Samsung Galaxy s4 official announcement date revealed

Today we can give you a date that you should put in your calendar right away, it’s the date Samsung is going to announce the next Galaxy s series phone. The Galaxy s4.

Update : Galaxy s4 just got announced. Read all about the Galaxy s4 right here. plus when the phone will hit the stores.

Earlier this year I wrote an article about the release date of the Galaxy s4. I predicted it would be ready for the stores in May 2013. It would seem that prediction was not very far of the mark.

Today we can confirm that Samsung is going to announce the s4 March 14th.

Galaxy s4 announcement date

The s4 may look a lot like the Galaxy note seen in this picture


“We introduced the Galaxy S III in London last year,

and this time we changed the venue (to New York)…

as we were bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile

carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country,”

Said  JK Shin, the chief of Samsung mobile division to the Edaily news website.

As for the phone itself we have no more details to share as Samsung as usual has managed to keep this a well guarded secret as they always do. When Samsung last year announced the Galaxy s3 the rumors that had been circulating turned out to be nothing more than rumors.

You can check out our Galaxy s4 rumors article if you want to read up on the latest and hottest rumors revolving this pre launch mythical phone.

Hopefully Samsung has something really unique to show us on 03.14.2013. It will have to be nothing less than a brilliant smart phone to rival the newly announced HTC One and the Sony Xperia z that already has hit retail stores in multiple countries in Europe and Asia.

Check back with us on March 14th to get the details as I will be staying up all night to follow the event live if Samsung desides to broadcast it.

Sources: Samsung, Reuters.

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