Customize the Galaxy s4 lockscreen

This is how to customize the Samsung Galaxy s4 lock screen.

A grand total of seven different lock screens is available if you count the option to have no lock screen at all.

If you choose to have no lock screen at all on your cell phone you will be taken directly to the home screen when you hit the power button. Stay put to for a rundown of the options you have.

First of all let me show you where in the settings you find and pick between them.

  1. Hit the apps icon in the lower right end of your screen.
  2. Find and press the settings icon.
  3. From this menu hit the My device.
  4. At the top of the next screen you will see the Lock screen tab, click it.
  5. At the top of this screen you can see the active lock screen. Click it and you will see the complete list of the available lock screens.

A number of options is available for the different lockscreens. This means that most of them can be customized more or less depending on which one you pick. Below I will go through the different lock screens and how to set them up.


Swipe lock screen

Multiple widgets – If you want the ability to swipe your screen to unlock it you have a lot of different options to pick from. The first one is Multiple widgets. If you activate this one you will be able to have more than one widget right there on your lock screen.

Lock screen widgets – Choose this one to pick between having favorite apps and camera on your lock screen. And hit the clock or personal message to choose if you want to have a message of your choosing over the clock on your lock screen.

If you want to know more about the many options check out the Galaxy s4 swipe screen tutorial.


How to customize the Galaxy s4 swipe screen

Font and color settings for Galaxy s4 lock screen

Face unlock

If you pick this one you will utilize the front facing camera of your Galaxy s4 to recognize who is trying to access your phone. To make this one work you will have to set it up by showing your cell phone how you look an set an additional code in case your phone does not recognize you. May bee you have grown a beard or the light conditions are to poor for your phone to recognize you.


How to customize the galaxy s4 lock screen

Face unlock Galaxy s4

Face and voice

This lock screen works in a similar fashion as the last one. The only difference is that you will be required to speak so you phone recognizes both your face and your voice before you are able to access your phone.

A word of warning about these two before you pick them. They are not as secure as you might think. They can easily be fooled by something as simple as holding a photo in front of the camera and playing a pre recorded sound for the speaker.



This lock screen is a bit more secure than the previously mentioned ones. And might I add quite cool and a lot more intuitive than the last two option you have. To use this one you pick a pattern to draw on your phones screen that unlocks your phone. When setting it up you will be required to draw the pattern twice as well as pick an emergency password in case you forget the pattern.



You will most likely be familiar with this one if you have ever placed a SIM card in a phone before. It is as simple as picking a 4 digit number combination. Using a pin number can pretty secure unless you avoid combinations like 1111 and 1234 and so on.



By picking a password as your lock screen you can achieve the highest level of security on your phone. The password must be between 4 and 16 letters or number, or  a combination of the two. Avoid using your name or anything else that can be easily guessed and you should be able to rest assured that no one will hack your phones password in a hurry.

If this was useful why not

For more tutorials like this one check out out Galaxy s4 tutorials section.

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24 thoughts on “Customize the Galaxy s4 lockscreen

  1. Alexander Emery says:

    I’m using a galaxy s 4 as a backup after my s5 died. My question is similar to the previous one. Can I choose a photo or image of my own as the lock screen image. For my taste, the image provided by Samsung are visually twee & very unappealing. Can you pls help. June 2017

  2. i am having screen lock problem with my sg4 version 4.3 please tell me how to fix it
    i can only use password and other are disabled by administrator, credintals etc.

    Pleasehelpme pleasehelpme pleasehelpme

  3. Hey
    I want to back my Android 4.4 Kitkat version
    Now my Version is 5,0,1 Lolypop
    Can u plz tell
    How to get My Old Version 4.4 kitkat

  4. Hi I’m having problems with my S4. Every time I’m on the phone I end up losing half my widgets n changing my settings just by my cheek or ear rubbing on the phone when I’m talking. Is there any way I can lock all my widgets so that they do not move or get deleted whilst using the phone. I have already changed the sensitivity setting. Please help before I throw the phone at the wall :0

    • Try turning off the Air Gesture or Hands Free mode. They can be found under your notifications – look for the box of squares in the upper right hand corner.

    • OMG I am having the exact same problem and it just started happening so somewhere along the way my settings were changed. I checked out Lisa’s reply but both of those were already turned off I have lost one widget and for the life of me cant figure out how to get it back. I dont feel so alone in my frustration now. Did you ever figure it out ?

    • Did you ever figure this out? My just started doing this. Or have you gotten a new phone by now?

  5. I cant seem to find anywhere an answer to this but…

    Can you change the colour of the lock code itself, like the numbers and the ok button because my wallpaper is mostly white and i dont want to change it so is there any way to change the colour of the time and the lock code numbers as i have a pin lock?



  6. betty watson says:

    I didnt get an answer?

  7. Is there any way to customize which apps can light up the screen when it is locked and the screen is off? For example, text messages light the screen and prompt for the password. I’d like to be able to give other apps that permission

  8. I cannot locate the “lock screen option” under the Lock screen tab.
    all I have is screen lock, and Lock screen widgets.
    in the “lock screen widgets” tab there is ” FAVORITE APPS OR CAMERA” option under the “GENERAL SETTINGS” but was grey out, can’t do anything to that.

    • me too

      • Go into screen lock options, set it to “swipe,” and then click “multiple lock screen widgets” under “swipe” options; this allows you to turn the lock screen camera/widget option to “on.” It doesn’t seem to be available if you have password or other protection used on the lock screen.

  9. Hi!

    Is there any way I can add more font options for lock screen message?? I only got 4 type of fonts for lock screen and I cannot use other fonts exist within the system (preloaded and downloaded ones).

    Any idea.!!

  10. Hi, I was wondering if you could set it so you can swipe and then put in the pin. My friend with the Samsung galaxy s3 can. Help please? :)

  11. hye. i wanna ask went i click the lock screen in the settings it does not open, same with home screen mode…

  12. Hi,
    How do I get my wallpaper to be landscape? I have apicture I would like to set as my background, but a grid appears around the middle of the picture and I cant drag to make it bigger!

  13. Can I change the position of clock in clock and personal message in Lock screen on my galaxy s4

  14. no matter what lock option I set up the Menu Button overrides it and opens the phone. Tired of getting pocket dials!!!

  15. Is there a way to swipe then need the pattern?

    • Hi Brian
      No, you have to pick one of the two.
      Dear I ask why you would want to have them both?


      • The usefulness of the swipe is awesome, but of course, less secure. The pattern is nice and secure, so if you combine the two, you can then do everything you want to efficiently with swipe, but with security. This was an option on the Galaxy S3 so it’s baffling as to why it’s not an option on the S4.

  16. Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon
    Lock Screen wallpaper … I get all of the choices for wallpaper, however, when I select Gallery I can’t select a photo from my Gallery photos to be placed on my Lock Screen … DUH, what step am I missing?

    Thanks for your response,


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