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In this article we are reviewing app developer; SGN’s very popular game: Cookie Jam, which you can download from the Google Play Store here absolutely free. SGN (which stands for Social Gaming Network), also have many other games, which include Panda Jam, Panda Pop, Sugar Smash: Book of Life, and Paint Monsters, all of which are as addicting as Cookie Jam.

This popular game has over a whopping 10 Million downloads, which is impressive to say the least, but what can you say? A good game developer created an addicting and fun game, and in return, they got recognition and what they deserved; one of the most popular games ever to hit the Google Play Store. Cookie Jam requirements include Android version 2.3 and above, a valid Google Play account (duh), as well as 37 Megabytes of free storage (As of March), more updates will be released for Cookie Jam, so the app’s size capacity can change.

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Download link : Cookie Jam

Download link : Cookie Jam

I personally have played Cookie Jam for a few days, and I immediately got hooked to it. It’s such a simple but fun game. It’s true what they say; “The greatest things in life are simplicity,” I played Cookie Jam for an hour and a half straight the first day that I downloaded the game. I have a tendency to play addicting games non-stop until my mind is all burned out, but an addicting game means the developers have done something right.

This game is somewhat similar to the popular “Match-3” game, Candy Crush. Both games are equally addicting, but I find Cookie Jam with a slight favourable lead in terms of play style, as I don’t really like to play mainstream games, and more of lesser known games. Obviously with a name like “Cookie Jam”, you can expect bakery style themes in the game, which is exactly what it includes. The game includes hundreds of challenging and mind training levels that really test your endurance and reflexes. To play the challenges assigned to you on each individual level, you are given certain “Recipes.” These recipes require you to match a certain amount of items in the recipes in order to pass the current level and move on to the next.

In order to successfully match patterns, you must swipe in linear directions not including diagonals, to match at least 3 blocks of the exact same kind. You can also match 4 or 5, or as many as you possibly can, matching more than 3 blocks together will earn you bonus rewards, and help you complete your goal faster. Kind of like Bejewled, but there are actually challenges to Cookie Jam, instead of just mindlessly swiping away at the blocks and hope that 1 out of 100 blocks will get matched with each other. There is also a “life” system implemented in the game, where if you fail the level too many times, you will eventually run out of lives, where you will need to wait a certain amount of time for those virtual lives to replenish themselves.

Cookie Jam android screenshot

This game also includes a social aspect built in, of course I mean Social Network implementation, where you can connect your Facebook account and challenge your friends to a match of who can win the most amount of times. Like many action packed exciting games, there are bound to be special events and rewards handed out to players on a daily basis, which Cookie Jam does offer, so during those events your chance to obtain special rewards are increased.

The game has kind of a French style gameplay , with announcers in the game often speak French, and say words like “C’est Bon”, which is French for “Very Good,” and the background music can be identified being somewhat “French-y.”

SGN’s Games including Cookie Jam are cross platform, meaning it’s available on both Android’s Google Play Store, and on the iOS App Store, No more platform discrimination, just have fun and go with it.

SGN’s social media page on Facebook for Cookie Jam can be found here, where you can like the page and follow daily newsfeed regarding the game, so you can stay on top of all current and newest updates to enhance your gaming experience. You can also follow SGN on Twitter, (@SGNGames).

There are also in game purchases available, for if you feel the need to continue along the game with no limitations so that you can proceed without any interruptions. Things you are able to purchase in the store include purchasing Coins and additional Lives which cost anywhere from $1.00 to upwards of $100. If you spend more on upgrades for the game, it will only enhance your gameplay. You will really be getting your money’s worth by investing in the game; the amount of time you get for a little bit is worth it in my opinion.

So, what you read was an opinion of my experiences with Cookie Jam, take It from me, someone who knows a lot about Games, especially mobile games, Cookie Jam is really an addicting game. I’ll be playing it for a while.


Google play store Cookie Jam download link

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