Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE images leaks again

Brand new images of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have surfaced once again. This time by the same person over at the XDA Developer Forums who previously leaked the first supposed image of the S6 that was encased and covered in bubble wrap.


The S6 and S6 edge look similar to what we have previously seen before, obviously it being a prototype, has rough designs and physical appearance, so we can expect the S6 to be much more aesthetically beautiful when it becomes officially launched and in customers hands. The S6 and S6 Edge this time have their screens out of bubble wrap, on the table and screen on this time.
Showing us full functionality of the device in all its glory.
The S6 look like a hybrid between the S4 and the S5, with the edges and Bezel design similar to the aspects of each of the S4 and S5. The S6 Edge however, doesn’t look as similar to the Galaxy Note Edge for several different reasons.
Number 1, being that the Note Edge is just as big as the Note 4, which the S6 and S6 edge was never designed to be like, number 2, the Note Edge resembled too much to the Note 4, with the same Bezel design, size, backing and it’s material, and it’s lined pattern on the display itself. The only feature that strikes resemblance to the S6 and the Note edge would only be the Right facing Edged screen. The S6 Edge appears to have more curved at the bottom where it closes out its Edged screen, and looks more natural to being the variant of the S6.
The back face is something we’ve already seen before. Many weeks ago, case manufacturers have already leaked images of their cases for the S6 and S6 Edge way before any other leaks were announced and way before Samsung started to get more serious with their teasers. We have also seen popular case manufacturer Spigen lead their image of the S6 early, which was probably the real authentic thing. The camera placement as well as the heart rate monitor/LED Flash is placed in the position that has been verified in almost every lead we see surfacing online. That ends our update to the S6 and S6 Edge leaks, stay tuned for more coverage on any leaks that may surface.
Image source : xda developers forum
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