About Samsung’s Knox Counter

How to find out if your Samsung Knox has been tripped Some OEMs have decided to implement their own security software in their devices, most of the time this comes in the form of Bloatware, or software, in this case, Samsung’s Knox counter security feature is implemented deeper in the Device’s Memory/Operating system. This is an introduction to the Knox Counter. Continue reading →

How to block Calls and Texts on Android

Call rejection Android If you’ve got some random stranger or just somebody who keeps setting off your ringtone or alerts, you may be in frustration wondering, how can I prevent this person from contacting me? You may have heard of the term “Blacklisting.” Blacklisting applies to many things universally, not just including contacts. When you add a contact […] Continue reading →

Android Rivalry: Ubuntu Touch

Android is the world’s leading Smartphone Operating system, on hundreds of millions, perhaps even billions of devices. Android is the choice of operating systems for many tech wizards, developers, and average consumers. Over 80% of the smartphone market has been dominated by Android, not to mention, Android is the base operating system for almost every […] Continue reading →

Samsung is the new Apple

Samsung is the new Apple and the Galaxy S6 EDGE is the new Iphone. When Samsung announced the new Galaxy S6 EDGE they did what apple did with the iphone all the way back in 2007 with the original Iphone. Before I get started I am going to warn you all, yes I am the […] Continue reading →

HTC One M9

HTC ONE M9 Now that MWC has officially started a few days ago, it is about to end. The highlights of MWC 2015 featured 2 of the world’s top industry names, Samsung and HTC, both unveiling their 2015 Flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and its Edged variant, and the HTC One M9, as expected. These two titans […] Continue reading →

Return of Sony’s Vaio: A new device

As most people remember Vaio as part of Sony’s enterprise way back in the day, Vaio has since been its own separate company, and quite recently we may expect Vaio to re-enter the smartphone market. Long ago, the Sony Vaio line-up featured mostly consumer grade personal computers and iconic laptops, (at least that’s how I […] Continue reading →