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PRE-MWC: Last Minute Contenders

As we have covered last time in the Pre-MWC articles, it seems there are more and more upcoming last minute OEMs announcing their devices just a week (days) before MWC to build anticipation for their devices. Among these last minute contenders include LG, which already announced their 2015 Flagship, the LG G4 would not be […] Continue reading →

Lenovo’s Premium Imager: the Vibe Shot

As MWC 2015 approaches in the upcoming weeks, it seems like there are more and more last minute competitors announcing their plans to release their “new” flagship handheld device. We have seen this with BenQ’s F52, and now Lenovo’s “Vibe Shot”. The back face of this device slightly resembles that some of Sony’s Cybershot camera […] Continue reading →

2015 Rumor Roundup Part 1: The LG G4

As most of us are aware of this year’s big industry names like HTC, Samsung, and LG about to release their highly anticipated flagship devices, all we can do now is collect rumors and speculations of what we could be expecting in 2015’s most popular handsets. Welcome to the part 1 of’s 2015 Rumor […] Continue reading →

Next Gen Hardware in 2015

Samsung Galaxy S EDGE All the hardware up to date has been fairly low end and average, with last gen hardware, such as limited RAM of up to 3GB and being DDR3, and mobile processors consisting of mostly Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Samsung’s Exynos Processor Line up, and Mediatek’s MTK processors. But when will our smartphone’s hardware reach the next stage […] Continue reading →