoping that they would have the “emoji” keyboard thing witb it.

  47. I am facing a problem. What is System Update? Normally,how many hours is needed for it? My S3 is undergoing System Update,and it is not done even after 12 hours. During this periods,I can’t even use my phone. It is very inconvenient. I try to terminate the update by taking out the battery,but it continue after I switch it on again. Is that something wrong with my phone? Please help.

  48. Hi All,

    Thanks a lot for the reviews. When my colleague told me about the update and how it slowed down his phone I decided to do my own research and from what I gather updating my phone doesn’t sound like an ideal thing to do. Therefore I am not going to update my S3!!!!

    Thanks again,

    • I can certainly understand why you would not want to update after reading the comments in this tutorial.
      Just keep in mind the thousands of people who successfully updated their phones and as a result never had the need to ask for help. Keep in mind that the speed issue is not the only thing this update addresses. If you update your phone will get the latest security and software features as well. If I was you I would reconsider. It’s completely up to you of course and I believe no one will question your decision either way. Best of luck, Bertil

      • Everyone who has the 4.3 update has problems. 4.3 was implemented to handicap the S3. I had auto updates turned off and 4.3 was forced on me .

        Just because most people do not complain about it does not mean they are ok with their phone being sabotaged .

        You should be ashamed of yourself for defending the 4.3 update. There are literally no positive comments for it save samsung employees.

  49. I have no problem with doing updates because obviously there are upgrades needed to be done and that is reasonable . . . HOWEVER WHY THE *family friendly DO YOU REMOVE OPTIONS & FUNCTIONS??? WHAT THE *family friendly WERE YOU IMBECILES THINKING BY DOING THAT FIX THIS NOW!!

    * Edited by staff to make it a bit more family friendly.

    • TheBarkeep says:

      Now you know why some of us buy new devices, with the clear intent of voiding our warranties before we leave the parking space at the shop. I have rooted devices and installed CyanogenMod before getting the phone home. The first time I was told I would be charged a hundred and fifty dollars for service, on top of my monthly insurance, and being without my phone for two weeks, I flipped out. Within 15 minutes, I had a shiny new phone, that I could do everything I wanted to it.

  50. Dear all
    I have other problem
    This one, regular methods to update sothware are not working for me…
    Together with my girlfriend, we bought S3 phones, the same day, the same network, the same wersion and even colour.

    One phone is updating the software automaticly and currently on Android 4,3 while the other one working under Android 4,1…

    Nothing is helping, even newest Kies, cable connection and manually pressed button “update”

    I turn to the TMobile UK shop where it was bought, and they also can not help…
    does anyone have other ideas please….?

    kind regards

    • As a last resort I have heard it helps for some to remove the SIM before attempting to update. Why not give that a try and let me know if it works out for you.

  51. HI,

    I just have got an s3, everything seems to be fine just that i’m not sure about it having jelly bean 4.1.9 and i also am not getting the settings for the motion ” motion settings” can anyone help on that please

  52. I upgraded the software on my Samsung galaxy s3 to android 4.3 and was also prompted to upgrade Kies from 2.6 to v3. Since doing so, Kies does not sync my outlook calendar with my phone! Anyone else faced this problem, or got a solution?

  53. Jacquie Jackson says:

    I cannot get my messages to stop popping up on my screen on my s3 since it updated and my messages are always getting sent with some random word even when I correct it…hate this update has anyone else had this problem and if so how did u fix it I have tried but can’t find where to change this in the settings.

  54. Ever since the last update, I am no longer able to snap a still shot from a video (that I took) is playing. Like taking a screen shot. Now I have a tool where I can “trim” the video I am watching. NOT HAPPY! I have Googled this and can’t find any answers – even on the Samsung website. Sure – if I wanted to take a still WHILE I am shooting a video, I can still do that but I still want to be able to do it after that fact as well! Help – anyone know anything about this, how to get that feature back?

  55. do anybody know why i can’t updated my samsung galaxy s3. i do everythings they told me to do,but it wrong let me updated or upgrade my phone from 4.1.1 to friend have samsung galaxy s3 from verizon updated his phone from 4.1 to 4.3 with no problem. why? anybody can help me please thank you. i have (at&t unlocked to t-mobile network).

  56. I HATE this update. I didn’t have any issues before. My Wi-Fi will not work at all anymore!!! No matter how many times I add it or restart my phone.
    It also keeps downloading a lot of old pictures (that I deleted months ago) over and over and over again. My husband downloaded the update, but he has no issues and the Wi-Fi is working on his phone. Ugh!! I am going to factory reset my phone tomorrow. I hope it fixes it.

    • I have the same problem and I dont no what I want to do and it keeps going in and out of my WiFi…what did you do to fix it??

    • Same problem here. Only way to get wifi is to turn off mobile data and then it will connect!!

    • I am facing the same problem. i am not able to get any solution either by factory reset nor by turning off mobile data. Any solutions to connect wifi please reply.

  57. Update stuck on 71% ! says:

    I’m currently updating my Samsung Galaxy S3 but it’s stuck on 71%


  58. why he say no up data available

  59. I have the Verizon SGS3, and I have been using this update for about a week, but suddenly my phone turned off and will not turn back on. I can’t do anything with it and I have no idea what is going on. Can you please help me?

    • Try pressing and holding POWER and VOLUME UP and MENU buttons at the same time and holding them for about 10 seconds to see if you can gain access to the recovery program. From there try a factory reset. Hope this works for you!

      • By I can’t do anything with it, I meant that it won’t turn on, no matter what I do.

      • I haven tried this as well but i doesnt boot is just until the Samsung logo and it ends there

        • I am stuck on Samsong logo since yesterday, cannot do factory re set, also cannot connect to kies through usb, any ideas please, ??

          • There is a second way of factory resetting your device in case this happens. I wrote a tutorial on the topic for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but the procedure is the same for the S3. Once there scroll down towards the bottom of the tutorial and read the section named “second way of doing a factory reset on the Galaxy S5”
            Hope this helps.

  60. I’m trying to update my samsung galaxy s3 from 4.1.2 to 4.3 but when I go to update it says your phone is updated. Please help to solve this.

    • hi. i have the same problem. did you try to update your phone with kies. kies gives ma an error. your phones firmware is not supported.

      • S3-No Available update of 4.3 says:

        For your baseband version the update might not have been released. Same is the case with me. I have S3 with baseband version of I9300XXEMA5. For this version, update is not yet available.

