angry birds space 2-5 three stars

Here you will learn how to get three stars on world 2 level 5 of angry birds space

Looking for a good way of getting 3 stars on angry birds space 2-5 look no further. There are many ways of achieving this but here I will show you the way that I find to be the easiest way. Fire the ice bird into the first circle so it freezes it and bounces of to do the same on the last circle. Next shoot second bird and hit the screen so it splits up into three so it goes through the now icy bits of the circles and takes out the first and last pig. All that is left to do is shoot the purple bird in such a way that you can get the last pig. If you are not sure of how to do so check out the video below.


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2 thoughts on “angry birds space 2-5 three stars

  1. How is this method even possible? The ice bird poofs into nothing as soon as it bounces off the first circle….

    • I’ll admit it can be a bit difficult to replicate but if you see the video above you can see that it is clearly possible if you get the angle right. Also it is worth noting that the level can easily be done with enough points even if the ice bird does not freeze the third circle. Also once I made the icebird freeze all three circles. But I have found it hard to replicate.
      God luck :-)

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