Galaxy s4 software features

This is the new software features of the Samsung Galaxy s4.

Over the last couple of months we have seen the announcement of the Sony Xperia z and the HTC One. But finally the moment we have been waiting for is here.

Samsung has officially announced their top of the line cell phone, the Galaxy s4. Even if the new phone is not superior to the competition hardware vice Samsung sure has put a lot of thought and effort into development of the software on this phone.

In this article I will tell you all about the new features of the s4 and what they mean.

This is the new software features of the Samsung Galaxy s4

Galaxy s4 software features


  • Dual Camera.

Dual camera is one of the many new features that revolvs around the camera of the Galaxy s4. As you may know the Galaxy s4 has two cameras. This feature makes it possible to superimpose a picture in the picture that you are taking.

Basically If you take a picture with the 13 Mega pixel camera you can if you so choose, put a  smaller picture of the one taking the shot on top of the picture. In reality this would mean that if you take a picture of your family, the one taking the shot can be in the picture as well.

What makes this really cool is that it also works when filming. Imagine filming a roller coaster ride would it not be great to capture the priceless look on your face as you are pulling multiple Gs.

  • Sound and shot.

The sound and shot feature makes it possible to record a sound snippet just before or after a picture is taken. This in it self  is not something we haven’t been able to do in the past. The new thing here is that the sound and the picture is tied together so that when you look at a picture taken with this feature you will also hear the sound tied to the image.

  • Samsung smart scroll.

This is one of the features we have been hearing rumors of quite long time before Samsung launched the Galaxy s4.

It works in such a way that the front facing camera is following your eyes to see where on the phone you are looking. This means that the s4 can automatically scroll down or up for you without the need to swipe your finger over the screen. Sadly though it would seem that the phone would have to be docked for this to work. At least that is the information we have at the time. Hopefully this is not the case.

  • Samsung smart pause.

The smart pause feature pauses your movie or film clip if it detects that you are looking away from the phone. This is made possible by the secondary camera following your eye movements. When the cell phone detects that you are looking back at it, it will automatically resume the clip. As with the eye movement tracking features of the previous Galaxy s series phones I imagine the feature requires a certain minimum of lighting to work properly.

  • Air view.

Air view is another on of these new features made possible by the camera watching your movements. In many ways this is like hovering a mouse cursor over a file on your computer. Hovering your finger over an image or movie clip will bring up a magnified preview of the file. This feature also makes possible to change tracks while playing music by wiping your hand over the screen or to scroll up or down in your web browser. Pretty neat if for example you are wet or dirty on your hands and don’t want to touch your phone.

  • S translator.

S translator is a way to make yourself understood in languages that you do not speak. What makes this feature useful is that it can translate from text to speech and the other way around if you so please. You can now record what someone says and get a visual representation of the spoken word in the for of text on you phones display. Or you can input a piece of text and make the phone speak it for you in a foreign language.

  • Group play.

By linking multiple devices together you can make your friends phones into a big piece of stereo equipment that simultaneously plays the same piece of music. Cell phones has never been a great way to play music out loud without the use of headphones or playing it through a stereo. This feature may actually change this. If this works the way we hope the sound of multiple devices may actually be something that does not hurt your ears from listening to it.

  • S Health.

The s health feature is a way to monitor your body through the use of your cell phone. Among the things that you can use this for is to monitor your steps. Another thing that is new is that you can also use this to count your calorie intake if you are so inclined. You can even scan the ean codes of your food and the Galaxy s4 will help you keep track of your intake. Among the things that is included is Food diary, exercise diary and sleep monitor. Some of the these features will be made possible through the purchace of extra accessories.

  • Samsung knox.

This is a new feature from Samsung that makes it easier to separate your professional life from your personal life. It basically means that you can have two separate settings and files for your work, and a completely different setting and files for your personal life. So now you can have your kids play with your phone without being scared that the kids delete your work related files.

  • Samsung homesync.

Homesync is a way for you to easily share your files like pictures and movie clips in real time. This thing is a optional extra that you will have to buy from Samsung if you see the value in it. Basically it is a box that you connect to your tv that lets you share all the digital media with you entire family in real time.

  • Drama shot.

Drama shot is one of the many new features that are linked to your camera. What this one does is to take multiple shots and put them together as a single photography. So it is a kind of time laps presentation of a particular scene.

  • Eraser.

Have you ever taken a picture to have it ruined by a stranger passing by as you press that shutter button? Samsung is about to change that. By taking multiple pictures of the scene the Galaxy s4 can put them together in such a way that what goes on in the background is replaced by a different picture taken. So you can have that perfect picture of your family with nothing but the Eiffel tower in the background.

  • Story album.

Your brand new Samsung Galaxy s4 will sort your pictures based on Geo tagging and time line. This means that if you are taking a trip your cell phone will sort the pictures you take on this journey into a unique album. What separates this from other features like it is that you can order an actual hard copy of your album from the comfort of your phone. Samsung said that the price of ordering such an album would cost from 10 to 30 dollars.

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  1. It works, but set becomes slow

  2. roshanpethuru says:

    android 6.0

  3. Will the S3 get all these updates when the JellyBean upgrade rolls out? Are they included in today’s (5/13/13) 4.1.2 upgrade or in the future 4.2.2 upgrade?

    Thank you.

    • Well for sure these features where not included in the 4.1.2 which came before the Galaxy s4 was even launched. Hopefully the next update for the s3 includes these new great features. Besides those that are hardware specific.

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