angry birds space 1-23 three stars pig bang

How to get three stars on angry birds world 1 level 23( 1-23 )

All though it is possible to get your three stars with just the two birds on level 1-23 I will describe the approach that uses three birds. Shoot the first bird to the left as seen in the screenshot above. As it has almost reached the highest tower click your phone screen on the other side of the upper TNT crate. The bird will fly into it and set of an explosion taking out the upper pig. Now use the same approach on the other side so the other explosives crate goes of and takes out all but the smallest pig. Unless you lucked out and got him with your first bird. Now all that is left to do is take out the smallest pig the same way as you took out the first explosives crate only this time push down on your screen on the other side of the pig. This will ensure you another thee stars on angry birds space 1-23.

Video walkthrough 1-23 angry birds space cold cuts


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