Did Google just out the nexus 5 while unveiling the KitKat statue

It would seem that Google just leaked the Nexus 5 in the KitKat unveiling video.

Out of the blue Google just put the new Android statue on their campus. We where expecting the next installment to be named Key Lime Pie, but Google had different plans.

The statue unveiled was of a KitKat chocolate. Turns out though that the statue was not the biggest news from yesterdays video. Take a look at the picture below where we can clearly see a woman holding a Nexus 4 and a man holding a unknown nexus device. Likely this is the Next Nexus device, the Nexus 5.

Is the man holding the Nexus 5 ?

Is the man holding the Nexus 5 ?

The video which was previously available on a Google YouTube channel has since been made private so you can’t check out the original. Happily though the Verge has obtained a copy which you can see here.

This suggests that the next Nexus device will be announced in the near future. Another thing that suggests this is not to far away is the fact that Google just priced down the Nexus 4 with 100 $ resulting in the play store depleting their storage.

The Nexus 5 is rumored to be made by LG and based on the LG G2, however the video suggests that the Nexus 5 does not have the button on the back like the G2 has. We will have to wait and see for more details.

The KitKat Android version 4.4 unveiling in itself suggests that the Nexus 5 is not far away. We will report more details as soon as we hear something.


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One thought on “Did Google just out the nexus 5 while unveiling the KitKat statue

  1. What are the odds that Google will announce the Nexus 5 @IFA Berlin 2013 ?

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