        Your Phone DEVICE STATUS should be NORMAL and it should not be MODIFIED in order to update your phone with firmware updates. If your phone device status is MODIFIED, one issue which is causing this is your external memory card. Remove your memory card and start your phone……

        • Hey i have the same version as yours. Is it still not yet on the list to be updated? Cause im dying to update my phone..

    • Bikesh, same problem with me….!! contacted samsung customer care & they say go to service center. Tried via kies, it says your firmware is not supported for update.

      Can any tell me what does this mean:
      Current firware version — pda:llc/phone:mg2/csc:mg1(inu)

      Dont know what to do…my friend got an update & his phone is working fine…!!

  61. My husbands Samsung G3 did an update last week and ever since the volume controls now zoom in and out and it won’t ring at all when he gets an email. So far those are the only problems he has had. Anyone know how to fix those?

  62. I updated my S3 to a new version a few days ago and fully regret it today. When I connect to PC with USB cable, computer doesn’t see my phone. And Notification screen on my phone doesn’t show USB port connected to the computer. The Kies software says “Connect your device”.
    Does anyone had that problem resolved? Thank you.

    • David Silverman says:

      I can’t connect via USB after Android 4.3 either. Spent hours on net trying to find answer, but no solution. Kies 4.3 hangs ‘trying to connect’. Used AirDroid to connect wirelessly, since Kies Air would not download multiple files.

      • David Silverman says:

        It actually will connect to PC via USB if I connect as a camera (PTP), but then I can only transfer picture files. I want to connect as media device (MTP) so I can transfer all kind of files (such as PDFs). It used to do this…

  63. Hey guys! does anyone also have that problem that the Samsung Galaxy s3 cant find the update 4.3? i have the same phone as my dad, and hes phone just got it, but mine cant????? plz any fix for this?

  64. Kaylee Marlow says:

    Other peoples text messages on my phone show up with a coffee cup looking thing beside it …..WHY? !?!?!??! how do I get that off

  65. Susan Kennedy says:

    I HATE this latest update! I had EVERYTHING set PERFECTLY in the old settings and now I can’t change them back to how I like them! I want this update OFF OF MY PHONE. The lock screen layout is what I hate the absolute most! I dont want my private messages on the screen for whomever is around me or holding my phone to see! Worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with with you guys! Ridiculous!!!

    • Beth Woodward says:

      I feel the same way Susan, i had everything just the way i liked it, finally. I absolutely hate the new lock screen, i liked it that the pattern was invisible until i swiped the screen. I hope they make it we can have it set up that way again…

  66. After i updates my s3 i cant send normal text msgs. What so i do?

  67. i have S3 4G….I tried to update my android 4.1.2 to latest.But it’s showing a message “the latest updates have already been installed”.

    can you please help me on this ?

    • I’m having the same problem. Starting to HATE Samsung.

    • Also my S3 4G (9305) says “latest update has alredy been instslled”, but it is running 4.1.2
      My wife has a S3 3G (9300) and it updated today to 4.3 without any problems.
      What’s the problem?

    • I just updated S3 4G. It also said was “the latest updates have already been installed”. But, under that it said “check for updates” or something. It says the latest updates are in, but only since it was last checked, which for me was when I got my phone. You have to click check for updates and then you will be able to update.

  68. My Samsung S3 updated last week and ever since constantly notify s me that my internet connection is unstable, i have backed everything up and restored my phone as told to by Samsung, but this has not helped at all, can you help me please, what should i try next ?

    • David Silverman says:

      Same ‘unstable’ notification problem — although actually is working well, in spite of this notification. My problem after Android 4.3 is that I can’t connect via USB anymore.

  69. RaspyGameOwner says:

    I wanted to update it but it wont update to 4.3 some people i know do have it does anyone know why it takes so long ? I rooted it a time a ago it has a count of 5 know does that matter ?

    • I think you may have to unroot your phone before trying to update with an official update from Samsung.

      • RaspyGameOwner says:

        Its unrooted yesterday I preformed a full reset with samsung kies firmware and everything no apps what needs root access. why dont i recieved the update yet? to 4.3

        • You still need to reset root counter. Try to use Triangle Remove app. Removing memory card also helps sometimes.

  70. After downloading Google will no longer stream even desktop view is not working properly…..PLEASE HELP!! :-(

  71. Hi iv done an update on my phone today its been at least 8 hours since it started and all my phone shows is the black screen with samsung wrote across it. what do i do?

    • same case as mine, have you resolved it?

      • You guys and gals that gets a black screen after updating your phones should try to do a factory reset. I made a tutorial for this on the Galaxy s4 but the procedure should be the same on the S3. Check it out right here: . I guess you should look towards the bottom of the article and the second way of resetting since your phones Os does not load. Hope this helps.

  72. Updated software on my Sprint Galaxy S3.
    Now I am getting a Notification of EVERY single item I have ever downloaded on my phone on my task bar.
    Driving me nuts!!

    Help- How do I make it stop. I have “cleared” it I have clicked on every single one of them and I get “File unable to load error.

    • What I had to do was I went to Downloads app and I cleared the lists (Internet downloads and Other downloads). It doesn’t get rid of the actual items (at least it didn’t for me) in your internal memory (I also noticed it was only showing things it had downloaded to my internal SD, not the external SD I have in there). That’s what fixed it for me.

      • This worked great

      • Thank you so much for posting how to clear this up. It has been driving me crazy with my notifications going off every two minutes!

      • Rita, thank you so much for the advice on how to clear the download list, I was about to go crazy clearing the list from my settings window every 1/2 hour

      • stormy luttig says:

        This was beautiful advice thank you so very much next task figure out how to stop flashing light with alarm

        • I can not get my phone to stop flashing the light when someone calls and when the alarm goes off, since the upgrade :*(

        • These updates are horrible! If you are trying to update your phone and you can not then do not bother! Wait till they fix all of he bugs!There are so many issues with these updates that I would love to find out a way to uninstall them? How do I go about doing this, can someone please let me know?!
          Here are the reasons why these new updates are awful:

          1) I can’t even send txt messages normally. It takes so long for the screen to come up, when I start to type there is a huge delay, then there is a huge delay in sending the messages, when a new message comes in you have to click out of the screen and then you see the new message! When you receive a message a huge box comes up on the home screen, not a little circle like before with the # of txt.
          2) When a phone call comes the camera flash light begins to flash, that is unacceptable, I do not want it to flash!
          If I am at work or at a theater (lets just say anywhere where you don’t want a bright light to be coming off your phone) why is it set up this way. I do not see an option to take it off anywhere!
          3) All of the icons are horrible and square, nothing is compact and neat!
          4) On the lock screen the alarm appears, why? I do not want that time to be displayed side by side with the time!

