Age of empires coming to Android this summer

Microsoft and Klab games is going to release the highly anticipated Age of empires world domination to Android.

Yesterday we found the first evidence that development of the long awaited mobile version of Age of empires is coming along just fine. According to Klab games homepage it is going to be an online experience and it is going to be a free to play title. This likely means that the game is going to be riddled with in game purchases. Hopefully this won’t ruin the experience for players.

Age of empires coming to mobile this summer

Gameplay from age of empires world domination.

Throughout the years we have seen that in game purchases has become the darling way to make money from mobile games. Hopefully this will be implemented in a way that does not ruin the fun for the players that can’t afford to buy their way to success.

If you think this looks like the highlight of the year in mobile gaming, you can signup for exclusive access to game by joining their mailing list which can be found on the official Age of empires world domination website. Based on the wording of the signup page we can only assume that they are going to offer those who sign up early access to the game. Likely in the form of Beta testing.

Here is what little information we were able to gain from the page.

  • You can challenge players or team up with friends to conquer the world.
  • You can deploy advanced tactics in battle with simple and intuitive touch gestures.
  • You can choose from more than 100 legendary heroes.
  • You can create an empire with structures from history’s greatest civilisations.
  • It is coming this summer 2014!

Check out the first video from the game with actual gameplay footage.


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2 thoughts on “Age of empires coming to Android this summer

  1. Bob John Billy Nelson(one person) says:

    To bad with the ingame purchase bit, that usually makes the game unplayable after a while, because of slow progression.

    • I tend to think that you are right for the most part. But once in while I have played games with in game purchases that was really great up until the point where I actually ruined the whole experience by using real money on it. I’m trying to say that some of these games are really free premium games. Hopefully Age of empires won’t be one of those games rendered unplayable unless you fork out your hard earned cash.

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