How to screenshot on HTC phone

How to take a screenshot on a HTC phoneEver since phones started getting smarter the number of interesting things we can do on our phone has increased at an incredible rate. So what would be more tempting than sharing with your friends what you got going on on your screen. This is of course where the ability to take a screenshot of what is happening comes into play. This can on some phones be a bit of a hassle, as the manufacturers of these phones wont risk the cost going up or compromise the design of the phone.


If you are the owner of a HTC Android phone however the company has built in a way for you to do this. Be warned though that it can be a bit tricky to master, rest asured though that once you get the motion in it is like riding a bicycle. You wont forget it.

This should work on all Android HTC phones such as the  HTC one x, HTC one s HTC one v, HTC explorer, HTC desire, HTC wildfire, HTC sensation and many more.

  1. Press and hold the power button.
  2. Without releasing the power button now press the home button.
  3. The screen can now be found in your gallery.

It’s been almost two years now since this article was first written and even though it is still working for a number of phones it’s time to update it with the new and more used way of doing it. If your phone is quite new it could be that the standard Android way of doing a screenshot will work better for you. Anyways, if the method described above it not working out for you, you should check out this alternative method.

  1. Press and hold the power and volume down button at the same time.
  2. That’s it.


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69 thoughts on “How to screenshot on HTC phone

  1. HTC Wildfire S : ICE COLD APPS. works on non-rooted

  2. Its doesnt work on my HTc desire HD … :( It just shows power off options when i press the power button then when i press home button it just shows my home screens…. What to do ? Please help…

  3. Woohooo. It works like a charm on htc desire… sooooo happy!!!

  4. It doesn’t work on my HTC Wildfire S. It makes me frustrated. I tried to hold the power and volume and it was to no avail.

  5. Thanx dude till date I thought this facility is not available for this model

  6. Try holding down the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons simultaneously for a second or two

  7. kyle williams says:

    Any knowledge on the HTC first screenshot? I can’t figure it out..

  8. Hello,
    I have got HTC Desire Z.. i think, it doesnt working.. how can I do a screenshot? thanks

  9. The way I take screenshots on pretty much any Android 4.0 and above is to simply press and hold your smartphone’s power and volume down button at the same time for 1-2 seconds.

  10. Thank you so much, good sire!

  11. thanks very much worked for me..just like it worked in iPhone

  12. I have the HTC sensation and everytime try it brings me to most recent or home or off I’m so frustraded

  13. it works yay

  14. this does not work on my htc incredible 2. how do i get the screen capture to work?

  15. Doesn’t work on Droid incredible

  16. i want to take screenshoot in htc wildfire s … in a simple way without downloding any software plzz help me ….

  17. How do screenshot on my htc wildfire

  18. Doesn’t work I have a HTC windows 7

  19. It works for HTC Desire X, Holding Power Button and Pressing Home Button

  20. I have the same phone as you and this did not wrk for me did u ever get an accurate answer?

  21. I have the Desire. This does not work on it. Your article is misleading as it says All HTC fones. That is false.

  22. how it works on HTC wildfire S

  23. Thanks so much for this article! I’m using HTC one X and have been pressing the power and volume key together to screen shot. It works too but its much more of a hassle and my volume keys are starting to lose sensitivity!

  24. Thanks. I have been doing it by accident on my Desire S but I never knew how until now. It works for my Desire SV

  25. htc wildfire s says:

    After holding power, power option appears and by touching home, it goes to home screen!
    It doesnt work!!!
    I need it!!!!!!

  26. I have a HTC Desire (the one that has the 4 buttons at the bottom as buttons and not touch screen) and I screenshotted a conversation once without an app but have no idea how I did it, It was by accident, all I know is it can be done on this phone. So any help will be much appreciated, as it normally takes me to the home screen and brings the power options up. Thanks.

  27. Thank you very much…. Now it is working nd i can take the screenshot….

  28. I have an HTC incredible android one. 3g Verizon if that helps. I saw your instructions in the comments on how to take a screenshot with an android incredible and it didn’t work. Holding the power and volume down buttons did nothing but make my phone vibrate like crazy. Help?

  29. HTC Innovation

  30. It doesn’t work for me on my HTC desire – every time I press it, it just locks or goes to the homescreen and then locks.

  31. It worked OMG I’M SO HAPPY!!!!! thank you

  32. Thanks – I didn’t realize you have to HOLD the power button. Instead of quickly trying to do both simultaneously… it would keep shutting off the screen.

    Can you say DUH!

    Thanks again!

  33. Yeay, thanks so much. Worked for me. Always wondered how to do that. :)

  34. It dont work on my htc desire…
    It just takes me to the homescreen..

  35. I have the my touch 4G(T-Mobile ), which is HTC sensation I believe, the screenshot doesn’t work! >___<

  36. It doesn’t work in my HTC Wildfire. I hold the power button, press the home one, but nothing happens… :-(

  37. Does not work

  38. This doesn’t work for me!

  39. It worked!!
    It’s like on an iPhone.
    Thank you so much!!

  40. thanks worked straight away

  41. this didnt work. it just kept taking me to my phones main screen

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