How to screenshot Sony Xperia z

How to screenshot on Sonys new top of the line smartphone, the Xperia Z

To capture what is happening on ones screen is something we have become quite familiar with over the years. Doing screen dumps is something that can be easily done on a computer since they tend to have a designated button for this. The print screen button.

In this day and age where our smart phones is becoming a more and more integrated part of our lives I am quite happy to tell you how to screen shot on your Sony Xperia Z.

Capture screens Xperia Z

The two button combination required to screenshot


How to screenshot on Sony Xperia Z :

  1. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button.
  2. Hold them in for just about two seconds.
  3. If this was useful why not

    Now that you know how to screenshot on your Xperia Z why not check out our : How to backup android photos tutorial to make sure that you don’t loose your screen dumps even if your phone some day should unexpectedly break.

So why would anyone ever need to capture what goes on on their phones screen you might ask… Well I can only speak for myself, but the first time I really found this useful was the day I started my very own web page about Android phones.

In general though I think that the screenshot feature is most used by those using the app Snapchat. So this tutorial should be very useful for those who want to take pictures of their friends Snapchat pictures.



If you are one of the many people who have updated your Xperia Z to the latest sofware version you can no longer use this way of doing the screen cap. I contacted Sony support on your behalf to find out what was going on and this is wat they replied :

The latest update for Sony Xperia Z you cannot use power/off button to make a print screen, you need to hold the power/off button and volume down simultaneously.

If you haven’t updated your xperia z and would like to know how chack out this tutorial : How to update the Xperia z to the latest software version.

Check out our Sony Xperia Z tutorials section for more Xperia Z greatness.

48 thoughts on “How to screenshot Sony Xperia z

  1. thanks a lot.. nice

  2. Even works with Xperia Z3 ! Thanks !!

  3. before i learned it, i tried a screenshot but i didnt know what ive done just i heard a clickshot. hahaha…

  4. it works! thanks a lot :)

  5. It works!! Thanks a lot!!

  6. I hate the new way on how to screenshot! I had to come here to find out how, if I didn’t I would have never guessed! They need to change it back. This way is retarded. Not a fan!!it’s hard to hit them at the same time and for two simple buttons it’s kind of complicated. Change it back!

  7. Guys if you run or have updated your Sony Xperia Z to Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (firmware 10.3.1.A.2.67) then you can no longer take screenshot using power button.
    There are two generic ways to do the same.
    1. Using power button + volume down.
    2. Sony has included a smallapp extension for the same.
    Click on the menu button (right to home button).
    There you’ll see an icon with pink rectangle(crop sign) containing to mountains. (it’s called clip manager. Could be found using Google Search as well in your phone). Use it to capture the desired location onscreen.

    Hope it helps!

  8. It works , thanks.

  9. Not a fan of this new screen shot process at all unfortunately :( will take a while to get used to pressing the buttons at the EXACT same time every time!

  10. Neil Campbell says:

    Have to disagree with everyone on this one i’m afraid. I prefer the new way of taking screenshots. In the past if you ever wanted to take a photo or screenshot from a video that you recorded, it was always a hassle to get it timed right that you didn’t have the power button menu included in the photo or screenshot that you had taken, the new way might need two hands to work, but easier in the long run. Good work Sony.

  11. Ahem ahem .I’m not familiar with all the technical vocabulary I see some of you guys use on here ,but I’m gonna try to explain .
    So ,I bought the Xperia Z in July ,the week after ,a friend of mine ,much more capable than me in that aspect ,updated it to Jellybean 4 something ,which he told me was the latest version of Android ,and took off the network’s ” cover ” (I live in France so it’s Orange) .
    Since then ,I have looked everywhere for a way to make screenshots and I’ve been told to use the small app ,which I did .
    My problem is that my screen captures are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND on my phone ( internal memory or SD ).
    Is there some kind of folder I should know about or I should have created on my phone in order to find my captures ?
    Can someone answer me as soon as possible please .I’m even more worried now since I’ve took quite a lot of captures since I got the phone :( Thanks guys !

    • Did you try opening your stock image viewing app. Android Os automatically creates a folder named screenshots the first time you screen dump on your phone.

    • Hi,
      I had the same problem. I couldn’t find the screenshots afterwords. After some time I found them!!

      After you have taken a screenshot go to your notes. The yellow stickynote app that comes with Sony on your device.
      In there you will find all your screenshots. :-)


  12. It worked on my xperia z but i’m not happy with the update. With other phone you just need to swipe the screen and you’re done.

