Customize the galaxy s3 lockscreen

How to customize the galaxy s3 lockscreen The lock screen on Android phones has over the years evolved quit a bit. From the early versions where all you could do was to unlock your phone it has now turned into almost anything you want it to be. On the Samsung galaxy s III you can change the content on your lock screen in many ways. Change the background imageYou can as with previous versions of the android Os change the background image on your galaxy s3. Doing this is easily achieved following this recipe :

NB! Galaxy s4 owners check out : Customize Galaxy s4 lock screen and customize Galaxy s4 swipe lock screen.

  1. Find somewhere on your home screen with no shortcuts.

    customize galaxy s3 lockscreen

    customize galaxy s3 lockscreen

  2. Press and hold a finger down until a pop up screen appears.
  3. From the list that appears choose “Lock screen”.
  4. If you want a custom image from you gallery choose the “gallery” option in the next pop up, or choose “Wallpapers” to use on of the pictures Samsung has supplied for this use.
  5. Choose the picture you want to use.
  6. Now if you want to you can crop the picture as you please and press the “done” button in the upper right corner when you have finished.
  7. The Lock screen has now been changed, go ahead check it out!
Different Lock Screens 
There are quite a few different lock screens to choose between, and their functionality wary a lot. They are :
  1. Swipe                         This is the stock lock screen that your galaxy s3 is set up with when you take it out of the box. It functions in such a way that it displays a picture. When you touch the screen there is a ripple affect as if you put your finger in water. When you swipe your finger across the screen the phone unlocks.
  2. Motion                      This lock screen works in a similar way as the former one except that you unlock your phone by putting your finger on the screen and tilt it forward.
  3. Face unlock           Using this option you can unlock your phone by holding your face in front of the cameras phone. I have written an article about this option, you can read it here
  4. Face and voice     This one works in a similar fashion as the Face unlock. The only difference is that you have to speak a word in addition to showing your face to unlock the phone.
  5. Pattern                      Draw a pattern on the screen that you have determined in advance to unlock the screen.
  6. Pin                                Similar to the way you use a pin when you withdraw money in your local ATM machine.
  7. Password                  Type in a password predetermined by yourself to unlock your phone.
  8. None                            If you use this option there will by no lock screen. This means that as soon as you hit that power button the phone will directly unlock.

More options

options when setting galaxy s3 lockscreen

options when setting galaxy s3 lockscreen

When using the Swipe and the Motion unlock screens a lot of new and interesting options has been made available to the Samsung Galaxy s3 owners. To access them Follow these easy steps :
  1. Press the settings button.
  2. Scroll down and hit the Security tab.
  3. Almost at the top press the Lock screen options tab and you will have access to a multitude of new options to customize the look and feel of your lockscreen.
Now that you have found your way to the correct place I will guide you through a few of the more interesting options.


This option will allow you to make shortcuts to the features or apps that you use the most. Turn them on and off by swiping the button next to where is reads Shortcuts.
Change the shortcuts on the lockscreen by pressing down on your screen where it says Shortcuts, when you do this you will be taken to a different screen where you can remove and add new shortcuts simply by pressing the icon you want to get rid of and dragging it into the thrash can that appears at the bottom of the screen. Once on of them has been removed press the “+” symbol to get up the list of available new shortcuts to choose from. When you are done turn of the screen by tapping the power button. When you press it again your new lock screen will appear with the new shortcuts at the bottom of the screen.
To use on of them put your finger on the one you want access to and swipe it up on your screen. The phone will now unlock and take you directly to the one you picked.
Information ticker

The other really interesting new option for your lock screen is that you can add a ticker to the bottom of the lock screen.

change lockscreen icons Galaxy s3

change lockscreen icons Galaxy s3

You do this by swiping the button next to where it says Information ticker.
The ticker can be optimized a bit more by pressing the text itself . The options are :
  1. Content type  Press this one to choose between “news” and “stock”
  2. Sliding speed  Chose this one to pick between the different speeds that the news or stocks will slide over the screen.
  3. Settings              Here you can choose how often the ticker should update, what kind of news or ticker you are interested in or you can choose to display by country of interest.
Sadly I have found no way of choosing an other source than Yahoo for my news ticker. This was a real bummer for my and I may turn this function of on this base. Likely Samsung receives a healthy amount of money to lead people to their news site.
A few other options are also available but these are the ones I thought would be most interesting to read about.
This is also where you choose to activate the S voice wake up command. And where you change the command that wakes it.

