Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean highlightsToday at Google’s annual I/O conference The next big update to the Android Os finally got officially announced. The name is as we have long been guessing, Jelly Bean. The version number has been a bit more hard to anticipate. The conference has told us however that the magic number is 4.1.



  • Project butter
As a way to improve Androids device lag Google launched Project butter to improve the way Android devices draw thing on your screen. What this means to all of us is that once we get the upgrade to the newest version All things that have to do with the home screen will render smoother and without lagging. The way they get this done is by changing the way that the phones CPU processes the images going to your screen. Another way the Android team gets this done is by anticipating your next move from the way that you hold your finger on your devices screen.
  • Google now
When Google described this new feature it reminded me of someone describing how it would be like to have a personal assistant that could anticipate your every move. Wouldn’t that be great. The way Google will do this is by presenting information to you on card that provide information to you maybe even before you know you need it.
A way that this could work is if you have an appointment in your calendar. Google knows how you get there and also that there has been an accident on the way there, or that the bus is running late. Google now will present this information on a card and tell you at what time you need to leave your current location to get to your appointment in time.

Jelly Beans

  • Home screen improvements
Among the improvements done to your home screen in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the way you manage your widgets on your home screen. Previously when trying to place a widget on your screen that was to big you would be told that it was to big and you would have to place it on another page. Now Jelly Bean will clear the way for you by rearranging the ones already there to make place for the new one. And if there is no space for the new widget even if rearranging the Os will automatically resize the new widget to a size so that it fits
  • Predictive keyboard
What Google proposes to do is to predict the next word you are going to write. Could this be a real time saver or will it just be a gimmick for people to brag about when they get it.
  • Android Beam improvements
This upgrade is no less than a way for you to connect your phone to a blue tooth device, stereo etc, by simply tapping it against the other device. Imagine how delightful it would be to get in your car tapping your phone against the car stereo, and in a matter of a second they will be paired and ready to play your music while driving your kids to school.
  • Improved notification area
The Notification area of the new version has been greatly improved. And much more interactive. As an example you will be able to +1 something. Or place a call directly from the area without the need to go to the phone app.
  • When can we get it 
Among the better news from the android team this evening is that the update will start rolling out as soon as by the middle of July. What remain to be seen is how long the various smartphone makers will use to get their devises ready for the upgrade. Fingers crossed that the Galaxy s3 is at the front of the line.


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  1. Hi, I updated my galaxy 3. I can not swipe to dial. Phone runs very slow. Home page loads slowly and from bottom up. I’m so frustrated. I wish I can uninstall the update. I called Verizon, they helped me do a cache wipe. My phone is still not working like it did before the update! Help :(

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    Really good

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    Its very nice upgrade

  4. Let me now about jelly bean update

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