2015 Rumor Roundup Part 1: The LG G4

As most of us are aware of this year’s big industry names like HTC, Samsung, and LG about to release their highly anticipated flagship devices, all we can do now is collect rumors and speculations of what we could be expecting in 2015’s most popular handsets. Welcome to the part 1 of Androidfact.com’s 2015 Rumor Roundup.

Let’s start by talking about a few prior discussions. As most people can guess, by the name and the next model of devices, we look at previous models, like the LG G3, HTC One M8, and the Samsung Galaxy S5. Obviously we can deduce that the next version of these devices, the sequels of their flagships in 2015, might be named something similar to last year’s models, like this year’s HTC One M9 Code named the “Hima”, the LG G4, which LG has made little effort to tease or mention a lot about, the S6, and its brother variant, the S6 Edge, rumoured to be code named the S Edge, and the Oneplus Two, which rumor has, that Oneplus has decided to ditch the wording of the number, and go with numbers instead, so we could be seeing the next model of their flagship being named, the “Oneplus 2.”
Now, let’s move on to our first highly rumored contender, the LG G4.




LG has announced that they, unlike a lot of names out there like Samsung, will opt, not to reveal their new device at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona. Instead they announced, that they will “ spend more time perfecting the phone, so that it may live up to the hype and expectations, such as the LG G3 has fulfilled.” We may not be seeing the LG G4 be released in quarter 1 this year, maybe around the middle of 2015. There are a lot of speculations regarding the internal hardware and specs of this device, such as the supposed 2K QHD display, matching last year’s LG G3, as seen in the leaked spec sheet, as well as the second rumor to the display, saying that the LG G4 is supposedly to one-up the G3, sporting a 3K display, although we may expect a less likely chance that would happen, as higher resolution screens tend to take a toll on battery life. The G3 packs a 5.5 Inch QHD Display. The G4 may see a 5.7 Inch display, 0.2 inches larger than its predecessor, just like the Note 4 and the Note 3.



LG G4 leaked by VERIZON

Leaked by VERIZON



The average cost for the LG G3 on Amazon would be $550-$600. On Swappa, the average would be around $400-$500, of course at this time in February the G3 has almost become obsolete with the rise of other smartphone giants about to announce their flagship devices, we can almost certainly expect prices of 2014 smartphones to drop. As seen in Korea, the G3 has a Korean variant, including the LTE-A version, sporting a CAT 6 LTE connection reaching around 400mbps speeds. The LTE-A variant also sport different hardware, including the Snapdragon 805, unlike the LG G3 north American version, which only includes the 801, and of course with an upgraded chipset, you will almost always see an upgrade in the GPU. The LTE-A Version of the G3 sports an Adreno 420. Being that LG is a Korean Giant, there will almost certainly be a Korean variant of the G4 once it hits the market. We could be seeing an even more advanced version of the G4, being an upgrade from its already crazy high end specs.



LG has launched a new trademark filing for their new stylus, known as the G-Pen, most certainly to be directly competing with Samsung’s S-Pen. Secondly, multiple sources are telling us LG, like many other Korean smartphone manufacturers, like Samsung, are reducing the amount of smartphones released annually, and instead focusing their efforts into manufacturing quality Flagship devices, a procedure we see Samsung taking more seriously.
Image source : concept-phones.com

Image source : concept-phones.com



The current LG G3 features a Brushed Aluminum like, lightweight, plastic removable back panel. This premium like quality while maintaining a lightweight form factor is perfect for most users, something we may see change in the G4 Variant. Most users feel that real aluminum is the only way to achieve a real premium feel, as seen on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the Galaxy Note 4. The button layout had been changed in the G2, with LG opting to place their power and volume buttons stacked on top of each other Vertically, and oriented at the back in a position that, actually most users holding the phone in an average way would be able to access quite easily. With the G2 and the G3 adopting this design, there will be a high chance the G4 may follow suit and jump on the bandwagon.
Image source : concept-phones.com

Image source : concept-phones.com



The G3 previously came with Android Kitkat 4.4 installed, upgradeable to android 5.0 Lollipop. The G4 will come with its own version of 5.0 Lollipop,  including the Optimus UI. LG had offered a way for users to “De-Bloat” your system on the G3. In other words, remove pre installed bloatware on your android device. We may see the return of this feature on the G4. Bloatware removal usually can be achieved with Root Access, a step some new or inexperienced users are not willing to take, so kudos to LG for providing diversification options.



With the announcement of Snapdragon’s latest chipset, the snapdragon 810, most 2015 flagship devices will almost certainly run this processor, assuming they aren’t Samsung, who has recently been receiving overheating issues, resulting with their flagships using Samsung’s own Exynos chipset. The G4 has rumored to pack 3-4 GB of Ram, with respect to the 16GB and 32GB Internal memory variants, similar to the 2-3GB Ram variants of the G3.
This rounds off Part 1 of the 2015 Rumor Roundup, featuring the LG G4. Stay tuned to Androidfact.com for final speculations and rumors for this year’s epic flagship devices.
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