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How to UnRoot your Rooted Android Device

Failed android update due to device being rooted Rooting your device is fairly simple, depending on which device you own, different methods apply to different devices and its models. There are plenty of guides and YouTube videos online that teach you how this can be done easily. Chances are, you might be rooted. Often times, Rooting your device modifies system files that OEM […] Continue reading →

Custom Roms and Cyanogenmod

CyanogenMod logo from the oneplus Android is a pretty dominant operating system in the smartphone market right now, with over 80% of all global smartphone shipments being android. A lot of new and old smartphone makers power their devices off the Android OS. Stock android is something android users have gotten pretty used to, or perhaps you’ve been used to Touchwiz, Samsung’s […] Continue reading →

This is Xposed framework

The ability to customize and personalize your device is something we know and love, most oftenly offered by the android operating system. Although the amount of mods and customizations we can apply to our android devices are countless, there are android users among us who are constantly searching for even more, and digging deeper. That […] Continue reading →