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  1. Pamela Jenkins says:

    Hi, I tried the steps for getting of the google error code 491 and it didn’t work. My phone is a z837vl can you help?

  2. Hi my step father went update to lollipop on Samsung galaxy s4 i9505 and it disabled the back button and the option menu button goes straight to Google I had perform factory reset but no change so we did a full phone reset and still no back button etc

    Any ideas?

  3. Hi

    Sometimes my phone does it’s own thing and restart doesn’t help. I try to swipe an app to close it,and then another app opens without my permission. Sometimes I want to unistall an app, but there is only an update and open button. Today I discovered “Most Used” (apps) is not working. I searched online for help but couldn’t find it. I have an Xperia Z1 C6603.

    Also I have no access to a laptop or PC to update it with Sony Companion. And won’t be able to get access for a very long time, not even internet cafe or a friend (long story). I’m too scared to use Sony Companion because I once lost all my data trying to update. I don’t want to use it ever again.

  4. hi the name is Brian I bought a Samsung s3 GT-I9300 from a fiend and it is now giving me a problem its actually off I went to a Samsung shop and they sent me to their technicians and they charging ridiculous amounts just to awaken my phones software what else or where else can one cry on?

  5. Hi… im using samsung s6, but i always experience to receive a message outdated message it really sucks because i have to restart my phone always…

  6. Hai my mobile I took from online shopping in ebay this is not Indian version phone so I want to update my phone 4.3 version when the international version 4.3 wil be released

  7. Intelligence Credibility At Risk!

    Hey – if you’re going to allow someone to write articles for your site, they should at least use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Proper grammar includes using the appropriate combination of past, present, and future tense, as well as coordination of singular and plural combinations for verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. Don’t you have a copy editor or proof reader? For them to let such awful writing attain their approval, they are just as bad as the writer.

    Short and sweet – some of your writers sound like they never got past 6th grade and are from a ghetto. Poor written communications steals from the credibility of the article.

  8. I am using Samsung gakaxy S4 GT-19500 and has observed following issues..
    1. Afyer tapping 7 times the build number in the About Device section, the developer options gets enabled and it happened too. But when I tried to access the developer by clicking on it, it remains selected for say 2-3seconds and then the complete screen goes black and may be after 1-2 minutes a dialog box appears saying “settings stopped working”.
    2. Whenever I tried to put on the Wi-Fi hitspot, the screen shows as if it is starting the hotspot but after few seconds it says error and hotspot remains turned off.
    3. Many times while trying to turn on the Wi-Fi, it doesn’t turn on and when I switch off and switch on my cell phone, the Wi-Fi turns on.
    Kindly provide some solution to resolve this issues.

    • Thank you for contacting AndroidFact.

      Sadly though I do not know the answer to your question.
      To stand the best chance of resolving this issue I would ask Samsung support. The URL to their support page is :

      Hopefully they will be able to help you.

  9. I am a TSR for a wireless carrier. We have customers calling in bc they see on your site that you can do a multi view after the recent update on their GS3’s? However, no one sees this setting and everything that you have listed in your article about multi view, is not on the phone????

    Why can’t anyone, including Samsung themselves, see this setting your talking about?

    • I can only speak for myself. After updating my Galaxy s3 GT-I9300 to Android version 4.1.2 I have multiview on my phone. As to why not all s3 has got this feature after updating I can not be completely sure of. I THINK the cause of this is that not all carriers has included the premium suit in their 4.1.2 update. I have no reason to lie about this. without the trust of my visitors this website would not be what it is today. If you still don’t believe me you should read this informative article on Samsungs own pages : where it clearly states that the premium suit includes among other goodies the Multi Window. I quote : “Multi Window: Effortlessly utilise two different applications side-by-side simultaneously for an ultimate multitasking experience.” Hope this clears things up for you, and if my article has confused some of your customers I am truly sorry.

      • Yeah, I don’t get why some carriers GS3 has it but some do not. I got a sprint one here and it doesn’t do it all, but friends that have with other carriers can do it? Samsung could not explain why this is, the reps I spoke to there hardly knew anything about the feature itself. Sorry if I came off as accusing of lying, I just don’t understand how some can do it and others can’t when they are running same operating system. Great site, good info!!

        • Don’t worry about it I’m not offended. And I’m really pleased to hear that you like my site.
          On a different note maybe I can help you out…. If there is some questions that you get asked a lot maybe I could make some tutorials that can help your customers.?
          Why not send me a list of your most asked questions and I will see what I can do.

  10. I recently purchased the Samsung GS3 for use w T-Mobile, thru my corporate discount. T-mobile’s already shut off my phone, trying to extort me for higher fees, telling me my “corporate discounts don’t kick in for 2-3 months down the road”, as well as trying to charge me full rates for 3 days useage “outside of my billing period”. I opted to purchase Simple Mobile sim card & now have the phone I wanted for less than what I’d been paying Cricket. I see no point in sending it back, since I did purchase the phone & they take a $75 restocking fee, if returned, & will no doubt also help themselves to “fees” they believe they’re entitled to. They failed to honor what I signed up & agreed to. The day after I activated my phone on the new network I received “Congratulations! T-Mobile has sent you a new software update for your device. Update will take approximately 10 minutes. You will not be able to use your phone during this time, including for 911 Emergency calls. To proceed w installation, select Start.” I’ve elected NOT to download & install this update, suspicious it may disable my phone. What advice do you have? Thank you.

    • I’m not familiar enough with t-mobile to know if they would do such a thing. I’m not even sure that they could if they would push a “special” update for your phone only..

    • ScorpioVyxyn- I know I am late to this discussion, but I have been driving myself crazy with this same issue and have been putting off updating my device because I was under the impression that this would disable my phone and no one else I have contacted has been able to help me with this issue. I too left T-Mobile for pricing reasons and it seemed that within minutes of me getting on to Simple Mobile this message started popping up. Did you have any issues after your update? My question is if we have installed new sim cards how is T-Mobile able to send updates to a phone that is no longer on their network?

  11. hey im trying to use the autocall that you wrote about. i write a text message but when i put the phone to my ear it doesnt make a call. how do i enable this?

  12. Hi i ha e downloade jelly bean 4.1.1 on my galaxy tab .. but m unable to download photos from google…..???plz helpm me in this matter..

  13. After a bit of searching and reading through the galaxy s3 manual I haven’t been able to find a way to achieve this. Sorry

  14. After I finished Update, There is no Arabic. what can I do?

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