Apparatus Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to Apparatus walkthrough. Lets get to it.

Level 1-5
Level 6-10
Level 11-15
Level 16-20
Level 20-25
Level 26-30
Level 31-35
Level 36-40


Apparatus walkthrough level 1Position the wood between the piece of metal and the blue box and hit the play button. The ball will fall down to the wood and roll into the box.


Apparatus walkthrough level 2Put the piece of wood on the gray lump on the bottom piece of metal. Hit the play button and the wood will function as a seesaw . Making the ball fly into the blue box.


Apparatus walkthrough level 3Leave the smallest piece of wood alone, and put the bigger piece on top of it as seen on the picture above. Hit the hammer icon appearing and push play.


Apparatus walkthrough level 4You are only gonna need two pieces of wood for this level. Put the long piece int he wedge between the metal blocks and on top of the lonely piece of metal. Now position the small piece of wood right next to the long one and nail them together.

Apparatus walkthrough level 5Position the wood as seen in the picture above. Make sure to nail the upper right wood to the supporting pieces below and you are ready to go.


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