X Construction Walkthrough

X Construction walkthrough, Insane hard and normal crossings

X construction is a must for all puzzle and brain loving smartphone owners, but it can be a bit difficult that’s why I put together this walkthrough, whether you are playing on insane hard or normal difficulty you can follow this guide to get it done. It is a game for the android smartphone and everyone should get it.


Level 1-5
Level 6-10
Level 11-15
Level 16-20
Level 21-25
Or if you like there is a video walkthrough for x construction
X construction crossing 1

X construction insane crossing 1


This is the first level and it is quite easy. All you have to do is place two girders horizontally, and the make the v shape with five of the remaining girders to make the bridge stable enough to get the train over on insane difficulty. Click the picture above for a bigger version of the bridge.


X construction crossing 2

X construction insane crossing 2

Passing this level on insane difficulty is a bit harder but still the first levels is rather easy compared to the ones coming later on. Build as seen on the picture and you will pass crossing 2 with one girder to spare.


X construction crossing 3

X construction insane crossing 3

The hardest crossing by a mile so far, what is worth noticing about the picture above is that the horizontal girders in the diamond shaped structure consists of 4 separate girders. If you just use 2 the structure will not hold under the weight of the insanely heavy train.
X construction crossing 4

X construction insane crossing 4

If built as seen in the pic above the bridge is going to look a bit odd as the train passes over it but I azure you it will hold. To see a bigger picture just click it. when finished just press play and watch as the bridge bends as your train passes over it.


X construction crossing 5

X construction insane crossing 5

Looking to get another insane crossing done on your smartphone or tablet, Crossing 5 can actually be done with 12 girders left if you do it the way that I did it. The easiest way is to place the horizontal girders first and then add the other ones.

7 thoughts on “X Construction Walkthrough

  1. Level 13 walkthrough doesnt work.

  2. Dosent work did it exsacly

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  4. Very helpful – i’m addicted!!!

    Nway, i’m currently on crossing no.7; managed to complete no.6 with 61 girders left ;D

  5. very very helpful!!!! and the great thing iss its not a video!!!
    very helpful!!!!!

  6. Finally a walkthough that is not a video! Let me give you some more search engine love:
    mechanics, statics, solution, image, moment

    Would be nice if you gave your scores, perhaps.

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