Galaxy s5 rumors

With each new installment to the Galaxy s series of cell phones selling more than the other it won’t surprise us if Samsung is working hard on the Galaxy s5 as we speak.

If you are like me, you are always looking for the next big thing to hit the cell phone market. I’ve started thinking about how great the Samsung Galaxy s5 will be so if you will beer with me we will discuss our hopes and dreams for the next Galaxy device.

As Samsung has proved in the past, they are masters at keeping the details of their new cell phones close to their chest. So what you will read in this article is mainly based on what we have seen in the past and what we expect and hope the Galaxy s5 will be like.


Samsung Galaxy s5 concept scetch

Galaxy s5 concept

Galaxy s5 design

There really has not been any big surprises in the way the Galaxy s series phones has looked like since the first one came out in the first half of 2010. Based on this we really don’t think that the s5 will revolutionize the way these phones look like. With that being said we know that Samsung has been working on their flexible screens for quite some time now. We have even seen a concept phone using this technology, and we are quite exited to find out if this is something that will be incorporated into the design of the Galaxy s5 or if Samsung will start producing phones with flexible screens without touching the well known design features of the Galaxy s series of phones.

Galaxy s5 screen

The general trend in cell phone screens is that they are constantly getting bigger. We See no indication that this trend will stop in the closest future. Hopefully though the Samsung Galaxy s5 screen will not be increased from the s4s 5 inch display. In our opinion there is no reason for cell phone screens to get higher resolutions than what we have today.

Looking at the mega pixel race that is going on in the cell phone camera industry we hope that this will not be a trend that continues. We suspect the race for more mega pixels are not something that comes to the  consumers benefit. It is simply another thing to brag about for the big players in the industry. Looking at the development from the Galaxy s, Galaxy s2, Galaxy s3 and the Galaxy s4 there is a clear indication that the Galaxy s5 screen size will be even bigger than the Galaxy s4. This means the screen will be at least 5 inches.

Galaxy s5 release date

From looking at previous releases it becomes pretty evident that Samsung aims to release a new Galaxy s series phone once a year.

  • Galaxy s   – June 2010
  • Galaxy s2 -May 2011
  • Galaxy s3 – May 2012
  • Galaxy s4 – April 2013

From comparing the previous releases we can pretty certainly say that the Galaxy s5 will be released sometime in the early part of 2014. It even seems to be a trend that the launch is set earlier and earlier in the year. Our best bet is that the Galaxy s5 will be launched in the first quarter of 2014.

Hopefully the window between the launch of the new devices won’t be much shorter than a year as it is so pricey to get out out our carrier agreement. Maybe the launch also differs based on when the competing manufacturers like HTC and Sony comes out with their new flag ship phones.

Galaxy s5 Android Os version

From looking at the previous models we can say quite certainly that the Galaxy s5 will have the latest possible Android Os version when it is announced sometime in early 2014. And if we have learned something from the previous models it is that Samsung is very good at updating their phones as soon as possible. Sadly a lot of people have tied their phones to specific carriers and at such are at their mercy. The big players like AT&t and Verizon and others have the right to review updates. This most times makes these updates take a lot longer for those who do not have international unlocked phones.

Likely the next flag ship will ship with Android Os version 5.0 ( Key Lime Pie ), and receive many software updates before this one bites the outdated.

Galaxy s5 battery

Each and every year some big breakthrough in battery technology is promised to us by some researchers. Fact is that not much has happened in this department since the Lithium batteries saw the light of day many many years ago.

The good part is that Samsung has never once launched a new Galaxy s series phone without a better battery capacity than the last one. By the time we saw the Galaxy s4 we where up to 2600 mAh. That’s almost 1000 mAh of juice more than the 1500 mAh that the first Galaxy s phone shipped with. Based on this I hope we will see a battery with at least 3000 mAh from the Galaxy s5. That is unless some kind of new technology is made available by the time it is released. I would love to see a phone powered by daylight or drops of water or something like that.

galaxy s5 processor

In terms of processing power there has been an amazing development over the last few years. I think that the wave of great and new android games is what is pushing the CPU developers into making faster and faster cpus for our phones.

The latest and greatest processor for phones is the Exynos octa core that powers some of the Galaxy s4 phones out there. Lets take a moment to think about what this does to our smart phones. The Exynos Octa is the perfect balance between great performance and battery efficiency. Hopefully whats in store for us in terms of a Galaxy s5 processor is something that can power even more amazing Android games and apps while at the same time making our batteries last for days at a time.

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12 thoughts on “Galaxy s5 rumors

  1. This may be of intrest i found a great article worth a read, with some great updates..

    personaly i rather buy a samsung than an iphone, as iphone seams little datted..

  2. lets hope they do a better job on the S5 that the S4 series:( little disappointing for me..

    • I think we may have come to the point where we will no longer see the BIG changes when manufacturers releases their new phones. The changes from this point will likely be a collection of small improvements.

  3. Also forgot SPEAKERS for gods sake sick of stupid phone makes and speaker on back. Put at top end and bottom for surround sound left and right side of charge port and audio head phone jack give it some ass like iphones the htc one was not even that loud that’s why i did npt buy it. PUT A SMALL LITTLE LED LIGHT ON FRONT CAMERA MEANING MAKE NOTEFICATION LED THE LIGHT FOR EYE TRACKING AND MANY OTHER THINGS PICS VIDEO CHAT IN DARK

  4. If samsung wants to dominate this year the s 5 needs to be out April or may but it needs Flex oled screen with thin sapphire cover screen aluminum body 64 processor 128gig waffer memory 3 or 4 gig ram tizen os option to switch to touch wizard must have wifi ac like htc one has for all new router a few other things no more air gesture crap gimmick stuff needa to stop this will have people inlines for this phone

  5. i think Samsung must remove some unwanted features/application from Samsung Galaxy S5, which reduce the price of the smartphone, they would release official app for that features, so user can buy according to their use.

    • I don’t like that idea. If anything I hope the Galaxy s5 turns out to be even more premium than its predecessores. If you think the galaxy s series phones are to expencive there is a lot of other phones to choose from. Also Samsung would have to develop those apps regardless and thus making the Galaxy s5 cost more for those of us who want the whole package.

  6. I like how they added IR transmitter to S4 so you can control your (and any cafe’s) TV from your phone, but would it be too much to expect an integrated FM transmitter so I don’t have to buy third-party FM transmitters for my car? That would be a nice addition.

  7. I think it is still too early to see the flexible screen, it will be avaialble at least with the s6

  8. Like the article. Some really good details about Galaxy S5, and I agree with most of them. However, I would love to see a fingerprint sensor and metallic body in the device! It would add to the charm of it. However, I really believe that Samsung will keep the fire up with the next flagship smartphone! Thank you.

  9. I think there are many options Samsung can try this time, like the inclusion of folding display, stereo speakers and 4 GB RAM. However, its release date will depend upon the release of Apple iPhone 6, which is believed to be its biggest contender in coming time. I like your report on the smartphone. Thanks

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