customize the galaxy s4 swipe screen

How to customize the Samsung Galaxy s4 swipe lock screen.

Among the many new and impressive features that we got with the new cell phone from Samsung is the improved swipe screen.

On the last Galaxy s series phone we could customize quite a few things, but this takes it to a whole new level. This tutorial takes a closer look at one of the lock screens available. The swipe lock screen.


How to customize the Galaxy s4 swipe screen

Font and color settings for Galaxy s4 lock screen

When you bring your phone out of hibernation mode by pressing the power button, you are brought to a screen that says Life companion followed by the time and today’s date. What Samsung has done with this lock screen is let you change the colors and the text on the lock screen to anything you want it to say.

How to change the color and text on the s4 lock screen.

  1. When you screen is in hibernation mode ( black screen ) press the power button to bring back the lock screen.
  2. Put you finger on the upper half of the screen where the text and the date and time is.
  3. Drag you finger to the bottom of the screen.
  4. An icon looking like a pencil will become visible on the right side. Press it.
  5. You will now be able to change the text and the color of the galaxy s4 swipe screen. There is even a few font to choose from if you want to change the swipe screen font.
  6. Once you are satisfied with the way things look hit the save button and go check out the result.
  7. If this was useful why not

But wait there is more! Samsung has actually made it possible to have multiple lock screens at once. This is very handy if you want easy and fast access to the apps that you use the most.

Adding apps and widgets to galaxy s4 lockscreen

Adding apps and widgets to galaxy s4 lockscreen

Adding apps to the Galaxy s4 swipe screen.

  1. Turn you phone on by pressing the power button.
  2. Put your finger where the text and time is shown and swipe it to the left.
  3. This brings up a list of the apps that Samsung think you are going to use the most.
  4. Happily you can change these to the ones you want there yourself.
  5. Hit that pencil icon to change the apps you want easy access to.
  6. Press the – symbol next to a shortcut to remove it, and press the add app to bring up a list of your apps. Pick the ones you use the most.

Thats quite handy don’t you think. But there is even a bit more you can do to customize the swipe screen just the way you want it. Samsung has actually made it possible to add a few selected widgets to the lock screen.

How to add widgets to the Galaxy s4 lock screen.

  1. Hit the power button to bring up your lock screen.
  2. With your finger wipe the text on the upper half of the screen to the right to bring up a new screen.
  3. Press the plus symbol to get to the list af available widgets to choose from.
  4. Pick the one you want and follow the on screen instructions that will vary from widget to widget to get the one you want.

For more tutorials check out our Galaxy s4 tutorials section.

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18 thoughts on “customize the galaxy s4 swipe screen

  1. Why don’t you scrap all your sites until you find something to post that will actually be true and will work as you say it will.
    Neither of the just two pages of yours I visited translate to action on my device as you say it will. WOFT WOFT
    Biggest load of shit – samsung products and service (I know, I used to service them in warranty). I must use mine because my company supplied it. Thank God I’m getting a new Windows phone next week. Can’t wait to get rid of this piece of shit.

  2. The corner swipe was installed and I don’t want it. How do remove it and why can’t you people leave what isn’t broken alone? You’re malfunctioning updates have already trashed one phone beyond repair. Help me eliminate this or it’s off to the Apple store for me. PS. Who hires your development engineers, G.W Bush?

  3. Tom Schwingle says:

    Why do you have to try and fix things when they’re not broken. At least give the customer the option to accept or reject the cosmetic changes you make.

  4. Daniel Hayden says:

    This update is so annoying. As with Windows 8, unwanted changes to simple tasks and looks. I don’t have time for all these annoying unwanted programs. Back to Apple products i guess.

  5. This is so annoying! The update has TAKEN AWAY the choice to have ANY picture I wanted as my lock screen. Not to mention the other things it ruined!
    WHY have they done this? Stop pi$$ing about with things or at least give us the option to LEAVE THINGS AS I WANT THEM!

  6. I am not very happy with the icons at the top of Samsung Galaxy S4, I like it when they in colors which makes it very noticeable – i hate them in white which is boring
    pls change it back
    . :(

  7. Why were changes made to screen color selections when we did NOT ASK FOR THIS?

  8. I have the s4 and followed this tutorial to change the color on my lock/swipe screen but it won’t let me. Is it because of an update or something? I can’t hardly see the clock because it’s white and wanna change it to a better color

    • Same frustration here. I follwed the directions but it doesn’t even give me the option to change font and color. I want to change the time font to a bold font. Far too difficult to read as is.

  9. New to android from apple Does anyone know how to change the colors on the Contacts?

  10. It will not let me change my lock screen effects because where I’m supposed to select it s not white it’s black so I can’t select it

  11. How do I add odd spelling of names, etc., so they stay when I type them and add them to the auto correct list?

  12. I want to keep people out of my phone…can I put two screen locks on my phone…like can I swipe and the have to put in a, password or pin number

  13. I accidentally erased my name and the date on the front page how do i get it back?

  14. I want to change the color of all the text on the lock screen. What good is it for me to be able to change the font and color of one thing if I can’t change the font and color of the date and time?

  15. Hi
    Can you tell me if is possible to remove Life companion in a s4 clone, and how can i do it?
    Because diesn’t have the options in lock screen!

  16. Can you only have one line of text? Why?
    If you have a pin set, for example, then it looks like you can’t swipe to camera or freq apps. Correct?

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