Beastie Bay magic words

Wondering what the magic words are in Beastie Bay ? Here is a big list of them.

Beastie Bay instructors

Beastie Bay instructors

You don’t have to have the best cell phone to have the best game for it. Kairosoft has just released their first free game to the marketplace. If you haven’t downloaded it jet you can do download Beastie bay here for your Android phone.

If you have been playing Beastie bay by kairosoft for a while you have probably unlocked the schools. If you have built one but are not sure how to get something out of it I will tell you how.

If you want an instructor for your Beasty Bay school you need to dismiss the ally you want as an instructor. Once you do so you will get the option to have it as an instructor. Once you have retired an ally head over to a school that you have built and add it as an instructor.

If you place ally homes in the 8 adjecent squares to the school the allies residing there will gain XP without going exploring.

There is another alternative though, you can share and use magic words from friends and others. Next up is a big list of words you can use to get those high level instructors.

Magic Words for Beastie Bay list :

  • Moorn lv99 code: CEDMAWIEra/MAWTKCuBcYkp1ag==
  • Tutanhop Lv99 code: CEDMAVpCa87MAWS4CiBBYmiNS5TQ
  • Tortugan Lv99 code: CEDMATttpjHMAWTKCuBEYialGQ==
  • Pyonpo Lv99 code: CEDMAfK4l5TMAWTKCmBDYhp1ag==
  • Sassa Lv99 code: CEDMAarMauvMAWS4CiBZYmitTZTQ
  • Titan Jr Lv99 code: CEDMAeFD9wvMAWS4CmBfYmitTJTQ
  • Kairobot Lv99 code: CEDMAVa8wfvMAWTKCqBZYtJ1ag==
  • King Wairobot Lv99 code: CEDMAcZYDG/MAWTKCuBZYhp1ag==
  • UFO lvl 29 code: CEDMAWHatTbMAWS4CiBLSkBtS4XQ
  • Scout Lv99 code: CEDMAflIVxTMAWTUCjANMOj9
  • Broccolin Lv99 code: CEDMAVqtRWHMAWTKCqBFYlKlGQ==
  • Cobran Lv99 code: CEDMAapDmPzMAWTKCqBLYjalGQ==
  • Dark Sparkler Lv99 code: CEDMARmIJYzMAWTKCuBHYhp1ag==

That’s it for now If you want to share some codes with your fellow Beastie bay players please do so in the comments section and I will update the list above.

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  1. Wesley Futrell says:

    They aren’t working

  2. Hey thanks for this :D I have added them over here and updated it with more magic words :)


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