          Overall I am extremely upset and disappointed with these new updates, if you don’t want to update your phone or for some reason can’t the DO NOT DO IT!

        • David Silverman says:

          Yes, please tell me how to stop light flashing when I get a call…

      • Yay! Finally! ! I was going crazy trying to get rid of the notifications. Otherwise I love the update.

  73. I wanted to thank a lot of you for posting comments on how to resolve the issue on updating the S3. I like many others have the 4.1.2 version and when I go to update it says I have the latest update. I have tried removing the sim card still did not work. I have not tried doing a factory reset thinking nothing will happen. I even tried using KIES air still did not work. Any help would be appreciated.

    • i just commented here saying the same thing ( , my s3 is only at 4.1.2 and IDK how to get anything past that at this point, says its up to date.
      DOES ANYONE HAVE A LIST OF ALL THE UPDATES ON TH S3. I want to know if I missed one or if there just isn’t a 4.2 and skips to 4.3, as far as i know thats all i can assume..

  74. i have SG3….i follow all the instruction that youve mentioned. but after i pressed the UPDATE. the message appears that “the latest updates have already been installed”. and after that, i’ve checked in device specs still the old version is there. 4.1.2

  75. After completing the updates on my galaxy 3 my contacts disappeared. Everytime I go into my contacts the phone says “updating contacts” and then I get hung up and have to turn the phone off. How can I resolve this issue?

  76. Hey guys.

    Regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (I9195) – Denmark

    Anyone who can guide me in the right direction as to where I can download 4.3 and deploy it with Odin? I rooted my phone some time ago, and now I can’t upgrade… I have spent countless hours and read a lot of forums, but nothing seems to work.

    When I connect it to Kies it says it does not support my firmware even though I just used Kies to update it.


  77. Hi, im having samsung s3-I9305 mobile. And the pda version is I9305XXALI5
    I dont know how to update the version. My os is 4.1.1 still. could anyone tell which region does it belongs to?

  78. Hi,
    I have update to 4.3 my Samsung S3 SGH-T999L via Samsung Kies, it’s become hardbrick ?
    can’t turn it on back, can’t able enter recover mode, fully dead. only light up red while connecting to PC.
    Please help me, Thanks

  79. hey .. please help me , i have gs3 and its not updating , every time i check it said u have latest version,i have 4.1.2 but there is 4.3 version available in a market ..i hav done every thing like rboot my phone,factory reset but nothing happend.. then i downloaded kies into laptop n tried to upgrade through kies , it shows that there is update i presses update it asked me to make back up after that step connection lost to phone appered every time :((((( … plz reply me soon ..thanks

  80. Whenever i try to update my Samsung Galaxy s3 mini through WIFI a message pops “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”. it has been doing this for days now. I have tried to update using Kies and for 4 hours it only managed to download 6%. How should i go about the update?

  81. I have to share this tip that Remy told us about on another tutorial. Everybody that is carrier blocked for the update, start the phone without a SIM card and run the update procedure again. Success!

  82. Hey there. … I really need help I am afraid that if I update my software it wil just erase everything or do some glitch or anythin…please help ! My mobile phone is samsung galaxy s3 version 4.1.2 PLEASE REPLY

    • Hi
      if you are worried that you might lose your data you should backup the data you need. In the article there are links to other tutorials on this subject. Although it is very rare that data is lost you should backup the data you need. I have updated Android phones many times, including the galaxy s3 and I never lost a single byte.

  83. Kimberly Davidson says:


    I am trying to update my Samsung Galaxy S3 for At&t ota and get all the way through the rebooting system with the android dude and then it stops with a him on the ground and a big x. I said yes update software, but it crashes or something as data cannot open file. I try kies, and that says I have the latest version, but don’t. I’ve went to the at&t
    store, and still nothing. Been trying for weeks. I want this damn update! :-) Please help. Thanks.

    • Sounds like you have tried just about all the options there is. The only thing I can think of is, did you factory reset your phone before attempting to update ?
      According to correspondence I’ve had with Samsung support this can be crucial. My suggestion is to factory reset your phone and give it another try. Just remember to backup all of your data before doing so.
      If you are not sure how to do this I suggest reading the following tutorial :

      • hi just wondering if there’s a software update from Galaxy S3 Mini 4.1.2 android version (GT-I8190N) to the new 4.2.1 version please help

        • I believe that the latest Android version for the S3 mini is still 4.1.2. If you want to check if a newer version is available you can follow the instructions in the article above. The steps should be the same for the Galaxy s3 mini as for the original S3.

        • Peter Frenning says:

          Just checked my SO’s brand new S3 Mini, it was born with 4.2.2!, while my identical S3 Mini (10 months old) still is running 4.1.2, despite being set for automatic updates.
          I can hope that the S3 Mini will be included in the 4.3 roll-out.

      • hi i have gone back to factory settings like you said but i get the same problems any help would be great thanks

  84. First of all let me take a moment to thank you all for leaving such great comments on my site.

    I’ve got an important update for all of you Galaxy s3 owners!
    At the IFA conference in Berlin this year Samsung said that the S3 will get the Android 4.3 update in October!

    You can read the full story here :

  85. I have an s3 and got the AT&T update this week. My texting is now messed up. They took away the dictionary setting. All I have is predictive txt or nothing. When I go to type in, I’m, I now have to change the keyboard to get the ‘ added to the word. I was told the a factory reset will fix this problem. I’ve reset my phone 5 times with no luck. Samsung doesn’t care, I’ve called them. AT&T will just send you to Samsung. If you use the dictionary function, don’t install the update.

  86. I have an s3 android version 4.1.2
    I updated my software but wifi got disconnected. I redid it when I was connected to wifi again but now it keeps hanging every few mins and saying ‘Unfortunately, the process has stoppped.
    And in additon, I am unable to take screenshots. When I swipe, it says, saving screeshot, and it never gets saved and I have to ‘force stop’ the app.

  87. Hey plz help me as my samsung galaxy s3 got an phone voice is working fine in every function but do not hear or my voice is not listned by other during voice call.
    I tried all the things hard reset and firmware is 4.1.2

  88. joel jean louis says:

    hi problem i have a samsung s3 4.0.4 i cant update my phone when i goes to software update he told me no software available why i cant update my phone i tried kies but nothing i can do thanks

    • Because you have non official version of android or your phone is not factory unlock

      • I am on vodacom in SA, and downloaded the ‘latest’ OS from sammobile. I have no re-rooted.

        It is now on 4.1.1 and the update doesnt work.

        How do I get it back to FULL factory, so that the updates will come through via my SP.