Found something useful why not

I also recommend reading my how to change the galaxy s3 wallpaper tutorial

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65 thoughts on “Customize the galaxy s3 lockscreen

  1. Is there any way to recover data from weather daemon for the gs3? Mine has not done a proper weather update in days(I am using accuweather) and weather daemon appears to be missing almost all its data somehow. Also, how do I move my lock screen clock?

  2. I only have one option for screen lock. It’s a word password at the moment but I want the swipe password. When I go into setti gs and then security I don’t have the option to change the current type of password I can only change the word I use for my password atm

  3. I recently lost my S3. It had a pattern-locked screen. Do you think that my information is safe?

  4. I used to be able to keep the music widget on my lock screen to be able to play music and forward/rewind/select but somehow the widget is gone and I can’t figure how to get it back on there. I have a Samsung s3. Please help

  5. How do I take a screenshot of my lockscreen?

  6. Hy. I have problem with my Galaxy s3. Recently it’s was upgraded on Jelly Beam 4.3 or it was 4.2? The latest anyway. I can’t change or remove my text on lock screen!! Previously it was on settings and owner info i think, but now i can’t find it! Help? And I don’t have option to hold my finger on lock screen and just turn mobile phone to switch on camera!

  7. They just updated the Galaxy 3 software, and they moved the freaking clock on the lock screen, with no option to move it back to where it was.

    Bad move, Samsung. My lock screen wallpaper was carefully composed to accommodate the old clock size and location, and now the image is ruined.

    Why do tech people insist on fiddling with stuff that’s not broken?

    Need to be able to move the clock.

    • Hy. I have problem with my Galaxy s3. Recently it’s was upgraded on Jelly Beam 4.3 or it was 4.2? The latest anyway. I can’t change or remove my text on lock screen!! Previously it was on settings and owner info i think, but now i can’t find it! Help? And I don’t have option to hold my finger on lock screen and just turn mobile phone to switch on camera!?

      • Nikolaj Christensen says:

        Try this:
        Have your phone on “swipe” when you will onlock it.
        Before you swipe, put your finger on the owners info text, & drag all the way down.
        Now you will see a icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. It looks like a pencil.
        Click on that icon.
        Then enter your new owner info.
        Hope it us to any use.

    • “Why do tech people insist on fiddling with stuff that’s not broken?” I think it’s called “job security”. They have to show something to their superiors to demonstrate that they’ve been busy. IMHO, any tweaking of this nature should include the option of retaining the original. BTW, I also noticed that my carefully placed clock widget is no longer transparent, but sits inside an ugly grey box. Consequently, I got rid of theirs and added someone else’s. Annoying.

  8. This doesn’t apply to KitKat apparently. When I hold down the screen to view my widgets — it doesn’t give me a “Lock Screen” option to click on.

    • I should have mentioned — what I do not want is my lock screen giving info on missed calls, texts, etc. i like my privacy — and now anytime that picks up my phone can see that info without being me and needing to unlock it. Thanks

      • Hello Pete,
        I too am having a similar problem and am disconcerted by the way in which my notifications appear now. Have you found a way to correct this issue?

      • I know!!! Its ridiculous!! I will switch to a different phone that does not have that feature if this can’t be fixed! Who’s the moron who would think that feature should even be permanent! It should be optional for people who dont care what people see. I like my privacy. Not everyone needs to know about my conversations and contacts. I absolutely HATE this new update. I could deal with it if it didn’t have this lock screen feature.

        • I’m also trying to find a way to edit this. Is there a way to remove the text message and missed call shortcut from the lock screen?

