Coastal Tower Defense Review

Could a tower defence game with a naval twist be something for you

  • Genre : Arcade and Action
  • Developer : PlayGameSite
  • Players : 1 Player
  • Online : No
  • Version reviewed : 1.4
  • Size : 3,40MB


No story


Compared to many of the new HD and 3D titles on the market the graphics of this game is not impressive,

but then again a game don’t necessarily need that to work as a game.


Not impressive but it works


tap the screen where you want to place a tower and chose from a list

Works well


Game play

Like in so many other android tower defence games the goal is to stop the enemies advancing troops from reaching they’re goal.

You do this by placing towers in his way. There is a lot of towers to choose from as well as a few bonus towers you will gain access to as you progress the game.

You begin the game with  a certain amount of  money of witch you will buy youre towers. this amount wont get you very far but as you sink the enemies ships you earn more. currently there are 3 maps to play.

I will say this , the game is a bit hard at this point basically because of the prices on the towers witch seem a bit high.(something the developer has promised to revise on the next release)

Buy or not

You wont have to because it’s free


Graphics – 7/10

  • Sound/Music – 6/10
  • Controls – 7/10
  • Game play 8/10
  • Replay Value – 9/10

Final Score

  • 7/10

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2 thoughts on “Coastal Tower Defense Review

  1. thanks for the great review,
    you should really have links to download the game

  2. you can find androidomedia on facebook by following this link

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