Black Samsung Galaxy s3

Black Samsung Galaxy s3 now available for preorder

Ever since the rumors about the new top model of the galaxy s line started, the discussion about the available colors has been going on. Many people amongst them me, was more than a little set of by the initially offered pebble blue and the marble white. Since then the AT&T-exclusive Garnet Red was offered. But the discution around the water cooler at work was always, will there be a black Galaxy s3.

Black galaxy s3

Black galaxy s3 back panel

Black galaxy s3

Black galaxy s3

Of course none of us managed to set of getting the s3 until the other colors was put out for sale. So we pretty much ended up with the marble whit e version. I myself managed to wait for a while, but then one day I saw a pebble blue in a store. I made up my mind a few days later. I got the white one.

I am very happy with my galaxy s3, and think it is the best cell phone I have ever had. So in a way I glad I did not wait all this time.

Today however mobilefun has put out for preorder a unlocked Black version of the s3.  Check it out right here : Black Galaxy s3.


A second image of the black Galaxy s3 has emerged and this time on T-mobile’s website. Good news for all the people of the USA.  Black galaxy s3 at T-mobile



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  1. I for one wish I had waited for this one. It looks wicked

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