  13. Thanks.
    Works on my ZL too.

  14. I dont know but I’s so complicated to make a screenshot >”<

  15. The power & vol down function works for me. I have just also found that you can take screen shots if you press the task list button (bottom right hand double square next to the home button) then scroll to the right and selct the purple “crop/landscape” looking icon. It comes up on the top right of the screen so that you can click to capture screen then it immediately gives up editing options. I quite like this. I hope this helps and you understand. I’m not good @ explaining things, ha.

  16. hi, i have problem. when i plug my earphone, it didn’t work. the sounds still thru speaker instead earphones. quite embarrassing when my fren want to see a video and Z kind of broken. the earphones are fine, it’s apple and ipod respond well. i’m frustrated with the updates. please help me :-( thanx

  17. I prefer the old way of taking screenshots, the way if just pressing the off button nd there you see the option of taking a screenshot! If they update rather put extra features lol instaed of messing with the older ones!

  18. For Xperia Z.
    Its hard to make screenshots now. Hope they go back to having to just push down the powerbutton for screenshot ….
    this [power+volume down] does not work, .Is there any app which is supported and works well.
    plz suggest…..

    • it works. u just have to press power and volume down AT THE SAME TIME and hold. if u press the two buttons too far apart u will either see the volume appear or the power menu appear then u have to try again. PRESS THE TWO AT THE SAME TIME AND HOLD UNTIL SCREENSHOT CAPTURED.

  19. I really find it hard to make screenshots now. Hope the go back to having to just push down the powerbutton. Maybe I just have to small hands,but I find that I have to hold both hands on the phone in an awkward position. And I really don’t like that it make Me push on parts of the phones body that seems weak. (on the left side)

  20. norhaslina ali says:

    me kinda missed the old function.. hope the next/latest version android is better than this.. Thank you so much billyanalog..

  21. Ole Sondergaard says:

    Thx – this works – I hate when they ‘update’ and remove functions. Just updated 2 hours ago, and have missed the power off, screen shot function 3 times since – now I got it back :-)

  22. I just updated my telephone today and experienced the change regarding taking screen shots. But I also experienced an even greater problem and am wondering if you can offer some advice on the matter. I drive a Kia Sportage 2013 mod. and have gotten used to playing the music library on my Xperia Z over the cars soundsystem using bluetooth. After updating the phone, the car can`t seem to connect to the music media files, but still works perfectly regarding calls. I don´t understand why it seemingly is no longer possible to access the music. Do you have any thaughts on how I can fix this?


  23. work by change… very annoying

  24. this works! thank you! and yeah, u have to hold both buttons for about 2 secs until it clicks and shows u the screenshot

  25. thanks! this greatly helps! i now got android 4.2.2…just updated my phone last night and this tip [power+volume down] still works :D … yay!

  26. Hi and thank you all for visiting my website.

    If you are one of the people who can no longer take screenshots on your Xperia Z I want you all to know that I have contacted Sony about the problem.

    As soon as I hear anything from them I will post what they say right here in this article.

    Best regards Bertil

    • I cannot for the life of Mr understand why Sony decided to mess about with the perfectly useable screenshot activity from the on/off button.

      Bow having to use two hands is a nuisance, guys.

      I spent £500 on this phone.

      What I don’t need is complicated usage.

      Please bring it back and leave things alone.

  27. After the update of 24th of june I can’t take screenshots anymore. Normally you could even hold the powerbutton and choose for a screenshot but even that doesnt work anymore!! Which pretty shure sucks!
    Any other thoughts on how to make a screenshot?
    I don’t want to use extra software to make this work.

    Greeting, Matthijs

    • Hi Matthjis

      That’s strange. I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem after updating their Xperia Z.
      If I hear something I will let you know.

      Best regards BillyAnalog

    • Hi Matthijs, I have the exact same problem after updating to 4.2. Very annoying. A solution would be very helpfull.

      • Thanks to Sony support I have now updated this tutorial to accomodate all of those who have updated your phones to Android 4.2

        Hope this helps :-)

  28. It works on my xperia z so either you’re doing something wrong or your phone isn’t working..

  29. Just hold the power button down and a menu appears asking if u want to power off, put phone on silent or take a screen shot. Easy peasy!

  30. Worked fine for me.

  31. It does not work on the Xperia Z.

  32. This does not work…. Or at least nt on my xperia z

    • mine neither… pls help

      • it works. u just have to press power and volume down AT THE SAME TIME and hold. if u press the two buttons too far apart u will either see the volume appear or the power menu appear then u have to try again. PRESS THE TWO AT THE SAME TIME AND HOLD UNTIL SCREENSHOT CAPTURED.

  33. All Sony experia follows same buttons. Even my Sony Xperia S takes the screenshot like this.

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