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Rumors have been circulating recently about Google’s latest Android related project, Android Silver. This project was supposed to be the nexus killer, where Google would concentrate on the Silver devices instead, although quite clearly this is not the case as Nexus and Silver will run alongside each other.

The nexus devices that Google have been selling for a few years now are meant to be the pinnacle of Android devices, usually with every new major version of Android, a new nexus device has been released in order to showcase the best of Android.

Nexus devices have in the past only been produced by the well known giants such as Samsung and LG, therefore this means that the smaller device manufacturers have been pushed out of sight. This is where the Silver project comes in.

The Nexus project has only one device per release for each form factor (Nexus phone, Nexus 10, Nexus 7). This can limit the target audience for the Nexus devices as the device may not provide the features that the users want or be out of their price range for a new device. Silver on the other hand will partner with many different manufacturers and aim to produce a range of devices with one from each manufacturer. Therefore giving the user much more choice and will also allow people looking to spend less get in on it.

Nexus 7 backside

A nexus 7

All of the silver devices will run stock Android and therefore will not come with all of the bloatware and other rubbish that carriers usually pre-install in or to “help” us. Also the user will be able the experience the full Android feel, as the user interface will also be stock and not some customization provided by the manufacturer or the carrier, an example of custom user interfaces was the HTC sense UI from the Android 2.3.x days, which many people hated and switched back to stock Android launchers.

You may be wondering what’s in it for the device makers, the answer to let question is simply money. Google has set aside $1billion for funding this project. With this kind of money Google is obviously very serious about finally putting a leash on device manufacturers.

The device manufacturers taking part are important to know, although theres not much information about that floating around at the moment. Rumor has it though that the initial manufacturers will be LG and motorola, with plenty more to come.

People have also been asking why google is coming out with this idea all of a sudden and also the clear lack of Samsung. As Samsung have been working on their own operating system called Tizen, it is only a matter of time before Samsung either ditches Android or decides to scrap Tizen, at this moment in time it look more likely that Samsung is jumping the Android ship for Tizen.

When Samsung does leave Android, this will leave a huge gap in product sales ad market share for Android. This means that Google have done the sensible thing and started to fill the gap before this disaster happens in order to minimize the damage to the Android platform.

Hand drawn Silver andy android

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