Samsung unpacked 5 event invite is here

Samsung has just sent out an invitation for the next unpacked event.

Even though no one has officially confirmed what will happen at this event we feel pretty certain when we say the Galaxy s5 will be unpacked. Why else would they include the number 5 in the invitation ?

The event, which is to take place on monday, February 24 in Spain is not open to the general public but as usual this, the highlight of the year for many will be available for streaming on Youtube. If you would like to join us you should head on over to the Samsung mobile youtube channel which can be found by following this link

Looks like one of the rumors about the Galaxy s5 turned out to be true then. How many of the other rumors we have been reading about for the last couple of months turn out to be true, we’ll have to wait until the 24 th. to find out.

Here are some of the more popular Galaxy s5 rumors.

  •  Iris or fingerprint scanner.

One of the more talked about rumors for a long time was that the device would get a iris scanner. This would mean that we could use our eyes to unlock our phones if included. Lately though it has become evident that this is unlikely to happen. More likely the S5 will sport a fingerprint scanner like the unmentionable smartphone competitor which rhymes with chappel.

  • Battery.

Predictions about the capacity of the Galaxy s5’s battery has been many and all over the chart. Among the later and more likely rumors is that it will have a capacity of 2950 mAh. If Samsung follows the trend from its previous upgrades to the Galaxy S series phones it will have a larger battery than it’s predecessor which has a capacity of 2600 mAh.

  • Metal or plastic casing.

Or maybe both. Based on what we have heard lately it seems likely that there will be a plastic and a metal version. Whether or not the metal version will be called Samsung Galaxy s5 something, or have a completely different name is to early to tell. We have heard the name Galaxy f a couple of times recently…

  • Screen and CPU.

The galaxy s5 is rumored to have a 2,560×1,440 Super AMOLED display and come in two different CPU versions. A Exynos 6 or Snapdragon 805 processor seems likely at this point.

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