Motorola Moto X launch date leaked

The eagerly avaited Motorola Moto X will suposedly launch on August 23rd.

Acording to they got an email from a reader that got his hands on a document revealing Verizon roadmap for the coming months.

Among the most significant finds was the release date of the much talked about Moto X from Motorola. We know there have been a lot of rumors about the phone the last few weeks.

The latest rumor we heard of was that now Google owned Motorola will spend $500 million to get start moving some smart phones. It’s been a long time since Motorola was one of the top cell phone manufacturers in the world. Maybee this imence marketing budget can get them back in the game. I feel pretty confidant when I say that Google did not buy motorola to sell 2 million phones a year. Most likely they are gunning for Samsung, HTC and IPhone.

Motorola logo

Here are the details from the leaked document :

  • 7/10 – Verizon Familybase – next version of usage controllswith additional functionallity, family based pricing, etc…
  • 7/10 – Equipment Warranty & total equipment coverage price increase (Embedded customers) – Notify excisting customers of price change effective for them in September.
  • 7/11 – Social circle – Social media program to allow employees to share maneged news through a third party site.
  • 7/25 – Equipment warranty & total equipment coverage price increase (new customers) – New pricing for new customers extended warranty ($1.99 to $3) TEC ($6.99 to $8)
  • 7/25 – LG Exalt – crystal-clear sound quality and the largest display available on basic flip phone
  • 7/25 – Price lock guarantee 2 yr contract options on 4 plans from Cox so that customers will will recieve a price lock on promotional pricing for 24 months
  • 8/1 – HTC One
  • 8/1 – NFL mobile 2013 – app launch
  • 8/8 – 4G LTE router
  • 8/15 – Samsung convoi 3 – replacing convoi 2
  • 8/22 – This product combines the functionallity of the current home phone connect with added 4G router
  • 8/23 – Motorola X
  • 8/29 – prepaid Samsung stellar

If you want to see the actual document check out phonearena verizon document.

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