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How to update your Android device to the latest available version.

For as long as smartphones has been around there has always been updates to their software.

Phone manufacturers has always been in a hurry to get new products out to a hungry audience waiting for the next big thing to hit the cellphone arena. As a consequence the phones will almost always be put out for sale before all the errors and quirks has been cleansed from the system. As a way of correcting these errors  manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony etc will from time to time need to update the firmware.

In most cases these updates will show up on your phone when the time is right, but for those of you not willing to wait a second longer than necessary there is a way to check for these upgrades manually. This will in some cases give you the update sooner rather than later.

How to upgrade Android to latest version

About phone screen. This is where you can see which android version your device is running.


Backup your files before updating.

A word of warning before you start. Even though the risk of losing any data is minimal at this point it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is why I strongly suggest you backup any irreplaceable data before commencing.

To backup your contact list check out this comprehensive guide: Backup android contacts.

To backup your photos and images take a look over here: Backup Android photos.


How to update to the latest Android version.

  1. Updating a phone or tablet’s firmware can consume a lot of data, so unless you have a really big data plan with your carrier make sure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  2. Press the apps icon to take you to a list of all your apps.
  3. From here press the settings icon to take you to the settings menu.
  4. Find and press press About Device, usually at the bottom of this list.
  5. At the top there should be a tab named Software update, press it.
  6. On the next screen there is a tab named Update. find it and press it.
  7. Your phone will now try to connect to your brands servers to look for the latest available updates for your device.
  8. Useful, why not

android update

This is how it look like when your system is up to date on a device running stock android.

Android versions.
Android versions from newest to oldest. To find out which Android version you are on, head on over to the settings and press the about phone tab. Towards the bottom of the screen you can find what you are looking for.

Or check out Google’s own page to read about the newest and older Android versions.

Why update. 
From time to time cell phone manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG and all the others  push new versions to already existing handsets. For the most part these are small updates but nonetheless important. Even though the update you just got did not push your phone to the newest Android version it could very well be that it is worth it to spend those minutes to get it updated.
Sometimes flaws and security issues are found in older firmware version. These issues are from time to time patched in smaller updates to the system. By keeping your system up to date you ensure that you always have the best chance for a secure experience.
If you have any problems finding out how to get this done, please don’t be shy. Ask us in the comments section and we will try to help you out the best we can,

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4 thoughts on “update android

  1. I have a Zte phone I’ve only had it 3days and it won’t let me download anything. I’ve done everything it’s told me to including deleting Google play n adding it again and it still won’t download. Can you help and why is it doing this at only 3 days old? Thank you

  2. Sixto Guerra III says:

    Hello!! I have one question: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with all the latest updates. My problem is some of my downloaded filters on my stock camera won’t work. My phone freezes and then a warning comes out. That says the server cannot be reached. And also from time to time my phone will freeze for no apparent reason. Only 4% of onboard memory used and I am running a 128 gb sd card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Wut do I do??

    • If you are looking to update one of your devices to the latest Android version you should simply follow the steps listed in the article to get it done. Hope this helps.

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