        Thanks, Pippa

  89. I can’t update my Samsung s3 , when I try it right like , your device has been modified , please help , I don’t know what to do,plus when I make a call it goes but we can’t hear each other than it hang up the call itself , with a notification that comes like , not service area

  90. Debbie Glasgow says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3-1747 from ATT but I am not on their service. I tried to upgrade firmware on Kies but keep getting error message saying that this Model is not supported. Any advise? Please.

    • You have to root your phone for updating otherwise non oficial update using other methods not kies.kies just support samsung official models.

  91. Hi
    I updated my S3 to latest update and ever since it just keeps re-booting. It hardly stays like for 2-3 sec on home page and keeps restarting. While restarting it gives the message ‘Android Updating… starting Apps’
    I have tried everything possible -switching off and on … removing batteries and of course erasing everything on the phone and doing factory reset ! Please help. My email id –

  92. i updated my s3 then restarted itself it doesnt go to my main screen its just the logo samsung blinking in the black background..what happen and what will i do..pls’s my email add

    • bro i have same problem…
      it never goes on main screen just Samsung GT-I9300 and again switched off and again same process….
      if you got any reply please forward me on this :

      • Dave Weygang says:

        I’ve had the exact same problem now with my Samsung Galaxy G3 for 2 days since I downloaded the firmware update, all I can get is a Samsung logo since . If you know the remedy let me know as the phone’s currently useless.

      • Hi,

        Same problem here, i think release of a new update is the problem, if anyone has a solution for the above, please do mail me the solution.

        • I have the same problem as above. I suspect its cause of the software update. My phone drain quickly from 100% to 0% (less than 5 mins) then if I dont plug the charger keeps on restarting. Once I plug the charger all is good and lets me interact (PIN, use the phone and all) then when goes to 100% power and I unplug the charger the fun starts over.
          If you can please help me on this one Id really appreciate it. Thank you in advance! (email:

  93. I have the GS3 RED and every time I try to confirm my software update, I get a message that say “Processing Failed” what should I do so I can get the latest firmware and or update. I NEED HELP NOW

    • I will have to advice you as I did everyone else who has problems updating their phone. Try updating your device through Kies, you will find a link to a tutorial in the article.

  94. I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3 and I’m on Verizon Wirless. I’ve tried to update the firmware several times in the last few days and all I get is “Service Unavailable.” Is something wrong at Samsung? I was advised to do this update by a Verizon customer service representative and they were surprised to. I’ve tried it on both WiFi and 4G and get the same response. What’s going on?

    • For people who get that message it is worth a try updating with kies. Thats samsungs very own pc\mac software for updating phones among other things. You can find a link in the article for a tutorial on how to do it.

    • hi just wondering if there’s a software update from Galaxy S3 Mini 4.1.2 android version (GT-I8190N) to the new 4.2.1 version please help

  95. Hi there i just installed the new firmware update and my phone stays at 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.. Uhm? is there any update for GSIII 4.2.2

    • Not jet. Shouldn’t bee longh now though. I read somewhere that a 4.2.2 ROM was leaked so hopefully they are doing the finnishing touches before releasing it to the public.

  96. Great article – very knowledgeable and helpful! I have the SGIII and was debating on updating the firmware to the leaked 4.2.2 version that is on What I am leary of is that it states on the website under the section where it lists the facts/info about the 4.2.2 firmware, is says Region: Open Europe, then Carrier: Unbranded. Would this update work on a U.S. Cellular SGIII in the U.S.?

    Thanks for any thoughts/advice

    • I wish I had a good answer for you but I just don’t know.. I would probabbly wait until it’s official and update then.

  97. I downloaded the update and it screwed up my email. For some reason about every 15 minutes I get a notification that I have new emails but it is really pulling my past emails. Anyone know how to fix this ?

    • Did you reset your phone after you updated? If you didn’t try to do one. This usually sorts out these kind of post update problems.

  98. I just updated my software yesterday. Now I am not able to initiate a call by swiping a contact. I can still message by swiping left, but swiping right does nothing. Is there a way to revert back to the previous software version? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi I Levy
      There is no simple way of doing this. I would rather try doing a factory reset and check if that solves the problem.
      If this does not help you could flash your phone with another firmware but this is something you have to think carefully about before doing it, as this will void you warranty.

  99. Hi.
    I have a samsung galaxy s3 and I want to update but I dont know what it will do to My phone!? Will it delete everything and start again or will it keep everything and just make it a better phone!? Please reply!!

    • Unless you are extremely unlucky the update will not erase any of your data. Since I wrote this article I have come in touch with a few people who have had problems but for the most part updating will simply make your phone better.

  100. Updating my phone did the trick. I also shared your info to hopefully help others, especially with the Instagram Video update issue. For me as I see now, it wasn’t the app, it was my phone that needed an update.
    Thank you and Aloha from Hawaii.
    Ig @badaccents ;D

  101. Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 as well and have tried to update my phone on Kies and on software update in the settings of my phone as well. I have a SGH-T999V model and the android version is 4.1.1 . I know that there are more android versions so I try updating but it says the latest updates have already been installed. I have been trying to update my phone for 5 months now and nothing is working. Please help me with this!

  102. Hi I have a Gs3 bought in the uk (where I live) on t-mobile I’m still on Android 4.0.4 Like Terence my phone just won’t upgrade it has no update function in (settings> about phone) with or without my WiFi on i just get status and legal information. on kies it wont work with wifi says it needs to be usb connected. Then when connected it downloads the firmware 100% then does nothing or crashes. As soon as you click on the update button my phone identification disappears in the top left and changes to connect a device. I have the latest version of kies on my windows laptop even in phone recovery mode/restore to factory settings and upgrade still does not work. please help!!!!

  103. I can’t get my phone to go past the about device > software update. I click and nothinbg happens
    i have the SGH-T999v through Iwireless.
    and when I press the kies button nothing happens either.

    I have android 4.1.1

    • Updating your phone through Kies does not mean clicking the Kies Air icon on your phone. Follow the link in the tutorial to check out how to update your phone using Kies Software on your computer… If no update is available on your phone this is the best way of updating your Galaxy s3 cell phone. Best of luck

  104. I have galaxy s3 and I want to update my phone the version is 4-1-2 when i go to software update it says (The latest updates have already been installed) plz help me???????????

  105. hey, i just bought an s3 but when i got home i noticed that my sim card doesnt fit, i live in tanzania and my phone is from finland. what do i do?

    • The s3 uses a micro SIM card. So you need to order one of those.

