How to screenshot Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

This is how you take a screen shot of your Samsung Galaxy s Duos s7562

Capturing what goes on on your phones screen is somthing relatively new to us. Back in the days it was hard to even imagine anything interesting enough to capture would ever happen.

These days however cell phones is a big day of our everyday lifes. And every once in a while somthing happens that we want to share with our friends and family.


How to screenshot Galaxy s duos

Press and hold to capture screen

  1. Press and hold the power button and the home button.
  2. That’s it if you are having a hard time getting it right remember thay have to be pressed at the same time and held in for about a second or two.
  3. If this was useful why not

The screen will flash and make a sound to let you know the screenshot has been taken.

You can find the picture in My Files – sdcard – Pictures – Screenshots.

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67 thoughts on “How to screenshot Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

  1. Vishwanath Kotagi says:

    Thanks it works

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  3. After seeing u r website….now i am able to take screen shot in mobile…thanks

  4. Working Fine…

  5. Working Fantastic…
    T H A N K S…

  6. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,, not really sure why :)

  7. sachin sharma says:

    Thank you !

  8. Thnx. Thats working

  9. Hi, it used to work on Samsung S Duos 7582 . It has got disabled (on its own, i guess). I dont remember how i enabled this function last time. Could you please help?

    • There is no way of disabling this function. Why don’t you give it another go.

    • Yes it does get disabled on its own.
      I dont remember either how i activated it, i guess something is accessibility needs to change

      It is pretty annoying how it gets autodisabled

  10. thanks it works!!!

  11. Praveen kumar says:


  12. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    thanx a lot.i got it done in the first attempt itself..
    veryyy usefull,,,


  14. Super !! Thanks

  15. vivek jhariya says:

    its working yrr……thnxxx

  16. Nice one … worked thank u a lot

  17. thanks dude !!

  18. The phone simply reboots.. no screenshot is taken

  19. Thanks a lot…..

  20. thanku soooo much. my wish got fulfilled tod . tyssssssssm

  21. nice one, it worked.after donkey years

  22. Shreya Tewari says:

    n i successfully did it in the very first attempt.. yayyyyy..thank uh loads..have been trying doing it since ages n finally uh helped me through it… :) :)

  23. Shreya Tewari says:

    hahaha n i did it successfully in the very first attempt.yayyyyyy..!!! thnk uh loads.. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) ;) :)

  24. TaffiLollipos :) says:

    I finally got it thank you !!!!!!!!!! :D it took me a while but i kept going, it makes a cute sound and shows you !!! :)

  25. Thank you

  26. thanks! dude…

  27. Hahaha that was sixth time when it captured….Press home button a very little earlier than the power button to get it done..

  28. Can you take a screenshot without an SD card?

  29. Excellent. First I tried, so it powered off, because I didn’t do it properly. But second time I did it properly. It works. Thanks a lot.

  30. Nuno Oliveira says:

    Guess my mistake was not holding the buttons for more than one second..
    Thanks fot the tutorial, it really helped me and now I can finally take screenshots with my phone :D

  31. Rakubndo Miley says:

    Thanks very much! It helpled me!

  32. i didnt knw how to take screen…tnx to ur tutorial…with ur help i am able to take screen shot..

  33. danial tariq says:

    Thanku.. That shit was so good D

  34. wow………. superb…………..

  35. my power button is not can i take a screenshot???

  36. SRINIVASULU says:

    This was superb……I can’t@ describe in words

  37. Idont know y but i am not able to take
    Screenshot……whenever i am doing so by pressing power+home button my mobile is getting switch off
    Need the help

    • Just make sure you press them at the same time. Also you need to keep them pressed for about a second or two. Give it another try, I’m sure you will get it right this time.

  38. This is awesome………Works like charm……
    Thumbs Up

  39. Samiullah Khawajikzai says:

    Asalam O Alakum

    Thanks dear its very useful

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  49. THANKS! it DOES!!!!

  50. Thanks u. Its working

  51. Thanks it works perfectly.
    Many thanks:*

  52. Humm…….. my phone is not working with this trick please help me♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  53. Lovely Thanks man!!!

  54. It worked !! Thank you

  55. On my cell phone its not working why ?


    Please Let Me Know how to change the storage of screen shot in s duos from sdcard to external memory card

  57. Please Let Me Know how to change the nettings of screen shot in s duos

  58. sarath chandran c says:

    marvellous….searched a lot for the same application…this silly step works really good…thanx a lot

  59. Great

  60. Thank you! I got a few times but could not understand how.

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