Best games for the Galaxy s4

Here is a list of games that you should check out if you just got the Samsung Galaxy s4

The Samsung Galaxy s4 is a powerhouse of a cell phone, and it can run just about any Android game that you can throw at it. However the case with cell phone games  is that in most cases the way a game looks is not as important as how well it is made to run on the relatively small screen.

Here you will find a list of games that for some reason is a must have for the Galaxy s4 or any other cell phone for that matter.


1. Hill Climb Racing.

This is a gem of a game that everyone should have on their Galaxy s4. The purpose of the game is to drive as long as you can in your car before running out of fuel.

As you drive along you will have to pick up coins, do flips or get a lot of air time to be able to earn enough in game credit to upgrade your vehicles and unlock new courses. I first started playing this game a long time ago and the developer has shown many times over that he is willing and able to provide updates to this amazingly funny game. You don’t even have to be interested in car games to have fun with this one. Playing around with the physics alone is enough to keep you occupied for hours.

Hill Climb Racing Google play link.

must have game for Galaxy s4

Hill climb racing


2. Dead Trigger.

Another game that just keeps on giving is Dead Trigger. I have played this one for to many hours to count on my s3,  and I promise you that it looks even better on the larger and crisper Galaxy s4 screen. If you are un familiar with the game, let me tell you little about it.

This is a zoombie game for the books. With beautiful graphics and a fun story line it is hard to put down. As you progress through the levels you will constantly be wishing for that bigger gun that is just out of your reach.

Dead Trigger Google play link.

must have game for galaxy s4

Dead Trigger

3. Hungry Shark Evolution.

This is one of those games that you are going to have a hard time putting down. The plot, if you can call it that is that you are a shark and you have to eat stuff to survive.

At the same time you need to evade mines and bigger sharks to stay alive. So what makes it such a good game ? Well it looks amazing for one and the way you move through the water feels so natural. It really made me feel like a shark.

Hungry Shark Evolution Google play link.

must have games for galaxy s4

Hungry Shark Evolution

4. Game Dev Story.

If you are slightly inclined towards Sim games, this is the one you should get right from the start.

You are the boss in your newly established game developer studio. To progress and make good games, you will have to hire the right staff and make decisions that keeps you from bankrupting yourself . If you master this you will make a lot of good games and may bee win an award or two. Game Dev Story does not look like much but the game mechanics will make you come back time and time again.

Game Dev Story Google play link.

must have games for galaxy s4

Game Dev Story


5. Need For Speed Most Wanted.

If driving games is your thing you should hurry up and get this thing. If you just got your Galaxy s4 head on over to Samsung apps and download this premium game for free.

For a limited time all s4 buyers will get this good looking racing game for free.  Head on over to your apps folder and press the icon that says Samsung Apps. NFS Most Wanted is a fast paced great looking game that will make your phone shine due to the high level of detail that is put into it.

Enter a series of races  as you climb your way to the top. What separates this one from most racing games is the presence of the police. They will try their best to make your life hard.

NFS Most wanted Google play link.

NFS Most wanted Samsung apps link.

must have games for galaxy s4

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Here is a video of the games so you get a better idea of how they look in action.


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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

2 thoughts on “Best games for the Galaxy s4

  1. Hi Bertil,

    Why don’t you try some more games like NFS most wanted. Hill climbing game race is very light weight game and works on almost every new android phone. S4 has a massive hardware-graphic support and it can run almost every android game.

    I would suggest real racing 3, Dungeon Hunter 4 and contract killer 2 :)

    • Hi Sangram

      I do agree that some of the games on this list may not be the most visually stunning. That beeing said, each and every one of the games mentioned in this post is truly amazing in their own way. If there is even one of them you haven’t tried I suggest you do.
      Thanks for the input. I value your opinion!

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