Samsung Galaxy s3 multiview splitscreen tutorial

How to enable and use multiview on your Galaxy s3

Starting from Android version 4.1.2 the Samsung Galaxy s3 has the ability to split it’s screen in two so you can run two apps at one time on the same screen.

To set it it up you should first start to check your android version. You can do this by going to Settings – About device. Here you will find a tab that says Android version. If this one reads 4.1.2 or bigger your s3 has multi view. If your version number is smaller than 4.1.2 you chould check out my Samsung Galaxy s3 update tutorial, before you proceed.

If you have the s4 you should rather check out our Samsung Galaxy s4 split screen tutorial.

Galaxy s3 splitscreen how to

How to use multiview on Galaxy s3

Next let me show you how to enable multiview on your Galaxy s3 :

  1. Go to your settings.
  2. In the upper half you can find a tab named Display. Press it
  3. In the window that appears next you will find a tab called Multi window.

Thats it, you have now enabled split screen on smartphone and a grey semi circle will appear on the left side of your screen. If you want to know how to use it keep reading.

  1. Press the semi circle on your phones left side to bring up a list of apps that supports split screen.
  2. From the list that appears press the first app you want to run.
  3. Now press, hold, and drag the second app from the list to the upper or lower end of your screen to start the second app.

A few more things I want to tell you about before you leave or check out our other articles.

  1. You can resize the different windows by holding and sliding the line that separates the two open windows.
  2. Press the square to view the active window in full screen.
  3. Press the two squares with the arrows to make the apps swap positions.
  4. Found something useful why not

For a visual representation of how to use multiview check out the video below :


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49 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy s3 multiview splitscreen tutorial

  1. I can go into display but it has nothing on multi window in there. I’ve been trying to enable it on my Samsung galaxy j3 and every tutorial I look at has something that isn’t there. Any help

  2. Why I can’t save, download or share any picture in galaxy sIII?
    If i try to download it will stay all along ” Loading…. ” and if I try to share no mater if is picture or what i got this message ” the selected file appears to be unsupported or corrupted. Please select different file”

  3. Thanks!
    Works too with my Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.8 becouse I really dididnt know how to use it.

  4. Multiview splitscreen is a cool feature but I don’t see myself using it enough to justify the tab sticking out on the screen all the time. Of course I can keep it off until I need it but then I have to turn it off again when I’m done to get rid of the tab. Wish there was another way to use it without the tab.

  5. Galaxy3 user says:

    Anyone else notice a deterioration in the sensitivity of swiping right or left in messaging or logs to make a call or send a message? Mine rarely responds to left for messaging or right for calling. I really used that alot and I miss it. I have sprint as a carrier.

    • Galaxy3 user says:

      Sorry, that was OT. I was just talking about the 4.1.2 update in general.

    • Technotronic says:

      Yes, I have the same problem, swiping from left to right for making calls is not responding as good after the 4.1.2 update!

    • Au contraire I find this feature really annoying – I barely touch the contact and it starts dialling them when all I want is to text them or view their details. Wish I could switch the left/right swipe thing off completely.

  6. Yeha this new feature is freakin annoying … i figured out thanks to his site how to turn it off… They like messing witht he software.. especially the NEW gmail mail.. annoys the shit out of me

  7. Bill Stagly says:

    WOW! I’m getting the s4 tomorrow! I think I pooed a little bit when I read this! YEAH! I did!

  8. Does the Samsung galaxy s3 mini have this feature?

  9. Todd Schroedel says:

    There is a bug in my version of the S3 on t-mobile.

    While multi window is activated, restart your phone.
    When the system comes back, the little tab for the multi window does not appear.
    Check the setting, and it is enabled.

    You have to disable, and reenable the feature to get the little tab to display again. It does not persist during a reboot.

    • Try holding down the “Back” key down for a moment or two. As long as multi window is activated, it cycles the tab on our off. Sprint Galaxy S4, however. Give it a try.

    • Charles Burdsal says:

      I have the same problem with Sprints S3.

  10. I got a gs3 from cricket wireless and I got the update this morning and its awesome watching youtube as I write this….

  11. I have a Sprint GS3 with 4.1.2 but no multi view or ability to customize the notification bar, so I went to the Samsung website on my phone. It says there is an update available that I have to wait for it to be pushed to my phone. Turns out it’s a separate update from 4.1.2. Sure hope they get to mine soon. Hope this helps everyone else who is waiting.

  12. I got my GS3 in November and my fiancé got hers last week. I found out about multi view because it popped up on hers. Mine (4.1.2) does not have it. Could it be something to do with when the phones were made?

  13. Just got the update – and multiwindow works – i had to disabkle and reenable it.


  14. My sister got the update this morning and we are both under Sprint. However, I also have the gs3 and am getting no update or any notification that there is an update. Is anyone else having this problem??

    • Shannon Jones says:

      Me and my boyfriend have the S3 and he always gets the update 4 or 5 days before t gets pushed to my phone. It sucks, but his is the main line on the account

  15. I have split window and I am with sprint

  16. Yes Sprint sucks just another way to screw over there customers. Congested Internet. Continual dropped calls. Falling coverage in my home. Constant reset of my Internet connection. They refuse to admit I live in a dead zone. Now some pathetic upgrade. Thanks sprint appreciate the noneffort. I wish for them to get sued for price cramming $36 activation fee crammed on my bill, $10 non existent 4g.and nonexistent lte coverage. Then no cell tower near me no upgrade announcement. Just more empty promises.