        • The only thing that has worked perfectly is the app “Lock screen Policy” in the play store. Install and turn Widgets off. It worked for me.

        • Kenny – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You’ve made me one happy girl! I have despised my GS3 ever since the Jelly Bean update because of the text messages on the lock screen (defeats the whole purpose of the lock screen!). I work at Best Buy and no one could figure out a fix for me!

          My OCD is sated! I’ll no longer go crazy looking at it! This “Lock Screen Policy” app is fantastic!

      • Kenny, thanks!!!! Lock screen policy app worked.

  9. why does the lockscreen clock insist I live in chicago? I do not. I went there for a weekend once. its kinda makes the accuweather information a little less umm, accu.

  10. I have changed my wallpaper fine, but when picking which ‘thing’ to crop with i accidentally pressed always, how do i remove this always to get it back to the other cropping ‘thing’ also my lock screen won’t change and i don’t know why the home screen changes fine.

    Thank you c

  11. hi! I am having trouble unlocking my messages,contacts, etc.. my password is a password, like the ones u created. my password is eurofresh. everytime i type it in it doesnt go through. am i doing it wrong?

  12. I changed my lock screen to a picture that is primarily white and can’t seem to find a way of changing the clock to a black font.

  13. I forgot how I did this but each time I turn my screen off and lock my phone a pop up message appears when ever I press the home button, this ahappens before I can unlock the screen… could you remind where i can turn this pop up message off? thanks heaps

  14. I set the passcode for my S3, but now would like to remove it. I cannot find anywhere how to do this – can anyone here help?

    • Sure thing. Head on over to you apps. Next go to settings. Scroll down and hit the lock screen tab. From here you can change all the lock screen options like setting and removing passwords.

  15. Can i change the weather widget in the lock screen? it’s from accu weather and isn’t very good

  16. can you please help me to enable the water effect in galaxy s3 mini. Its gone after updating the android 4.1.2

  17. Philip Kandov says:

    Try going in Apps>Settings>Lock screen>Screen lock and then any of the options..for example Swipe

  18. Mary craycraft says:

    I bought a virtual fireplace app…which is beautiful. Is there a way I can use it for my locked screen wallpaper?

    • Sadly for some reason you can’t use live wallpapers on your lockscreen. They can only be used on the homescreen.

      • Just go to where you choose you wallpapers in settings, and change both lock and home screens simultaneously to the same live wallpaper. You’ll notice you have the live wallpaper on your lock screen. Now you can customize your home screen wallpaper to anything else by selecting “home wallpaper” alone and the lock screen will remain as is.

        Where there’s a will there’s a way. (works with my girl’s SIII and my Note 2)

  19. I got my S3 in July and there is no screen lock option in it. I went to the Samsung store I got it from and they did not know how to explain that and I checked all the other S3 there, all having the same problem. I had to download the GoLocker application from playstore to lock my mobile. What should I do?

  20. Is there any way to change the unlock sound? Example: Gun cocking instead of the ripple sound

    • There is a way but this requires root access to your phone. To do this you will have to root your phone. This will give you access to all the things Samsung did not intend users to have access to. The main drawback being loosing your phones warranty plus the fact that it can brick your phone.

  21. Manpreet Kaur says:

    I know how to change my lock screen but when I crop how do I take up the whole picture like landscape instead of portrait??

    • Have you tried taking a screen shot when you’re viewing the photo with Gallery and use that as a wallpaper.

  22. Jordan Becker says:

    I just got my official JB Update through Telus. I was expecting to have the new lock screen with the big circle, CAMERA ICON on the left, UNLOCK ICON on the right, and GOOGLE NOW above. But nothing has changed. How do I get this lock screen? I used to have it in an old, ROM’d version of Android 4.1

  23. Is there a way that I can setup my phone so that when I unlock it it goes to the home screen and not to the last thing i was doing?

    • That’s an interesting questions, I’m gonna ask around for a bit to see if I can find out something for you. I would like to know the answer to this one myself.