    • Hi Petra.
      I live in Kenya, the SIII uses micro sim card. It’s not much different from the one you are used to apart from having less plastic surrounding the SIM card chip. Visit a mobile provider customer care centres In your area, they should have a tool that will clip the plastic off. You don’t have to order a new SIM card.

  106. I have the S3 on orange. I have had it about a year now and I want to upgrade its software. I have followed your advice as above but I don’t have the option to upgrade software? Will the kies way be ok?

    • If you can’t get updates OTA as described in this tutorial I would certainly try updating with Kies. I have tried updating several phones with Kies and never had any problems.

  107. I have a S3 and have been using the same for almost 7 months now. Suddenly it has started showing Sudden Death symptons. The phone shuts down automatically and will not start untill battery removed. Have sent the phone in the service center and they have told me that it had not been updated properly, hence a problem with the RAM stuck up and thus phone shutting down. They have flased the phone and installed new software. Is the problem a software issue or a Hardware issue. Have read that its a hardware issue. Dont want the hassle to give it back against for the same issue. Please advise…
    Thanks in advance.

    • If this has not happened after you got it back from repair. I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • Hi chintzy,
      My friend had same problem with his smartphone. Even service center guys siad same reasons. After escalating this issue, they found out the actual problem was with the power button on right side. It’s was not mounted correctly due to which it was malfunctioning. I am not sure what’s your case but you can recheck it with service center.

  108. I have Gs3 thru T-Mobile. i work for airlines and happen to out of country a lot. i want to turn off my phone while overseas, but like to use wi-fi for other reason. how can i do that? i did try in airplane mode, but that shuts off wi-fi too.

    • That’s strange. On my last holiday I put my s3 in airplane mode while in air and the Wi-Fi worked like a charm.

      • It’s true, airplane mode shuts down wi-fi but you can turn it on again and the other antennas remain off.

    • Garrett Raney says:

      In addition to flight mode + manually turning on wifi, you can also just turn off Mobile Data in the Settings > Data Usage options. This will give you text/calls and just wifi data access. This is what I do when I’m travelling out of the country.

  109. Hi, My firmware update is working fine, I just wanted to know what the N and little signal icon at the top of the screen means..? Thanks

  110. hello…thank you for this very helpful blog….i can’t find the answer to my question in the series of conversation here so i just want to ask you this…please help me. thanks…

    I bought my samsung galaxy s3 from korea as it is cheaper there. i am in the philippines, and i need to update my software. it has an ice cream sandwich 4.0 and the latest one is jelly bean 4.1. now, i tried the first one you suggested, in settings>about device>software update but it says that “insert skt sim to do the update (SKT is like a mobile company provider like at&t, t-mobile and verizon in the US)”. Since im using a philippine provider, i cannot do that. next, i connected it via usb and had it updated through kies. It seems that it’s good at first, until the upgrade is complete BUT, im getting this prompt: FAILURE TO RUN FIRMWARE UPGRADE. UNKNOWN ERROR OCCURRED. i tried this 4-5 times already but im getting the same error. Pls help me, i want to get the best out of my phone. thanks. :-)

    more power to your blog.

    • I am having the exact same problem! *insert SKT for software update* BUT I am in the USA. Did you find a solution for this?

  111. i wanna know why my iphone not starting just restartin all time where i do the update from kies with metode firmwar upgrade and initialization plz help me or wher can i find firmware for tele2 sweden

    • This website is dedicated to anything that has to do with Android. You will have to go somewhere else to find help regarding your apple device

    • Same for me.. keeps restarting.. apparently, its because of the battery.. consider changing your battery..

  112. HAHA! I bet you regret putting this on your blog with all these end users hounding you for a fix ;)

    • Nah thats ok. I only wish I could help more. Sadly its kinda hard to tell sometimes why an update doesn’t come true…

  113. I updated my S3 on sunday, since then the battery is running down drastically, i normaly only charged once a day, today on standy without use it went from 100% to 71% when i checked in a matter of hours? how can i unistall update?, I dont use fone that much, dont play ga,es etc..driving me nuts

  114. Sir Angus Cambell says:

    Hello….I am posting a comment as i have updated my phone with no problems.
    My phone is a sim free/factory unlocked model for the UK so cost more and is not tied to a network and from buying the phone two weeks ago i have been requested to update twice and today (11/03/13) i have been asked to update and i was given the option of WIFI or over the air.
    I have unlimited data on my sim but opted like last time for WIFI as it is quicker and i have to say it has been stress free.
    I never seek updates and only do so when promoted by the S3.
    People who are having issues may need to consider that when you buy a phone be it on contract or second hand or sim free brand new like i did that the phone needs to be for the country you are in.
    I know of a person who bought a second hand as new S3 but can not update his phone as it was for the Asian market only but the phone is fast for his needs ..good luck with your updates and as one poster stated that his phone went flat (It does not take an ounce of matter to know that leaving your phone on and downloading an update that is taking more than 3 mins that something is wrong, or attempting to download an update with a low battery may lead to big problems so please ensure your phone is charged 100% or left in the wall charger..

  115. Installed the update today; got to 100% and has been sitting on the ‘Samsung Galaxy S3’ black screen for about 2 hours now. Fairly certain the update shouldn’t take this long to finish installation.

    Should I let it continue or try a restart? (There’s no progress bar as it already reached 100%)

    • please help…. same problem, only black screen with logo has been going on 5 hours now. Can’t do anything on phone, not even able to access the notification area.

    • Hi, Iv just updated my phone and come up with the same problem you mentioned… did you over come it?

  116. I just updated my galaxy s3 and now my email is not working? Any suggestions?

    • I’m having the same problem! Since the update I can’t send images via email – anyone else have this problem? Email works the rest of the time though.

  117. I have the Galaxy S3, with T-Mobile. I have tried to push the update thru, but the response that I get after I click on Software update is….”Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.”

    Really? I have never heard such a thing. It’s been like that since I got the phone and I am on Android version 4.1.1. Any suggestions?

    • The first thing I would try was to turn off the automatic update and give it another shot. This has actually worked for some. If this fails I would update my phone with the computer program Kies from Samsung. You can find a link to a tutorial on this subject in the article above.

  118. Hi, I’m not sure if this has been covered but I tried to update the firmware using the cable, after it downloaded Kies asked me to “connect a device” even though it was connected. I got kies to reinstall the cable drivers using its help feature and I still have the same problem. Please any help would be appreciated, thank you.

    • Pull down the notification area on your phone. If you can see that it says connected as a camera, press that area to change your USB options. Pick the connect as Media device. Your phone should now connect to kies as it should.

