Samsung Galaxy Note 4

One phone to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.


The Galaxy Note 4 is the latest installment in a proud line of premium cell phones from Samsung.

Most times when you write a review of a new phone these days, you find yourself repeating yourself quite a lot. This is not the case with the Note 4. What Samsung has created this time is something you can be proud to call your own. If you decide to buy one I can assure you that you will not be disappointed




If you are looking for a phone with a premium feel, this is the phone for you. It might not be the best looking phone but it is not far from it in my opinion. The HTC ONE and the Iphone is arguably better looking phones but the mix of materials in the Note 4 is something out of the ordinary.

The exclusive look of the metal frame and the grippiness of the plastic back cover gives you the best of both worlds. A good looking phone that sits reasonably well in hand, despite its size. The S-pen might not feel very premium, but the volume rocker and the power button certainly does.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 metal frame

From this angle you can see how great the metal frame looks on the new Note





The Galaxy Note 4 has a very impressive 3220 mAh battery pack. I’ve found that I can sometimes go two days on a single charge with light to medium use.

In addition the new Note has a customizable power saving mode and the same ultra power saving mode we first meet with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

By enabling ultra power saving mode you can get more than a full days worth out of your phone, even if you only have 10 percent left on the battery.


Fast charging


Thanks to Samsung’s fast charging mode and the new improved 9 Volt charger, the Note 4 will actually charge 50 % in just half an hour.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 adaptive fast charging

Under the right conditions the Galaxy Note 4 will charge the unit with 9 Volt causing the charging process to speed up.
Sadly the black Note 4 comes with a white charger and cord




The Galaxy Note 4 is perhaps the best equipped cell phone you can get. It has the state of the art CPU, snapdragon 805 from qualcomm clocked at 2,7 GHZ. This makes it on of the snappiest phones out there.


The front of the phone is covered by the truly impressive Super AMOLED screen which is made up of 1440 by 2560 pixels. Also known as a quad HD screen, due to the fact it has 4 times as many pixels as a HD screen (720P).


The S-pen is the feature which obviously differentiates this phone the most from the competition. It’s main uses is to capture things from the screen and ofcorce for taking notes. You can read more on how to use it in this s-pen tutorial.

Picture of Galaxy Note 4 S pen

The S-pen is now twice as sensitive as it was on the Galaxy Note 3


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera is the best camera I’ve tried in any phone. Likely this is down to the fact that Samsung finally fitted a phone with optical image stabilisation. It is miles ahead of the camera in the Galaxy S5, which says a lot.




For good or bad the new Note comes fully equipped with Samsung’s Touchwiz. I won’t say much more about it other than, either you like it or you don’t. For me personally I think it is better looking than what the other companies has come up with.


Sadly bloatware is still an issue that we have to mention in this review. Even tough there seems to be a lot less of it than we got on earlier top of the line smartphones from Samsung there still to much of it for my taste. I wouldn’t mind it all that much either, if not for the fact that these pre installed apps can not be uninstalled without rooting your phone.




There is no denying that the Note 4 is a big phone for good and bad. The bad is that it takes a lot of space in your pocket, if you can make it fit at all. Also there is the issue that a big phone is not as comfortable to hold as a smaller one. Sadly though, this is the price you are going to have to pay to lug around a 5,7 inch screen.

On the plus side, well you have that glorious 5.7 inch quad HD screen. Plus the fact that the phone itself is big enough to house a pen.

Galaxy S2, Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 4 size comparison

From left to right the phones in the image is : Galaxy S2, Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 4.


Removable back panel


Thanks to the fact Samsung has stuck with the removable back panel you can easily replace the battery when it starts to deteriorate, as batteries does. Another perk of the removable panel is that you can fit extra storage, up to 128 GB worth, thanks to the built in micro SD card slot. All this without the need for ugly ports in the beautifully crafted aluminum frame.

Were it not for the removable back panel we would not have the superb S-view flip covers, which enables you to check the time and more without opening the cover at all. A real time saver if you have not worn a watch in years like me.

Sadly though the Note 4 does not retain the waterproofness of the Galaxy S 5. So if you plan on going swimming with your phone, you should consider buying something else.

How the Galaxy Note 4 looks like under the back panel

When we remove the back panel we can clearly see the 3220 mAh battery, the micro SD and the SIM card holder



If you can live with the fact that this is a big phone you should definitely get one as it is also the best phone money can buy at the time this goes to the pen.

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  1. I have all kind of problems on my note 3 with 5.0, my wife has a note 4 and had the same problems but just got a update to 5.01 and so far it appears the problems are gone. I can not move icons on my note 3 without touchwiz crashing

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