    • Random Citizen says:

      “price cramming $36 activation fee crammed on my bill, $10 non existent 4g.and nonexistent lte coverage.”-> First of all, it would just be cramming, (The fraudulent adding of unauthorized charges to a customer’s phone bill.) not price cramming. Second of all the premium data fee is only for your precious smartphone you decided to get, it keeps Sprint from having to throttle, limit, lower your data quality. [To clarify the $10.00 premium data add-on charge was initiated for all pda/smartphones on 1/30/2011 so that Sprint can continue to provide unlimited data on pda/smartphones.]-
      If you were to sacrifice your “need” for a smartphone, you would not have to pay the fee. Following this if you were to dispute the fee within the first sixty days of receiving the bill you could have been released from your contract free of the recent terms and conditions. Regarding this premium data fee, with the understanding it is not for the LTE service, but originally started with the Evo 4G, WIMAX (Sprint original 4G service) and has become required for all Android, Apple, Current Windows, and new Black Berry devices, again all smartphones, it is not based of the network service in your area but the capability of the service. The service in your area I imagine is much like many other ignorantly irate customers, not perfect or at your bar of standards. Thirdly the $36 activation fee is a fee you get charged when you activate a new phone or, now days, upgrade to a new phone, pretty much actually activate a NEW device to the Sprint network. All cellphone carriers are charged a fee of some sort when activating a NEW device to their network and charging you a $36 fee is the lower much lower end of that cost. The only reason you only get charged that amount is to stay competitive with other carriers or it would be drastically higher. Fourthly, regarding this fee which was “crammed” if you were to actually read the contract without blindly signing and initialing any forms or agreeing to have something shipped out than you have had full knowledge of the pricing and any promotions to waive such fee. So in conclusion to your pathetic issues this form was not meant for blogging about random topics, or gripping about your own ignorance, rather to the upgrade of the new software which I for one am excited to get. So do us all a favor, especially yourself and do some research before being ignorant. At least have a sound argument rather than a sad complaint.

  17. I believe there are issues with patents with apple. So, I don’t think that US phones will get this feature with the update. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • That WOULD explain it.

      • Sprint s3 User says:

        I have the S3 and I am in the US. My phone has the update. After reseaching a little further, I saw that phone companies push out updates in batches, meaning that some phones get the update before others. My best friend is on the same plan and her’s has not updated yet.

  18. I’m with VZW and didn’t get this with the update :-(

  19. I got the same problem with my phone, I have no option for the multi window thing, anyone? Help plz!!

  20. I got the update for 4.1.2 yesterday and I am showing no multi tasking window. Ive tried holding the back key and everything but it is not here. Although, i do have an option when playing a video on facebook to maulti task but that is the only thing. Please help!
    GS3 owner

    • It would seem that not all Galaxy s3 owners got the multi task window. It seems to me that not all carriers has approved this feature for their phones…

    • If you have sprint galaxy s3 you will Not have this split feature

      • My wife and I got our GS3’s in October from Sprint. She has since got an update that gave her the multi-window option and Mine… Nothing. It’s been a few weeks and I still don’t have multi-window. So nothing anyone has mentioned above make sense.

      • Well I have sprint galaxy s3 and I Have this split feature. I also know that two out of my four friends have this features. And were all on Sprint.

    • I found this on you tube. I did not think I had it either, but I did. go to apps, press settings, then go down to display, press it. then look and see if you have a multi window display there, then check that box if you do.

  21. I just got my update yesterday and I do not have that option either. My daughters phone doesn’t as well. Did anyone figure out how to get that option???

  22. I upgraded to 4.1.2, have tried the multi-screen, great stuff there by Samsung. However my phone drags like hell at times. Takes ages to open my app drawer as well as phonebook. I did reset the phone to Factory defaults after the upgrade. Seems like Jellybean for the S2 performs better than this S3 thingy. Anyone know a way to get the performance improvement?

  23. My s3 software says 4.1.2 but nowhere do I see a multi tasking option. Is there something else I need to install to enable that

    • You should have the option in your settings as described in the tutorial. I certainly did not have to do anything else to get it up and running.

    • Branden Hinand says:

      Mine is updayed to 4.1.2 and im experiencing same problem. It says its updated to 4.1.2 but i have no new features

      • I do have the upgrade too and follow this tutorial and I have not have the multi window option like other users. My roommate got hers but my phone do not.

  24. Just got the update a few days ago and read your helpful hints. Loving it……. But every now and then I have no grey tab on the left of the screen. I have to slide down the menu and turn Multi Window off then on again.
    Anyone else had this bug?

    • Yes, have that problem as well. If you slide down the top bar, the one wuth the wi fi and other settings on it, there is a multi screen tab on the far right. Mines normally green (on), switching it of/on seems to clear it, myust be a bug in the software. Anyone know if there are plans to make other apps split screenable? Its a start but like to have the option on most main stream apps.

  25. One more way to enable multi window is to just slide down ur main menu and to the extreme right you wil see an icon for multi-window, just tap on it to enable it. It is the same way you enable wi-fi, gps etc through just one tap

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