Cut’n’Roll Desert Walkthrough 3 stars guide

It’s the non video walkthrough for the Desert levels of Cut’n’Roll
Level 1-5
Level 6-10
Level 11-15
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Cut’n’roll 2-1Got the desert levels ready on your phone. Start by cutting through the two pieces of wood as seen in the picture above. Note that the angle needs to be right for this to work. Make the second cut and as the turtle lands on the lower piece of wood make the third cut.


Cut’n’roll 2-2Just the one cut needed to get three stars for your cell. If in doubt click the picture above for a better view.


Cut’n’roll 2-3Put your finger on the screen and make the cut in the lower left girder. The second cut needs to go through the girder underneath the turtle. Now watch as the turtle rolls through the stars and through the door.


Cut’n’roll 2-4The first three cuts are pretty straight forward, it’s when you come to the forth one that there may be a problem. You need to time it so that the 4. cut is done as the turtle leaves the lower wood girder. It needs to cover the hole in the bottom of the screen or else the turtle will fall into it and you will have to start over. It can get a little frustrating so try not to throw your phone into a wall.


Cut’n’roll 2-5Cut the leftmost girder so it starts to swing, as it swings to the right make the second cut in the same girder. By now the bolder should have cleared out of the way and you should go ahead with the third cut. 3 more stars for your smartphone.

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