  24. Hello

    I can I unlock the screen on my Samsung Galaxy S3 when I have forgotten the password? (NOT the pin)


  25. How do I lock the screen in ways other than pressing the power button on the side, or waiting for it to time out?
    I want to disable the power button so when I press it won’t lock the screen anymore, because I occasionally accidentally press it.
    Is there a way to lock it through the menus or a way to say “Lock” to the phone and get it to lock?

  26. hii when i open setting then security i havent lock screen option i just have screen lock then owner info what can i do plzzz help me

  27. I tried face-unlock but it was a touch glichy and i dont trust it ! back to pin lock !

  28. My Samsung Galalxy 3 has all of a sudden started scrolling my wallpaper as I change pages. I don’t want this I want to keep it still. Any suggestions? Ta

  29. hi, how do I CANCEL the Pin code in Lock screens ?? where are all the options gone (swipe, motions, face unlock, pin…)?

  30. I have 2 questions.
    1) when I save an Excel spreadsheet on my phone and try to open it, there are 2 programs it recommends, the default program “Polaris Viewer 4.0”, and one I purchased “Quick Office Pro”. Quick office will open with no problem; however, when i try to use the “Polaris Viewer 4.0”, it opens for just a second, then an error pops up “Not enough memory to open the file”. The file is “open” you can still see it in the background. I cannot even locate the program in my “apps”. Can you help?
    2) How can you create a short-cut for that excel file on the home screen or lock screen? I used to have an “S2”. All I had to do was press the “home button” then it would give you the option to “add a short cut”, I would then use the app, “Astro File Mgr”, select the file and it would place the “short-cut” on the home screen. The S3 does not have that option.

  31. Very helpful. I can finally get rid of the news on the lock screen. I assume it’s one more thing to drain the battery. But – you have way too many typos in this article.

  32. “How do you disable the “Power Button” when the phone is a locked mode? So that if I ever lose my phone and I have one of those “find my phone” type of apps installed, the person who “stole”/”Found” my phone cannot then switch it off, turn off the Data etc.”

    Anwer to the thief:
    I would open the case and take out the battery.

  33. […] Source (function() {var s = document.createElement('SCRIPT'), s1 = document.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT')[0];s.type = 'text/javascript';s.async = true;s.src = '';s1.parentNode.insertBefore(s, s1);})(); var dd_offset_from_content = 40; var dd_top_offset_from_content = 0; /* Categories: Android, Smartphones, Tutorials Tags: galaxy s3, galaxy s3 lockscreen, galaxys3 […]

  34. How do you disable the “Power Button” when the phone is a locked mode? So that if I ever lose my phone and I have one of those “find my phone” type of apps installed, the person who “stole”/”Found” my phone cannot then switch it off, turn off the Data etc.

    I might then be able to locate the phone with this app due to the phone being On. Most people wouldn’t think to take the battery out in the first instance.

    On my HTC (now gone), by clicking the Power Button again, it just turned the screen off once again, so you can’t turn the phone off when it’s locked.

    On that note, do you suggest a good “find my phone” app for the Galaxy S3? I’m new to this phone, the HTC comes with that feature from the Sense UI.


  35. Hi ive seen on a device (maybe a HD2 or a Desire) a way to have a gallery of multiple pictures in frames moving around on the lockscreen .. i have a samung galaxy s2 on ics (rooted). is there anyway I can have this feature ? if anyone can help please email me … thanks in advance :)

  36. I now use the Pattern to open, but people around me see this done regularly, so its security is weak

    I used face recognitions but its security seemed even weaker.

    Face + Voice is too embarrassing

    So Face + Pattern option would be ideal for me. Is there an app or a way to do this yet?

  37. A useful note to add to your instructions – the lock screen menus can’t be accessed unless the swipe access is turned on

  38. Is there a way to have the lock screen with the ticker content and a password the same time?

  39. Can you add email notifications to lock screen like iphone?

  40. I wouldn’t mind, knowing if it is even possible to change the font of the lockscreen clock.

    • You can change the system font from the settings menu but it will only change the font of the date displayed below the clock. Not the font of the clock itself. This will also change all the fonts in all the other menus.

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