How to remove sidebar on Samsung phones and tablets

This is how  you remove the sidebar on your Samsung cell phone.

The multi window or split screen is a handy feature if you tend to multi task ou your cell phone. If you don’t like to use tat function the side bar on your phones screen is a bit of a nuisance.

Let me show you how to get rid of it either by pushing it to the side or by totally disabling it so you won’t have to see it ever again.

How to get rid of the android sidebar

This is how you remove the sidebar

If all you want to do is to make it partially go away all you have to do is to touch the small blue arrow on the sidebar and it will dock to the side. If you would like to completely remove the sidebar from your phone you will have to do one of the following.

First way of removing the sidebar.

  1. Pull down the notification area on your screen by putting your finger on the top of your screen and pulling down.
  2. Push the multi window icon located in the upper area of your screen. If you can’t see it. If you can’t see it you will have to put your finger on the icons and push the to the left until the multi window icon appears.
  3. If this was useful why not

If for some reason you can’t find it or you simply cant get this way to work there is another way of removing it.

Second way of removing the sidebar.

  1. Go to your apps folder by pressing the apps icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
  2. Find and press the settings icon. ( It looks like gears )
  3. In the upper half of the next screen press the My device.
  4. Locate and press the Display icon.
  5. In this final step to remove the sidebar, remove the tick in the tab that says Multi window.


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31 thoughts on “How to remove sidebar on Samsung phones and tablets

  1. Wowww I hated that arrow for about 2 months now. That was so easy to get rid of. Thank u so much!

  2. great! thanks

  3. Gina Bean MN says:

    THANK YOU to the Nth degree. The preloaded crap I do not use, nor want, i.e.New York Times, Business Week, Hangout and this asinine sidebar in all their glorious USELESSNESS have poked sore spot in my side since I have owned this! I disabled most of the crap, but the sidebar ( sidesync on my tablet) grays out the disable option!

    I knew this couldn’t bother only me. So I knew someone would figure it out, and thus googling worked it’s magic.

    Thanks again

  4. In my phone not “Multi window” but “Suspension window”.
    Thank you.

  5. Thank you! That sidebar was the most annoying and USELESS thing I’ve ever seen in an operating system GUI.

  6. Awesome thanks for the help I hated that stupid side bar! ✌

  7. Lynda Cryer says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  8. Neither of your solutions removes the side bar from my S4 mini. No multi window icon, and no option of a tick beside multi window.

  9. Mrcubanebar says:

    Well now I just feel stupid. Thank you so much though!

  10. Frankie Belmain says:

    Tysm option #2 Worked like a charm!!!!!

  11. thank you option 2 worked

  12. Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy and feel silly how easy that was.. you saved me from a couple of more gray hairs!

  13. RayLinStephens says:

    Thank you so much! That was driving me crazy – it would come on when playing a game and I’d run off the side of *whatever* and die!

    Bless YOU so much for this!

  14. Christopher Espina says:

    Very helpful thanx mate… .

  15. Thanks! The second option works on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7″)

  16. I feel a little silly with how simple that was. Thanks!

  17. Elizabeth Wilburn says:

    Now that was simple! Thanks for taking time to post the solution! I’m not a techy so too many steps and I give up.. many many thanks.

  18. Hi, I already turned off the multiwindow option but i’m still seeing the blue arrow. When I tried to turn it back on i’m seeing to arrows. please help. :(

  19. Does anyone know how I can change the apps on the sidebar? I’d love to have my clock on it but have no idea how to do it. Thanks.

    • There should be a button at the bottom of the sidebar that says “Edit” and will give you a list of the apps it will let you put. It seems that list is fixed though, so if the clock isn’t on there, it isn’t an option (sorry, I haven’t checked to see if it’s there).

  20. Hi sort of unrelated, but how do you change it so that the dock icons aren’t on the right side of the screen? somehow my dock icons that are normally on the bottom of the screen, ended up on the right side of the screen and now I can’t figure out how to move them back.

    • I’ve tried to recreate the scenario you mentioned but it would seem that the only possible locations for the icons is either right or left. I can’t figure out how to place them to the top or bottom.

      • If you expand the sidebar and click amd hold the arrow you have the ability to move it wherever you loke on your screen.

  21. There’s a simpler method, What you need to do is touch and hold the back button of your Android device and that’s it. It can be enabled again using same steps.

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