Angry Birds Star Wars 2 now available for download

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 now available for download in the play store

Great news For all the Angry Birds Fans out there. Another installment in the Angry birds saga has finally hit the play store.

The sequel to Angry birds star wars has finally hit the Google play store, we are of course talking about the new rovio game Angry birds star wars 2.



According to Rovio they have taken the gameplay to a whole new level with this one. The big news is of course if you haven’t heard , that you can play as both the birds and the pigs. You can go ahead and choose yourself.

Another thing that might interest you is that this installment features more than 30 playable characters for you to have your fun with. As of yet I haven’t tried the game myself and i’m not sure I ever will. The Angry birds games started looking like the same game to me a long time ago.

It’s not like I have anything against Rovio or the Games they make. I just wonder what will be next. In my head I see a game where you sling scenery at birds with a giant pig. I could be wrong though, like I said I haven’t tried the game yet.

If you are eager to check it out though you can find it right here.

Angry birds star wars 2 free. ( with ads )

Angry birds star wars 2 premium.



Read the full Rovio press release.

Espoo, Finland  September 18th 2013 – Rovio Entertainment Ltd. released Angry Birds Star Wars II today for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices worldwide, with the biggest lineup ever of new characters in an Angry Birds game. Angry Birds Star Wars II is the sequel to the #1 hit blockbuster game with new characters, new levels, new powers, and new ways to play. For the first time ever, players can Join the Pork Sideand play as both the birds and the pigs. In addition, Hasbro has introduced TELEPODS which combines physical and digital gameplay by allowing players to teleport physical Angry Birds Star Wars toy characters into the mobile and tablet versions of the game.

“Angry Birds Star Wars II combines the rich worlds of both Angry Birds and Star Wars™ in a unique way featuring fan favorite characters from both the dark and light side of the Force,” said Jami Laes, EVP Games, Rovio Entertainment. “We have taken the gameplay to a whole new level, giving our fans the option to play as both the birds and the pigs. We are also excited to introduce the amazing new TELEPODS from Hasbro. For the first time ever our new characters will not only appear in future game updates, but also on store shelves. We’ve heavily invested in the longevity of the franchise and have great updates already lined up for the coming months.”

Angry Birds Star Wars II follows the story of Star Wars Episodes I-III and introduces Angry Birds versions of iconic characters such as young Anakin, Jango Fett and Darth Maul. In addition to the vast amount of content readily available in the game, new characters and powers can be unlocked by placing one of the collectible TELEPODS physical figures onto the phone or tablet camera and scanning it into the game. Over thirty figures are available at launch on September 18th.

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    If we take backup of any phone its os version will also changed or remain which we have downloaded. my gs4 version was jellybean and i upgrade it with lollipop but due to facing lack of problem i wanna to change it in kitkat or return jellybean. How can we do this? kindly reply/

    • Even if you backed up your phone it won’t revert to a previous version of the Android Os. Only by rooting and installing a custom rom can you revert to an older Android Os version.

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