Angry Birds NO VIDEOS Walkthrough

Angry Birds three stars help guide

If you have some kind of a smartphone and you have found your way to this page chances are you are looking for a walkthrough for angry birds. This is how you get three stars on all the levels.

Poached eggs
Level 1-7
Level 8-14
Level 15-21
Angry Birds 1-1To get three stars on the first level of angry birds you need to take out the single pig with just the one bird, at the same time you need to take out quite a few of the ice and wood blocks to stack up enough points. Try to hit the bigger horizontal wooden block. Click the picture above to get a bigger version of it, it will show you where to hit.


Angry Birds 1-2

Looking for another three stars on level 2. Fire the first and only bird you need into the dirt mound on the far right side. You need to make sure the red bird ricochets of the mound and through the rightmost pig, and then starts a domino effect on the remaining stone blocks thus taking out the last three pigs.


Angry Birds 1-3You are going to need just the one bird to get it done here on level 3. Fire the bird directly into the wooden ball. This will make the ball roll down the small hill and take out both pigs, and if it doesn’t simply reload the level on your phone and give it another try.


Angry Birds 1-4Fire the first bird into the leftmost ice blocks taking them both out of the equation. Now all that is needed is a well placed bird in the left corner of the stone blocks. If you are not sure of where to shoot it take a look at the picture above and you will bee able to get another three stars for your phone.


Angry Birds 1-5You need to use just the one red bird to ensure you get those 3 stars. I find that you have the best chance of success if you shoot the bird directly into the upper piece of exposed stone. The big bolder will fall down on the pigs and hopefully take out enough other debris to get you the 3 stars. If it doesn’t reload the level and give it another try.


Angry Birds 1-6Fire the first red bird through the closest ice block scoring a direct hit on the closest pig. Secondly shoot the next red bird directly at the other pig. The bird will fly through the ice block and take out the last pig. If you took out enough of the ice blocks and wood pegs in the process you can decorate your smartphone with another three stars.


Angry Birds 1-7To get your three stars on this level you are going to use just the one bird. To get all the pigs in one shot you need to fire the bird into the lower left piece of wood, as seen in the pic above. Hitting it in this way will make the middle pig jump and get lost and the upper pigs fall down to their demise on either side.

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