Android 4.5 or Android 5.0

The next version of Android is due to be announced soon and there are rumors of big changes in the next version, which if this is the case will see Android move from 4.x to 5.x and what usually happens with major changes to the operating system. If the rumors are true then the code name for this version of Android will keep with the dessert naming convention and go by the name of lollipop.

The important details that people need to know is that this release will follow Android 4.4 KitKat and like all previous releases will be a free upgrade to the devices that can support it, that is assuming that the manufacture releases an update for the device or the community releases a build. The releases date is expected to be around mid 2014, which as it happens is where we are right now.

Google I/O

Google’s annual developer conference will be held on June 25th – 26th in San Francisco. It is looking very likely that this mystery version of Android will be announced then as have other version of Android in the past, although last year we expected Android 5.0 Key lime pie was expected although in the end it didn’t surface.

Google IO 2014

Devices Expected:

A new Nexus device will be expected to be launched along with the new OS and some rumors have surfaced that LG will be the manufacturer this time around. Something that people are hoping for is a new Nexus 10, while the Nexus 7 had a refresh this year the Nexus 10 missed out, therefore the general consensus is that the Nexus 10 2014 model will be the flagship tablet device for Lollipop.

Android Silver:

Another change with the new version of Android is the possible ditching of the Nexus project and the introduction, not much is known about the Silver project yet and therefore it seams that Nexus is safe for at least another round of devices.

Good news for Samsung device owners:

If you own one of the following devices then your in luck as Samsung has confirmed that these devices are getting the new version of Android when it is released:

> Galaxy S4

> Galaxy S3

> Galaxy Note 2

> Galaxy Note 8.0

> Galaxy Note 10.1

This claim was made before 4.4 was announced so therefore this might have changed quite a bit by now.

UI Redesign

As with all major Android Versions the user interface is overhauled, some leaked screenshots sow possible flatter icons for the core Android apps and the move from the grey theme color to a light shade of blue, which moves Android to a much more colorful user interface.

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