Android gets built in antivirus

Android has always had a somewhat undeserved bad reputation when it comes to security.

Due to the fact that it is possible to install apps that are not approved by Google. It requires some effort on the users part to get this to work so the criticism may very well be undeserved. the argument that the Android Os is a “open” Os for cell phones may very well be the reason why Google made this an option.

Google has recently done a lot to improve safety. Among those introduced in 2012 a new security solution “Verify apps” which checks whether the apps you install outside of Google Play can be harmful.

Android to get built in antivirus

Google is taking it another step in the direction of a more secure Os.

“Building on Verify apps, which already protects people when they’re installing apps outside of Google Play at the time of installation, we’re rolling out a new enhancement which will now continually check devices to make sure that all apps are behaving in a safe manner, even after installation.” – Rich Cannings.

According to Cannings less than 0.18% of installs were completed after getting the warning tat it could potentially be dangerous.

Whether or not there is cause for concern for the many companies that has made, and is now selling their own antivirus solutions via the play store, is too early to tell.  It looks like the new verify apps is solely going to scan apps, not madia folders and such. But who knows what Google will do in the future. Hopefully they will keep improving security.


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