  119. Trying to update my firmware through Kies, but it says my version isn’t supported to update through Kies. My phone is an SCH1535 and the version is LK3. Help!

  120. mansour mousa says:

    When i checked for update on my phone galaxy s3 , i found a message told me that my device has been modified and software updates are not available!!!!! . Very thanks for your expected cooperation.

  121. Eureka!! I have fought with this flippin’ update for days trying to get it to download. It has blown all my mobile data and for the month:(
    But if I turn OFF the Auto Update setting on the Software update screen first and then ask it to do the Update it now happily downloads that rotten JellyBean update and applies it successfully.

  122. I want to update my s3 but i dont have a software update tab in the “about phone” section…any help pls?

  123. Hi, the new update came out and it just won’t download on Kies or with Wi-Fi. Can you help me out here please?

  124. Hi.
    I think my phone has sudden death syndrome. It won’t turn on or anything. Tried putting it to laptop to try and put new software on and doesn’t connect. I’ve been to tmobile who say they can’t do anything. What can I do???

  125. i tried to update my new s3 it gets stuck on 30% while installing the updates. and error occurs that update it with pc kies. it connected it to the pc and but kies says that your firmware doesnot support the kies, i have tried reseting the phone to factory settings but still no effect,, plz help me…!

    • Many s3 owners that comes to this site has reported the same problem. So many indeed that I contacted SAmsung support to hear what they had to say about it.
      Basically this is what they said:

      They had never heard of this spesific problem but would suggest the following way to update the Galaxy s3 :

      1 Back up your data.
      2 Reset phone to factory settings (
      3 Do the update (as described in the tutorial).
      4 Reset phone again to factory settings.
      5 Restore backed up data.

      Don’t know if this helps but it’s the best answer I got for you.

  126. hi,
    I was asked to do a firmware update to s3 version(v5_1208_5_1)and it has been 2 days and it still hasnt finished updateing I left it overnight and then my phone turned off as it went flat and now it doesnt tell me the progress i pull down the tab at the top of the screen and push on the update and it takes me straight back to home page or i hold it and it comes up with app info i push that and it comes up with pointless info and several buttons the only one that is lit up is force stop and when i push that it says if i force stop it will cause errors what should i do???

    • I had this problem while updating once. What you need to do is go to SETTINGS – ABOUT DEVICE – SOFTWARE UPDATE – UPDATE. This should make the update get back on track. Strangely hitting that notification area message seems to have no effect at all.

  127. So Honestly, is this update Worth It (after reading all the problems…).

    • Well I guess if you ask the people who have problems getting it right they would likely say that it is not worth it.
      But then again if you ask the millions of people who have updated their device without problem they would say that it was worth it.
      Consider the fact that those who updated without problem would probably not post on this article, while those who have problems are more likely to post to get help :-)

  128. I upgraded my phone to 4.1.2 recently..
    Now it took ages to load contacts phone log and messages and also its playing and high performance games like Asphalt 7, comtract killer 2, Modern Combat 3 and many more like them…..
    Can you tell me whats the problem with it and what should I do.

    • Samsung recommends that you do a factory reset after updating. You can find a link to a tutorial a few posts down. Hopefully this will help you get back the performance you are used to.

  129. Tried updating firmware via Kies on pc. It Failed Numerous times , at the last Attempt everything seemed to be going as it should , it got to 70% complete ( possibly higher than 70% ) then suddenly failed , only this time it said I needed the emergency firmware recovery so I clicked ok . after about an hour or so it still showed 0% progress so I just left it over night , Next morning it showed message saying recovery failed and now I have a yellow triangle on my phone screen , a message saying it encountered an issue while updating firmware and try recovery which I have done multiple times now . So Now I got no Phone No Nothing , is there anyway I can get into the phone to try a rollback or something

    • I would try the following : Hold down POWER BUTTON and VOLUME UP and HOME BUTTON all et the same time. Hold for a while and this should bring up the recovery mode. now use the volume button to scroll down to “wipe data/factory reset” hit the home button to select it. You will have to confirm your choice on the next screen. Remember that all your data will be lost using this method but it’s better than having a bricked phone right :-) Hopefully this will bring you your phone back. Let me know how it turned out.

  130. Few days ago I instaled the new updates to my Galaxy S3 and now I hate my phone!! It started to freeze and to reboot a few times per day. The Games and the music are also not running smoothly like before. Please help!! Is there a way to uninstal the last updates?

  131. I have upgraded, but now my messaging doesn’t link to my contacts. It only show tel no without names. Does anyone have this problem and is there any way to solve it?

    • I am also having the same problem. Were you able to solve it or found a solution?

      • Most times when people run into these little glitches after an update all thay need to do is a factory reset to get it right again. Don’t know if this is the case here but it is sure worth a try..

  132. i used kies to update my phone today and it acted like it was working it even took awhile to do it all but afterwards it still had the same version number which was 4.1.1 but now everything says im up to date so how do i use the multi window when everythings saying im up to date yet nothings changed?

  133. i just used kies to update my phone and it acted as if it was really updating and all took forever too but its still on the same version as it was before the update now and thats 4.1.1 and so no multiscreen how do i get the multi screen if everythings saying im up to date but im not?

  134. Am in Tanzania
    Am using galaxy 3 which was bought in korea, when i tried to update it failed and ask me to use skt usim card to update, i do not know what is skt usim card,
    What should i do?

  135. I have the latest update, but this update added a ‘half ball’ on the left side of my screen. This is very annoying and I can’t find a way to remove is. It only shows me some icons I already have on my startscreen and more important, it blocks space when playing games.


  136. My galaxy S3 is on ice cream sandwich 4.0.4. when I am trying to update it is saying no update available. Any thoughts?


  137. i updated my phone and now the screen time out is stuck on 5 seconds… will not change to any other option… i can try all the times and it still pops up saying screen time out set for 5 seconds… anyone know what i can do to fix???

  138. Punit Kothari says:

    Will my phone install update or it will just download it?

  139. Hi,

    In “seetings” -> “about device” is not appear the option “software update” :(

    in the top of the list is written just “status”

    do you know why? and what can I do?


  140. my samsung galaxy s3 is struck with android 4.1.1 and if i check for updates there are no updates available…what can i do to update ma phone to 4.1.2

  141. I go into about device and there is no sortware update option?! Is there something wrong with my phone?

  142. I’ve updated my S3 but I still cannot do the multi view. Help please!

  143. How do I perform an update without using the Wi-Fi connection? I have a data plan but my phone will not give me the opportunity to update unless I am hooked up to a Wi-Fi connection.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  144. Samsung SIII GT-I9300
    Device Status showing as modified.
    The device is from Three UK but now using it in Mauritius. The actual firmware is 4.0.4 and i’m being unable to upgrade to jellybean. Installation stopping at 32%. Wat to do pls? If i re set the device to factory settings, will the above problem be solved?
    If no, how to proceed?

