Pokemon GO at sea

In the time since Pokemon go was launched literally thousands of articles has been written all over the internet covering just about any aspect of the game. It was when I was going on a sea travel I found some little niche that I could not find any relevant information about. In this article I will tell you what to expect from the game when spending hours and hours out at sea.

Hunting pokemons on the open sea

After a few hour at sea it seems evident that this is not the spot to be if you want to be catching pokemons. Nor are there any pokestops on the ship, as I doubt there will be on any moving piece of man made structure at sea. The only way left as I can see now to make this voyage worthwhile in terms of pokemon go is if my secret plan to use incense works out.

The only creatures I’ve seen so far was when we were still close to the shoreline.


Using incense at sea to catch pokemon


At the time of the experiment we where quite a considerable distance from land. It was not like we were in the middle of the atlantic ocean or anything like that but far enough off the coast that I could not see land on the pokemon go map. I could not even see land with the naked eye but I suspect I would have if it was not for the heavy fog we were going through.


Ps!  The times I put down are approximate


  • 10 sec – Pidgey was caught – cp 44
  • 1.5 min – Magicarp was caught cp 49
  • 2.5 min – Krabby was caught – cp 10
  • 3.5 min – Rattata ran away – cp 108
  • 5 min – Pikachu was caught – cp 173
  • 6 min – Rattata was caught – cp 132
  • 7 min – Psyduck was caught – cp 14
  • 8 min – Caterpie was caught – cp 123
  • 9 min – Voltorb was caught – cp 74
  • 10.5 min – Oddish was caught – cp 301
  • 11 min – Bellsprout was caught – cp 215
  • 12.5 min – Abra was caught – cp 10
  • 13 min – Weedle was caught cp 10
  • 14..5 – Zubat was caught – cp 57
  • 15.5 min – Meowth was caught cp 10
  • 17 min – Raticate was caught – cp 255
  • 17.5 min – Sandshrew was caught cp 32
  • 19 min – Scyther was caught – cp 469
  • 19.5 min – Sandshrew was caught – cp 70
  • 20.5 min – Oddish was caught – cp 15
  • 22 min – Goldeen ran away – cp 251
  • Lost connection, had to restart the game
  • 24 min – Squirtle appeared but lost connection again and it did not even register in the journal and I can’t remember his cp
  • Lost connection, had to restart the game
  • 26 min – Duoduo ran away – cp 76
  • Lost connection, had to restart the game
  • 28.5 min – Rattata was caught – cp 66
  • 29.5 min – Tentacool was caught – cp 111


Wow. What a massive result 25 Pokemon appeared in the 30 minutes the incense was active and what’s more I was able to get that result even if I had to restart the game 3 times. I’m pretty sure that without the restarts I would have been able to get almost 30 pokemons from my little experiment. Sadly I was not able to catch all of them but I was pretty close.

After 10 minutes or so I decided this would be a perfect time to use my lucky egg. I only wish I had thought of it earlier, because this was a great way to gain experience points.

Weirdly the number of water pokemons did not seem to be outweigh the others by much. Honestly I have seen a better concentration of water pokemon standing on the beach, even if I have never seen this many in total in such a short time.


Based on what I saw I have a feeling that the success with the incense was not related to being on the open ocean. Rather I suspect that the large number was related to the speed of which we were moving.


I’m not sure  if anyone has seen similar results when for example sitting in a moving car, bus or plane,  but it would surely be interesting to hear from you in the comments section if you have had similar experiences using incense from any type of moving vehicle.


Hatching pokemon eggs while traveling at sea

Today I am traveling along the coast of Norway on one of the “ Hurtigruta” ships. Directly translated from Norwegian this means “ the the speedy rout. Sort of ironically named because it is by no means a speedy means of transportation. When “Hurtigruta” was founded more than 100 years ago in 1893 it was likely the fastest way to travel along the coast, but that time has long ago past.


So where am I going with all of this. Well, turns out my eggs are not hatching. I am assuming this is because the speed of travel is likely to fast to register the voyage as walking. After all the game was not meant to be played hanging out in a couch of a luxurious ship, so I’m not complaining. It could also be that the game registers that I’m at sea and therefore won’t count my movement as valid movement for hatching pokemon go eggs.


It would be great if you would share with the others in the comments section if you have experiences with playing Pokemon GO while traveling. Happy hunting!


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2 thoughts on “Pokemon GO at sea

  1. Paulo Alberto says:

    I work at sea and, since Pokémon Go was launched here in Brazil, I’m at sea. I don’t know if that’s your case but I understand you, my friend. I’m waiting till this month ends to go home to catch Pokémon coz here there’s none (or maybe there are but my level is too low to see them).
    As I work at a fire-fighting ship, she gets close to oil platforms and goes slow around it, so I could hatche all of my 6 eggs and that’s all.
    When I get to land, I’ll catch as much eggs as I can and level up hoping there are rare and strong water-type Pokémon at sea that I couldn’t see.

  2. That was a great trick Bertil. Though I don’t have any ocean nearby will try it on small river. Thanks for the post.

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