Black Samsung Galaxy s4 flip case review

This is the official Black Galaxy s4 flip case from Samsung.

Today I received my Black Samsung Galaxy s4 flip case from Samsung. First impressions are that the case is of high quality.

The back piece of the case is black and looks a little like finely woven carbon fibre. It has three openings to accommodate the Camera lens the camera flash and the last one to let the sound from the Galaxy s4 speakers through.

Samsung Galaxy s4 flip case front

Galaxy s4 flip case front

The thickness of the back piece should be the same as the one fitted to your s4 when you first unboxed it, so the back of the case won’t add any bulk to your Galaxy s4. It is fitted with 16 pieces of plastic to make the case sit firmly in place on your cell phone.

The only other noteworthy piece of information I can give you is that there is of course a Samsung logo fitted to the back panel of the case.


Samsung Galaxy s4 black flip case back cover

Galaxy s4 black flip case back cover

The front piece of the case is made from two different materials. The front which looks like a matt plastic is slightly textured. On the other side, the one that will rest against your screen there is a velvety kind of fabric which seems very well suited to take extra good care of you Galaxy s4 screen.

On the top of the front piece of the black Samsung Galaxy s4 flip case you will find a hole for the speaker and just below it a Samsung logo printed in a light gray color. Towards the bottom they have printed the Galaxy s4 logo in the same color.

All in all the case looks like a fine piece of engineering, something that will look great on your Galaxy s4 if you are inclined to cover up you phone in the first place.

For more info on the Samsung Galaxy s4 check out our Galaxy s4 review. Or if you have already bought one check out our growing Galaxy s4 tutorials section.

On a final note I am going tell you about the Galaxy s4 s view cover which has a window that displays important information to you without the need to open the cover. It is a bit more pricy but I would definitely consider it before buying this one.


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