    Thks in advance

    • I have the same problem. Still looking for answer……

      • It would seem that galaxy s3 update stuck at 32 percent is a common problem and I have contacted Samsung support to get to the root of this. I will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.

      • So I got my answer from Samsung and this is basically what they said : They had never heard of this spesific problem but would suggest the following way to update the Galaxy s3 :

        1 Back up your data.
        2 Reset phone to factory settings (
        3 Do the update (as described in the tutorial).
        4 Reset phone again to factory settings.
        5 Restore backed up data.

        Hope this help!

        My first thought is that maybe resetting the s3 to factory settings is the missing link for you guys and gals having these problems…

        • I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 and it does not work. I still get the same problem, the update is stuck still at 32%.

  145. When I go in to About Device there is no Software Update option! And it won’t connect to kies on my pc. I’m getting a tad frustrated! Why isn’t the software update option on my blooming phone!!!

    • @kate: If it’s not connecting to Kies correctly, make sure your screen is on and from the drop-down menu, click the notification about connecting and make it connect as a Media device (as opposed to Camera or otherwise)

    • I have the same problem – there is NO software update option on my S3 (4.0.4, UK Orange network), so OTA updates are obviously not available.

      When I try to update using Kies, it comes up with update failed, unknown error. I have done a factory reset on the phone and tried again but I still get the same error.

      I’m going to phone Orange this afternoon and see whether they can suggest anything. If not, then my next step is to root the damn thing and install a custom ROM with Jelly Bean, though I’m not sure if that will allow me to get the Premium Suite upgrade when Orange make that available…

  146. I uploaded the firmware update and now my messaging (text) doesn’t work at all. All other features on the phone work though. I use an alternate service for texting, but I even tried using the default messaging service and even that doesn’t work. I cannot get into the app, send, or receive text messages anymore. What gives? I tried to turn off the phone and turn it back on, etc.

  147. Guys.. I would suggest to you not to update your s3 for their latest update(JANUARY2013) coz it really sucks!!before mine is working properly, no buffering when Im playing songs,surfing the net etc..but now seems like hell… I dont really like..then there’s this red thing everytime you opened another apps..what the eff!so disgusting.
    Haist :( I love this phone but bcoz of this updates Im so much disappointed.:((

  148. Best phone out there? This is by far the worst smart phone I’ve ever owned. Constantly buggy, opening and closing things almost at random, a daily crash and reboot, randomly using up all of my data by resetting itself to automatically update and then update every single thing on the phone whether there’s a new update or not.
    Seriously, it’s a terrible phone.

  149. Hi
    I have Samsung Galaxy S3. And I got a signal on my mobile to updated the software package of my mobile. I was obviosult on wi-fi so I pressed download in order for the sowftware to be updated. However I noticed that the progress remained 0% and the time remained also 0% for a long period of time. I noticed from my data manager that it was taking up alot of my usage from my wi-fi (about 10GB). So my query is whether or not the software was updated. The update stops when i get on mobile data obviously it notifies me but when I get back on wifi it tells me to start again but once again no progess seems to be done. This has been going on for about 2 days. what should I do.


    • Hi Liliana
      Something obviously went wron when you was updating your phone. I would try updating through Kies is you have access to a pc or a mac.

  150. Hi
    I automatically got the software update packeage on my S3 however when I pressed the download button (obviously i was on wifi) there was no progess in the download. the percentage and time remained zero for quite a long time. however I noticed that it was taking up alot of usage from wifi. Could it be that it is still downloading even though i see no progess. Once I was off wi-fi it notified me that it would not continue updating as it would be costly. However my query is whether or not it is downloading as I see no progess in the download. what can i do?


  151. I have a dataplan with my provider but i keep getting the “update error” box every 2 mins…it says i need to connect to wifi to download.. why do i need to connect to a wifi connection when i have a dataplan?

    • To ensure that people without dataplans doesn’t gets robbed by their service prividers there is a setting that needs to be checked out. Go to : Settings – About device – Software update. From this location you will have to un check the Wi-Fi only option.

  152. I updated my firmware, and ever since then data has been slow, takes forever to connect to my service provide after reboot, and the software update icon keeps popping up even though I’ve already updated it! Grrr.

  153. I cant update using wi fi or kies. Wi fi goes through to when the phonr reboots and goes to the home screen then says update failed try kies on your pc. So I tried connecting to kies on the pc and it downloads but wont install it. Any ideas??????

  154. When I try and update my s3 the update is 100% downloaded but when I try and install it goes to 26% and then the little Android man falls over with a red triangle appearing – any ideas?

    • Hi David,

      I had exactly the same problem as yours. Downloaded the 280.6MB update a hundred times over the air. Fully downloaded but the green man suddenly gets killed at 31% for me while installing. Please let me know if you have any pointers.

      • Hi Shawn

        After countless goes at trying to update the phone with wifi – I tried using Kies again ( had several previous attempts without any luck ) this time it worked well and the phone has been updated – I hope that it may work well for you


      • i also have this same problem , download update ok , go to install firmware and get to 31% and it stops and phone reboots with no update done , wtf?

    • Hi David , i have the very exact problem. Have you since sorted yours out by any chance?


      • Hi Sheenagh
        After countless goes at trying to update the phone with wifi – I tried using Kies again ( had several previous attempts without any luck ) this time it worked well and the phone has been updated – I hope that it may work well for you


  155. i have S3, but i am not receiving any notification to update my software to jellybean, neither on kies and when i check it manually it gives me that no updates are available while i still have 4.0.4
    what would be the solution to update it?

    • I would wait until I got the update officially through one of the two ways that you have tried updating it already. Your only other option is to root and flash an unofficial rom to your device. But before you investigate that option any further know that this could break your phone and void the warranty…

  156. Hi, I am currently trying to update my Samsung Galaxy S3 to the newest update and it keeps coming up as “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request. Try later”…
    Well I do try later and it comes up with the same thing, I have been trying to do this, since the update came out. Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you resolve it?

    • This means that your galaxy s3 has to wait its turn as Samsung does not alow for everyone to update at the same time. If you want to skip ahead to the front of the line you could always update your phone using Kies software to update your phone. This will get you the same official update without the wait. I made this tutorial on how to do just that. Go ahead and check it out

  157. I just updated my S3 because the speakers stopped working (notification sounds, ringtone, speaker phone, playing media) & it didn’t resolve the issues. Happened a couple of weeks ago and had to do full factory reset.
    I don’t want to lose all my apps, songs, & contacts again. Anything else to fix this bug available?

