Angry Birds Review

You would have to be a pig not to have
Angry birds on your phone.


Genre : Arcade and Action
Developer : Rovio Mobile Ltd
Players : 1 Player
Online : No
Version reviewed : 1.5.2
Size : 16,44MB


I will start by saying that this is the game on my phone I have spent the most time on,
and I believe the reason is its addictive game play.
Even if you do the same thing over and over again I almost seem to never get bored with watching my angry birds fly across the screen.
I believe the main reason for my part is that the physics of the game just seem so natural,
as if birds really would fly that way if slung from a slingshot, and that wood and stone really
would break and fall like that if hit by homing birds.
It simply is one of the best games ever made for any platform.


A tribe of green pigs keeps stealing the birds eggs, and you have to help get them back.


The look and feel of this game is just great. Everything seems well thought out, from the way you can zoom in on what suits you, the birds the pigs or if you should like, zoom out til you can see everything on the entire screen.


Not much music to speak of, the game play how ever is accompanied with a multitude of sounds, birds pigs and the sounds of birds against timber and stone. More or less sounds like you are in a zoo. My favorite way of hurling mad birds towards evil pigs is with the sound muted.


You control the birds more or less the same way you would use a slingshot in real life, Put tension
on the rubber band and when satisfied release.
Some of the birds have special moves witch you use simply by tapping the screen.

Buy or not

You wont have to because it’s free, at least as long as you own an android phone.

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Score :

Graphics – 10/10

Sound/Music – 8/10
Controls – 10/10
Game play 10/10
Replay Value – 10/10
Final Score – 10/10
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If you are looking for a walkthrough for angry birds space : Angry birds space walkthrough

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About Bertil Hansen
I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

13 thoughts on “Angry Birds Review

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  2. I need your help guys. I have played angry birds and its a great game. But would u prefer this game over a game like counter strike, age of empires, or NFS?!… If at all you want to start off seriously as a game developer, which game would be your first? Would you develop a game which is FUN and COOL like angry birds or a game which is serious and involves strategy like AOE?!

    • I think angry birds and games like it is the perfect game for a smartphone. much more so than fps and racing.
      As for a good strategy game like age of empires I would love to see that on my phone.

  3. Hmm we’re doing a research paper about angry birds and were gonna put your reviews on it. Can you tell me who you are and what’s your job ? Thanks x

    • You are welcome to link to my review, but you can NOT duplicate it on the internett.
      I live in Trondheim Norway and I work in a store. My name is Bertil

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  5. Angry Bird is a great game and love the review.

  6. anti bird gel

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  8. good review. I love Angry Birds, anyone know if there are more levels coming out anytime soon

  9. Angry birds have always been one of my fav games to.
    I like what you have to say about it.have you tried seasons?

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