Civilization is finally going to hit Android this summer

If you were an avid gamer in the 90’s you have more than likely entertained the idea that Civilisation would be a game that would be well fitted for the modern day and era gaming console, the smartphone. Turns out that you are finally getting your wish 2 K Games has just announced that they will release Civilization revolution 2  for the Android platform this summer.

The sad news is that conversions like this one is, rarely manages to capture the feel of the originals. So we have already started to lower our expectations that this is going to look or feel anywhere like the original did all those years ago on our computers.

Civilization coming to android

Photo 2K Games

Civilization revolution 2 promises to be much more than just a port of the old game.2K Games has written about the title that it will sport updated 3D graphics and have a better controll system than it’s predecessor. In addition to the traditional Civilization gameplay there will also be Cenario challenges. This is your opportunity to reenact historical scenarios on your cell phone.

As always the game starts you out in prehistoric times with little more than sticks and stones to help you rice your empire. Hours of what will hopefully be a lot of fun, you are likely to equip your villagers with lasers and spaceships in the race for world domination.

The game will hit that other popular smartphone Os on July 2,2014 and is set to release on Google play store sometime later this summer.

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