angry birds space 2-8 three stars

angry birds space 2-8 three stars guide. Or how to get three stars in angry birds space cold cuts 2-8

All ways lead to Rome goes the old saying. Here you will find the way that I found to be the easiest way to finish world 2 level 8 of angry birds space. Put tension on your sling and aim your first bird as seen in the picture above. Just before the bird hits the big pile of stone and wood press down on your phones screen so it blows up right before it’s there. This will cause the rubble to fly and take out a few pigs. Now shoot the second bird at a slightly lower angle from the first planet and as it flies past the place the pile was press down so it splits up. It is important that the two pigs on the pole gets taken out and that at least one of the birds flies into the crate of TNT setting off a chain reaction taking out the remaining pigs and a lot of the planets rubble. Giving you enough points for your three stars on 2-8.

Video walkthrough for angry birds space 2-8 cold cuts


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2 thoughts on “angry birds space 2-8 three stars

  1. Mine won’t work like that, I do exactly as you do but unless I blow the big pile…just…right…and knock all the pigs out with one bird, the game WILL NOT award me with 3 stars.

    • As you just said it is key to blow the big pile just right. And unless you do you are unlikely to get three stars. Therefore you will need to reload the level until you do get it right if you want to ensure you get the score needed to complete the level with all stars :-)

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