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AndroidFact is a place where you can find all your Android Os related facts. Our aim is to write articles that you find interesting to read. Be it some piece of breaking news or a tutorial that can help you find out how to do a specific task on your cell phone.

What’s most important to us is that you found what you where looking for, and we strive to make it so you do!

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  1. So glad I came across your website, and would be very helpful to follow your comprehensive instructions to solve my current dilemma, if I could only get to my Galaxy S3 “Settings!” All instructions lead me to “Settings,” which I am unable to access for some reason. I went to the Samsung repair store today, and their quick diagnosis was my phone needs software updates. They also gave me “Smart Switch” Backup instruction sheet, but whatever is going on with my phone (?) the backup process keeps getting interrupted up to 41%. I’m trying to avoid a factory reset at all costs; but if necessary, glad to know I’ll at least have my Contacts and Photos safely stored in Google+. Looking forward to a newer model when I can afford one…Thanks for watching out for us Samsungers:-)!

  2. Rebekkah Rhoads says:

    I have already left 2- messages for your help. As far as the Samsung s 3 I do really like the cellphone. It has a crisp picture and the sound is pretty good as well. I would love to up grade my cellphone sometime soon. Thank you for your hard work.
    Sincerely , Rebekkah Rhoads

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