Black home screen image for all 1080×1920 phones

To conserve energy there is a lot of things that can be done, one of these is to set a black background image.

There’s lots  of ways to make your battery last as long as possible.  Among others the Galaxy s5 has a power saving mode. If you think this is a bit drastic you could make sure that the image on your home screen uses as little battery juice as possible.

By setting a black home screen image on your phone those parts of your screen that is not covered by anything else uses as little energy as possible.

UPDATE ! I have now done a test to find out just how much battery can be saved by doing this. Check out our Black VS white homescreen for AMOLED phones test.


black home screen image for galaxy s5

black home screen image for all 1080 X 1920 phones

How to set your Galaxy S5 homescreen to black.

  1. Visit this page on with your cell phone.
  2. Long press the image ( the black space above this text ) until a menu appears.
  3. Choose “save image”.
  4. Go to your phone’s gallery app and open the new black image.
  5. Open the menu and pick “set as”.
  6. Choose whether to set as home screen image lock screen image or both.
  7. Found what you were looking for, why not

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2 thoughts on “Black home screen image for all 1080×1920 phones

  1. Ummm… I gotta question this one.
    Whatever image displayed is thru the LCD display… whether its a widget or a photo. A widget may use a bit more power, due to processor use… but a static image… a starfield, hot-air baloons, or just ‘black’… no matter what, it’s still just chroma info.
    What eats-up tha juice is the fluorescent lamp, which Illuminates the LCD screen. It really doesn’t matter what is displayed… it’s the sceen-light that’s eatin’ tha battery. To save the battery regarding the screen, ya gotta kill the lamp. Of course, I suppose I could just be wrong (too sober)… but I’ve changed-out an awful lot of screen lamps in my time.

    • If we are solely talking about LCD screens you are completely correct. A LCD display has lamps lighting up their pixels no matter which color it is set to display.
      However if you have a AMOLED screen on your phone like most of the high end phones from the best selling manufacturer ( Samsung ) has, it’s a completely different story. AMOLED screens turns off their lamps to display the color black. So if you have a AMOLED screen on your phone you can save big on battery consumption by changing the home screen to completely black. Hope this clears up any confusion on the subject.

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