  158. I have a concern.. I updated and added a useful Yahoo news feed to my home screen, I’ve tried removing the newsfeed for a few days now and I can’t find it.

  159. I HAVE S3 SINCE 2 MONTHS, in the ABOUT DEVICE , SOFTWARE UPDATE is not showing at the top , only STATUS..version is 4.0. and i cannot update , please i need help

    • You should try updating your gs3 using Kies official software from samsung. There is a link to a tutorial on how to if you are not sure how to get it done in the article.

  160. When my S3 is updated to latest version,I got a problem with software update. There is always a reminder in notification asking me to confirm I have read an understand terms and conditions….I did but always ‘processing fail’. How can I fix it?

  161. Well uhm… ive been trying to update my gs3 but i couldnt.. my friends alredy updated theirs.. my phone i got it bout a week ago.. and the msg says
    ” access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.”
    Its been saying that ever since i tried updating.. what am i suppose to do? I waited days.. like 4 days..
    And no i havent tried wifi yet.. i just dnt think it wud make any difference..

    How wud i knoe u replied to my question? Would i get any notification?

    • I got the same thing when I tried to update my Gs3 OTA. I got so tired of waiting I decided to try updating trough Kies software on my pc. Half an hour later my phone had Jelly Bean.
      I made a tutorial on how to do it if you want to check it out.

      • it always says “acess to the software service update is provided to users in the order in which they request it. try later” and i cant update it using samsung kies, when it finishes downloading the latest frimware upgrade samsung kies suddenly exits.. what should i do

        • The message you get when trying to update your s3 means that you will have to wait until it is your turn. Samsung does not alow everyone to update at the same time, as this would likely take down their servers. As for the error you get when you are using Kies I would try reinstalling or updating Kies to the latest software version and give it another try. Hope this helps and Merry X-mas :-)

  162. My phone updated today and i can not use it for anything only basics no apps or anything i did factory reset and still nothing how do we resolve this

  163. I can’t seem to update my S3 because there is no option ‘update software’ under the ‘About Device’ setting i only have Status and Legal options available.

  164. OMG, I was today asked to Update my S3, but I posponed because I was not in my WiFi range, so I canceled. Now, I can’t get it updated, with message “access to the software update is provided to the user in the order to which they request it”

  165. My phone just updated and now… nothing works…? Keeps crashing out on almost everything and can’t access my camera at all :-(

    • A coworker had the same problem. He then charged his phone and turned it of and then on again. After that it was all cool.

  166. Bakir Al Tikriety says:

    It says “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.” I try since 4 days but it says the same!
    Please help me!

  167. Guys. My s3 just got an update and i accidentally cancelled it and i cant update it anymore. It says “access to the software update is provided to the user in the order to which they request it” how the hell can i get it back?

  168. Is the 4.0.4 andriod the latest version ???

    • The latest version is Jelly Bean. Only thing though is that Samsung has not made it available to everyone just jet. I’m waiting for my Jelly bean to.

  169. Hi I can not connect to my wi fi network how would i go about doing this update on my data plan?

    • The approach is the same. just make sure that Wi-Fi only is not checked on the last screen before hitting that update button.

  170. I cant seems to update my samsung galaxy s3. it keep telling me to try later and am so in need of this software

  171. this is the first site that explained why I also don’t have the software updates button on my phone, thought this had something to do with ‘unbranded’ software after I had my phone fixed. Before repair I had twitter and facebook permanently installed and when I got it back it wasn’t and phone was also updated to the newest version. Now I can sleep ;)

  172. mine says: access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. try later

    what to do ?

    • I would suggest trying again later as it said. Likely Samsung servers would implode if everyone downloaded the update at the same time :-)

  173. But i don’t have a tab named ‘software update’ -____-

  174. Australia virgin ..Optus network..firmware update received just now.

    • Thanks. Can anyone confirm if this is jelly bean or not ?

    • I have just downloaded and installed the update that got here 09.11.2012. Sadly however I have to say that this was not Jelly Bean. Most likely this one was the last one before the big Jelly bean update though. I can only imagine tht this one was to make sure the BIG Jelly bean upgrade goes as painless as possible.

  175. Manikrishnan Narasimhan says:


    i always get no update available. But i heard there is a update available. Recently i updated my s3 with the cell info display error is that the reason i am not able to update ?

  176. Hi again. My galaxy s3 keeps popping up with an update for android. I dont have any custom roms installed..just rooted. So im not if its not possible..maybe i should give it a try?

  177. Hi. If i do this update will my phone still be rooted?

  178. I have the same problem with software updates. I don’t have this tab on the “about device” section. My version is I9300BVLF2 from t-mobile UK. I tried updating the firmware using samsung Kies and it didnt update anything. Please help!!! or am I going to have to call samsung??? as tmobile have no clue!! my friend has the same phone from tmobile and he have the software update tab on his! but I have an extra app called “tags” which he does not!! Any thoughts on how to update the firmware???

    • Hi, I have the same problem. Apparently it is because the phone is ‘locked’ to T-mobile UK and they have yet to release the update from Samsung. I’ve contacted both Samsung and T-mobile Uk and they say it will be released soon. All those with the ‘Software Update’ option are unlocked phones and are therefore done straight away as the update comes directly from Samsung and doesn’t have to go through a network provider first.

  179. […] the new updates. It is up to the phone manufacturers to release new updates to their phones. Learn how to upgrade your Android phone […]

  180. My galaxy s3 does not show a software update but my friends does we on the same network and got the phone from the same service provider
    Can anyone advice me as to why mine does not show a update?

  181. Thank you very much. I found this web page (which I located through a Google search) exceptionally useful.

  182. Im on orange but dont have a update option on about device :s any idea why this is or how i can update?

  183. Jim McSorley says:

    I followed the directions above, but I don’t have the check for update option. My phone is provided by orange, but my wife has the same phone provided by O2 and she DOES have this option. Her phone has upgraded to baseband version I9300BWLE7 but mine remains I9300BVLE4. Any suggestions?

  184. […] Bean jet you could try using the stock ice cream sandwich screenshot tutorial Or you could try to update your device to the latest version of Android Os If you have now been able to successfully take a screen dump on your device you will hear a sound […]

  185. hi is the installed games and application lost once upgrade is done?

    • I lost no data on my phone when upgrading. Including games, apps, savegames, contacts and everything else :-)

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